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Chapter 26: And So…

With the dance night now completely and officially over, it was just as officially the end of this year’s Spring Fling at Canterlot High School. Twilight, Sunset Shimmer, Spike, the rest of the Rainbooms, Vinyl Scratch, Flash and his substitute band mates, along with Sapphire Shores, the Dazzlings, and both Crafty Arts and Wensley ALL bid farewell to Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, and then they left the gymnasium while laughing together about the great night they had.

“I gotta say, my little Wondercotls, that was one of the most amazing parties I’ve EVER been to!” said Sapphire Shores, “And it certainly reminded me a little bit about my old C.H.S. days here back when I was one of its students. :)  Except, you know, back then nobody tried to take me hostage and attempt to assault me with rotten tomatoes from a homemade cannon device – least of all, some crazy chick who clearly has a majorly bad habit of referring to herself in the third person. ;P

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh a little at that, as Flash then said, “Yeah, really sorry that happened because of Trixie, Saph, but I’m glad we were all able to help you out.”

Wensley and Crafty Arts then asked Applejack if she and her family had any plans for Spring Break, to which Applejack replied, “Well, my family and I were plannin’ on goin’ up to Manehattan on Sunday to visit our relatives. Why do y’all ask?”

"Well, Wensley and I want to go with you, if that’s okay," answered Crafty Arts.
“Yeah,” said Wensley with a smile, “I myself was plannin’ on goin’ back up to Manehattan this Sunday, and Crafty Arts was originally wanting to visit me in Manehattan during her Spring Break, and you’re goin’ up to Manehattan yourself, A.J., so maybe the three of us and your family, Couz, we could all go spend Spring Break in Manehattan together!”

“Why I reckon that right there is a mighty fine idea, sugarcube ;) ” Applejack replied, “In fact, to be honest, mah friends and I were kinda thinkin’ ‘bout makin’ the same offer to you two as well, if y’all were interested.”
"Really? That's great!" said Crafty excitedly.
"Well, I guess me and Spike should go back home," said Twilight.
“Awwww, but whyyyy??” Pinkie Pie asked sadly, as she made an adorable, puppy-dog pout face.

“Well,” said Twilight, “Noble Wind came to this Human World of yours first to try and convince the Dazzlings, a.k.a. The Sirens, to change their ways for the better and then come back home to our Pony World with him. Spike came here with Noble Wind as a temporary assistant for him since he’s been to the Human World before as well, and I had arrived later to help out as much as I could RIGHT AFTER I was done helping out with plenty of things regarding the big Music Festival I’m putting on in Ponyville that was inspired by you Rainbooms from the very last time I was here. Now that things seems to be in order, at least for the time being, Spike and I need to return back to Equestria while Noble Wind continues his given mission here on Earth.”

Pinkie Pie replied, “OH… that makes sense. * squee * :D
“I guess…” said Rainbow Dash, “But still, Twi, are you sure you and Spike can’t stay here with us for at least just one more night?”

"Well..." said Twilight while thinking really hard about this, “I guess we could stay for just one more night and morning. :)
That made all of the Rainboom girls – including Sunset Shimmer and Vinyl Scratch – happy as they went and formed a big group hug YET AGAIN around Twilight.

Afterwards, EVERYONE in this huge group of friends and acquaintances headed over to Rarity’s villa home in Fancy Pants Hills to have one very fun, first sleepover of Spring Break together.

Once there, everyone went into two separate rooms: all of the girls were hanging out together with Rarity and Sweetie Belle in their bedrooms, while all of the boys – including Spike – were all hanging out together in the guest room.

"Thanks for letting me borrow one of your nightgowns, Rarity," said Twilight, who just finished changing into a dark blue, simple yet graceful-looking nightgown with straps as short sleeves.

Rarity replied, “No problem at all, Twi-darling, and you look simply fabulous as always. ^^ ”
"Wow, you really think so?" asked Twilight.
“~Absolutely!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed in her adorably squeaky-high voice, “Which reminds me: congratulations on becoming Queen of the Spring Fling, Sunset Shimmer! You were amazing and looked really beautiful, AND you were also really brave when you and your friends stepped up to Trixie and turned that rotten tomato cannon thingy on her! ^3^ ”

"Oh, uh, thanks, Sweetie belle, but I wasn't expecting that last part to happen," said Sunset, blushing lightly out of flattery-based embarrassment.
“Neither was anyone else,” said Rainbow Dash, “But we all showed Trixie what-for tonight, especially you, Sunset Shimmer. And Crafty Arts, that one-liner you gave Trixie when we tomato blasted her… ‘Looks like you truly are ROTTEN, Trixie’… I gotta admit, that WAS pretty classic. A little too obvious, maybe, but classic nonetheless. :)

"Thanks, Rainbow Dash, I thought it was pretty good, too, " said Crafty, giving a big, cute grin.
Sapphire Shores then spoke up, “Well, girls, just so you all know, I’m going to be heading out of Canterlot Town myself after breakfast tomorrow. I’ve stayed here as long as I needed to, and I need to get back on track with my current tour plans, BUT… Dazzling Honeys…?”

"Yes, Sapphire?" asked Adagio.
“Well… I know this is probably at the very last minute, BUT…” said Sapphire Shores, “If y’all wanted to… I could take you three Dazzling sisters on tour with me and continue your singer training… ;)

THAT really shocked all of the other girls, especially the Dazzlings.
“Are you…” Adagio stuttered, “Are you really serious right now…?”
Sapphire nodded, “Indeed I am. It would be perfect, you know: you girls would be learning how to be REAL idol singers from one of the very best in the world right now… you’d get to really SEE the entire world we all live in today first hand, and learn so much more about it and yourselves. If you ask me, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.”

All three of the Dazzlings looked at each other, then to the Rainbooms, to Crafty Arts and Sweetie Belle, and then the sisters looked at each other again, just completely speechless.
“I…” Adagio began, “I don’t know what to say… this is… this is just… whoa…”

“Tell you what,” said Sapphire Shores, “You three sleep on it tonight and let me know sometime in the morning before I have to go. Does that sound fair enough to you three Honeys? :)

All three sisters just nodded and smiled, still overwhelmed by such an amazing offer.
“Well, alright then ^^ ” Sapphire said a bit sweetly.

Later that night, everyone went off to sleep in their sleeping bags. However, out of all the people in the house sleeping, the Dazzlings were the most restless.
Granted, Sonata Dusk was sleeping like a baby as she dreamed about Noble Wind (no surprise there ;P ), but it took Aria Blaze about two hours to fall asleep. As for Adagio Dazzle herself, she was the most restless of all three sisters.

Everything that had happened during the past few moons since the Dazzlings first arrived in the realm known as Earth were currently going through the Siren sister leader’s mind: from being taught by their former Siren Queen, Scylla, to be ruthless Sirens during their home-realm’s ancient times, to being cast out of their original home-realm of Equestria by Starswirl the Bearded and all the way to a much more modern-day era of time on Earth with barely any Siren magic at all, to trying to take over Earth but being completely defeated and magically neutralized by the Rainbooms, to now actually trying to be FRIENDS with them, to really meeting and getting to know everyone that seemed to believe that friendship truly was a magical power that topped virtually everything else in life, to Sunset Shimmer telling Adagio that no matter what, the past was never really going to be their today… and now, to being given a chance to be properly trained under a REAL singing idol that was practically world-famous… if everything that had been happening to Adagio and her sisters wasn’t a real sign that there really was something much better and more important out there for all three of them, that everything had happened because of the big universal plan of fate itself, then Adagio didn’t know what a real shot at redemption was.

But even so… despite ALL of this… something just couldn’t help but nag at Adagio in the very corner of her mind…
It was what Adagio thought about earlier that night based on the incident that had gone and happened between Sunset Shimmer, her friends, and that lousy jerk-girl Trixie…

Adagio muttered to herself, “What we really are in the end… What we can become… The right paths for the right reasons… Being righteous…”

Needless to say, Adagio herself wasn’t really going to get much sleep tonight.

None of the others in the house could hear Adagio muttering to herself quietly, but Crafty Arts was also having a hard time getting to sleep due to her thinking about going to Manehattan with Wensley, Applejack, and all their family members in Canterlot Town.

Eventually, Crafty Arts got up and quietly went to Rarity’s kitchen to get a drink of water.
As Crafty Arts was getting her glass of water, Adagio appeared almost out of nowhere saying, “Hello there, Crafty.”
That startled Crafty at first, nearly making her drop her glass, but then she gathered herself and said, “Oh, uh… hi, Adagio, heh… I, uh, guess you couldn’t sleep either? ^^;
“You have no idea…” Adagio said a little plainly, as she walked over to the kitchen sink. For the night, Adagio was wearing a simple, sleeveless purple nightgown that was somewhat similar to Rarity’s.

"Do you want to talk about it?" asked Crafty Arts, not entirely sure what to do here.
Adagio sighed as she ran the water at the kitchen sink, drank straight from the running water faucet like the Equestrian she truly was on the inside ;P , and then she replied to Crafty Arts, “Just rethinking about mine and my sisters’ entire life together for the past, nearly countless centuries – including the approximately 1,000 or more years we lost when we got banished from Equestria to the more modern-day world across space and time here known as Earth with almost no magic of our own at all…”

Adagio then looked over to Crafty Arts, then the leading Dazzling said, “Oh, perfect… NOW I’m sharing all of this with a teenage human girl… I really must be having some kind of life-identity crisis or something of the sort… SUPER…”

"I'm so sorry, I didn't really know about all of that," said Crafty, trying to be sincere.
“Not surprising…” Adagio replied, trying her best to keep her head on her shoulders, “Nobody ever bothered to know anything about us at all until earlier this week, so…”

"Right…” said Crafty Arts, as she then said, “Honestly, sometime before I first came to C.H.S., I heard about what you and your sisters tried to do to the school, but I never would have imagined how deep and complex it really was until after everything that’s happened and what I’ve learned this past week.”

“Well…” said Adagio, “If by any chance you have a point you’d like to get to and/or make NOW, I suggest you do so. ‘Cause no offense, sweetie, but I’m not exactly in the best mood to be having real, good self-control right now.”

"Okay, okay... well, I think I've gotten to know you and your sisters a lot this week, and I'd like to be friends with you all, if that's okay," said Crafty, as she then held out her hand to Adagio with a small smile on her face.

Adagio just simply looked at Crafty Arts, then at the young girl’s hand, then she crossed her arms and said to Crafty Arts, “Well, I do appreciate the thought, sweetie… but honestly… I don’t even know if my sisters and I actually DO want any real friends… let alone deserve any friends at all… Sonata, maybe, but only because she’s always been the most simple-minded one amongst our Siren sister trio… and Aria and I… Heaven knows if whether we really do want or even deserve any real chance at redemption, or not… even if it is currently looking at us right in the face, thanks to a certain, ocean-blue haired lady.”

"I understand, Adagio, but we can at least try," said Crafty.
Adagio simply sighed and said, “Yeah, well, I don’t even know if I want to try… or rather, want to keep trying…”

"Listen… I know that we haven't known each other for long, but I know what it's like to be alone…" said Crafty, as she put a hand on Adagio's shoulder.
“Oh, really??” Adagio asked her plainly, “Because I find THAT hard to believe, Little Miss Sunshine.”

"Look, the point is that I've been where you and your sisters are now... the only way you three can get the other students to stop hating you all together FOR REAL is to show them how much good you can do," explained Crafty.

“And how exactly would YOU know anything about that at all?” Adagio asked her.
"Because I was a loner myself…" answered Crafty Arts.
“Oh, really? How so?” Adagio asked, still finding what Crafty Arts was saying very hard to believe.

Crafty Arts began explaining, "When I was a lot younger, I was too shy to try and make friends with anyone, so I just stayed alone for years until-”
“Stop,” Adagio interrupted rudely, “You’ve already gone and messed up: YOU didn’t make friends in the beginning, simply because you were too shy, whilst MY SISTERS AND I didn’t make any friends because we didn’t see any real value or power in friendship at all! At least not until Sunset Shimmer and those Rainboom friends of hers came along and neutralized our magic Siren powers…”

"True, but I've seen how nervous you three act while around others!" Crafty stated.
“Only because of what we did to all of them and tried to get away with,” Adagio replied.
"And they'll never forgive you until you show them why they should," said Crafty.

That surprised Adagio a little bit, as she then simply looked to the side and thought about what Crafty Arts just said.
"I'm sure you can figure it out," said Crafty Arts, as she got her drink of water and then headed back to bed.

“Good pep talk, Hon,” Adagio said to Crafty a little plainly.
"Thanks. And in all seriousness, Adagio, you can always come to me if you ever need another one, okay?" said Crafty, truly being sympathetic for her friend – or rather, the girl she was trying her hardest to be friends with.
“Noted,” Adagio replied to Crafty Arts, “Goodnight.”
“ ‘Night, Adagio,” said Crafty, as she left the kitchen and head on up back to her sleeping bag.

Adagio simply waved “goodbye and goodnight” to Crafty Arts, then the Dazzling leader looked down on the kitchen floor.

Adagio was now thinking very hard about what Crafty Arts had told her, “They'll never forgive you until you show them why they should… Hmm…”

The very next morning, Adagio woke both Sonata and Aria early enough to talk to them about what she thought the three of them all needed to do… and just as soon as Twilight, Sunset Shimmer, and all of their friends were finishing up in eating breakfast, Adagio told everyone what was going through the Dazzlings’ minds…

Right after that, EVERYONE in Rarity’s villa that wasn’t a Dazzling nor a Siren said just loudly enough for all of Canterlot Town to hear, “YOU WHAAAAAAAT?!?!”

Twilight exclaimed, “You can’t be serious!”
“We are,” said Adagio, “After really thinking about everything that’s happened… and due to the fact that we really aren’t ready to head back to our original home-realm of Equestria with Twilight Sparkle or Noble Wind, let alone face our old peers in the Seapony Kingdom… well… we do appreciate the offer you made for us, Miss Shores… Sapphire… but honestly… my sisters and I feel that it would be best if the three of us left Canterlot Town for a while and tried to live on our own, figure out who we really are deep down inside and what we really do want for ourselves… and don’t try to talk us out of it… our minds have already been made up, so no sense nor point in talking us out of it THIS. Understand?”

“Well, it's all a little sudden for the rest of us… but I think I understand what you mean,” said Twilight.
Sapphire Shores asked, “And you three ARE certain that this what you all want to do?”
Aria crossed her arms and said, “Pretty much… we’ve always preferred our privacy and seclusion anyway, especially nowadays, so you know… still… if it’s any constellation to you guys… it was fun getting to actually be… f-fr-friieennnndsss… with you all… while it lasted.”

"She’s right…” said Sonata, “But even so…”
Sonata then went and glomped a huge hold of Noble Wind, as she hugged him tightly while crying out loudly waterfall-like tears, “I DON’T WANNA GO AND LEAVE MY NOBY-WOBYYYYY!!!  T^T  ”

Noble Wind smiled a little sheepishly, as he gently hugged Sonata back, “I don’t want to leave either, Sonata… but clearly you and your sisters have made up your minds and are ready to go your own way from here on out… and besides, Twilight, Spike, and myself need to get back to our home-realm of Equestria as soon as possible because as much as we’ve had responsibilities to do here, we also still have responsibilities to do back in our original home-world. But we ARE going to miss you three, and we’ll always remember you until the next time we meet.  < : )  ”

Sonata sniffed while looking up at Noble Wind with adorably big, tear-filled eyes, then she brought out the photos that she and Noble Wind took together at the Spring Fling’s day festival yesterday. Noble Wind kept half of the number of those taken photos for his scrapbook and to remember Sonata and the other Dazzlings by, and Sonata kept half as well to remember Noble Wind by.

“I’m going to really miss you, Noby…” Sonata said, as Noble Wind gently wiped Sonata’s tears away.
Noble Wind then said, “And again, I’m really going to miss you, too. But Sonata, there’s something you should know… and I am sorry to just pull this out on you now, but I think you deserve a right to know, if this really is going to be the last time you and I will ever see each other in a pretty long time… You see… you’re not exactly THE first sweetheart I’ve made in my travels. Back in Equestria, there is also this other girl who goes by the name of “Flora Sola” and she and I ARE JUST FRIENDS, but even so… she and I feel a pretty close connection to each other… BUT I swear that she and I never even once kissed before… you on the other hand, Sonata Dusk… you’re the first girl that I’ve kissed in a very long time… so…”

Noble Wind then received another big hug from Sonata, as the blue Siren girl said to him, “Well… as long as I’ve got a leg up on the competition for your heart, I’m totally okay with it. ;)

“Really? :) ” Noble Wind asked, “You’re fine with the fact that there might be another romantic interest for me? For real? < : ) ”
“For realsies~  * squee *  ^3^  ” Sonata said sweetly, then she said sternly, “BUT if you EVER kiss ANY girls on the lips behind my back, there will TOTALLY be a LOT OF HAY TO PAY… get the picture…? > : ( ”

Needless to say, that scared Noble Wind a little as he simply nodded yes to Sonata with a fairly shocked look on his face.
“~Goody! ^3^ ” said Sonata, as she tightly hugged Noble Wind again and said to him sincerely, “I love you, Noby-Woby… :///) ”
“I know,” said Noble Wind, smiling a little yet being very sincere, as he then gently kissed Sonata’s sweet lips.

Flash then stated, “Well, THIS certainly just happened. ;P
Fluttershy replied, “Flash, be nice, I think it’s sweet.”
“Ditto… <:,) ” said Rarity, wiping away her tears with her red handkerchief, then blew her nose in it quite loudly.

Pinkie Pie then jumped high with a camera in her hands and raised it above her head as she said, “Alright, everyone, I think this calls for a bid-farewell group photo! :D
That surprised everyone, but they all got together in a big group for the photo shoot.

After the group photo was taken, everyone headed all the way to the school statue found right outside of Canterlot High School, which was of course where the portal connecting the realms of Equestria and Earth with each other was.

“Well, everyone…” said Twilight, “I guess this is goodbye for now… again.”
“Sure looks like it, Princess, ” said Flash, “But we’re going to miss you and Noble Wind.”
“Ahem!” said Spike.
Flash replied, “Oh, uh, sorry, we’re probably going to miss you most of all, Spike. ^^;
Spike made a slightly smug smile, like so:  ^3^
Twilight rolled her eyes, then she smiled at Flash and said to him as she hugged him gently, “I’m going to- WE are going to miss you too, Flash. <:///)    We’re going to miss all of you.”

“It was really great meeting you guys,” said Drumbeat.
Arrow Swift added, “Be sure to keep treating all of the living beings of your world right, Princess. :)
Wensley added, “And be sure not to take any stupid crud from any bad guys ya might come across. ;P

“I heard that! :D ” said Noble Wind, as he and Wensley shared a friendly fist-bump (or a “Human Brohoof” as some might say).
"Thank you so much for helping me and Wensley," said Crafty, as she hugged Twilight.
“What do you mean? < : ) ”  Twilight asked Crafty.
"When you and the others were able to get Wensley to come to the dance last night after all, as well as the private dance you all threw for us,” Crafty explained.

“Oh, right, that, well, you can really thank Flash and Sunset Shimmer for thinking that up,” said Twilight.
Flash replied, “Yeah, but Drumbeat was the one who gave us the idea in the first place.”
“Yeah, well, basically… ” Drumbeat stated, blushing a bit while scratching the back of his head.

"Well, you ALL get my thanks for that ^3^ " said Crafty.
“Then you’re welcome :)” said Twilight said, as she hugged Crafty back, as she, Spike, Vinyl Scratch, and the rest of the Rainbooms did the same thing.

“Take good care of yourselves, guys < : ) ” Sunset Shimmer said to Twilight, Spike, and Noble Wind.
“You all do the same thing :)” said Noble Wind, as he looked back over to Sonata and her Siren sisters, and then Noble tipped his black fedora hat to her, which made Sonata blush and shed a tear while smiling back at the young traveller.

After everyone all said their goodbyes and waved goodbye to each other, Twilight, Spike, and Noble Wind all looked towards the portal and walked right through it together, heading back to their home-realm of Equestria.

Once that happened, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata all held hands together as they started to walk away from the huge group together.

“Girls…?” Sunset Shimmer asked the Dazzlings a little concerned, which made the Dazzlings stop in their tracks.

Adagio then took in a deep breath, exhaled, and then said, “…For what it’s worth, everyone, thank you again for everything… and for putting up with us… but this is where we Sirens part ways from you all… for now… and the next time we meet… well… I can’t exactly promise that we’ll actually WANT to do anything more with you all… but… then again… who can really say…? The roads we all take are never as clear or straightforward as we think they are… but I guess sometimes, that isn’t really such a bad thing… Rainbooms… everyone… goodbye for now.”

And with that said, Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze, and Adagio Dazzle all left the grounds of Canterlot High School.

Sunset Shimmer’s eyes gleamed a little bit as she watched the Dazzlings all leave, wondering if the three Siren sisters really were going to be okay.

Sunset Shimmer then felt Rarity’s hand be placed gently upon Sunset’s right shoulder, while Flash gently placed his hand upon Sunset’s left shoulder.

Sunset Shimmer smiled a little at both of them, who both smiled back at her, and then Sunset said, “Well… I guess that’s that then. Some crazy week, huh?”

“Yeah…” said Flash, “This was definitely one heck of an amazing week before Spring Break… Well, anyway… I guess this is where we all part ways for now. So, if you’ll all excuse me, I got some important kendo and staff combat training to do.”

“Training for what exactly? :? ” Sapphire Shores asked Flash.
Flash was surprised to hear that, “You honestly don’t know, Sapphire? :? In only a few weeks from now, it’s going to be THAT time of every four years again.”

Sapphire then realized what Flash was talking about as she replied, “OH… right, of course… the famous Friendship Games with and against Crystal Prep Academy’s infamous Shadow Bolts.”

“That’s right,” said Flash, as he slammed his fists together, “But this time, it’s going to be different… at least, I’m sure it will be… possibly… maybe… ^^;   In any case, I’m going to try to be at my absolute best for those games, in order to kick some major Shadow Bolt butt! > : ) ”

“I heard that!” said Rainbow Dash, as she shared a high-five with Flash.
“Darn tootin’!” Applejack added, “But, uh… Flash? Sugarcube? I reckon that this time, the Friendship Games ain’t even gonna HAVE any kendo or staff combat competitions. ^^;

Flash was shocked to hear that, as he just had this look on his face: o.O;
Followed by Flash immediately falling down to the ground in a hilariously anime-styled manner, then Flash said, “AWW, MAN!! You mean I’m probably going to have to sit out on a majorly huge and important event and/or intense situation AGAIN?! >.< ”

“Possibly,” Rainbow Dash replied a bit plainly, “But then again, who can really say?”
Pinkie Pie raised her hand up saying to everyone in the group (and possibly all viewing and reading audiences of this story), “The people who are planning the Friendship Games, that’s who!”

** Btw, I hope you ALL can see and at least appreciate the clever humor I put into this scene and what it’s referring to. ;P

What Pinkie Pie said made everyone chuckle and giggle some, including even Flash.
Flash then got back on his feet, looked at the school statue where the magic portal was, and said, “You think we’ll see Twilight again at that time? :)

“Maybe,” said Sunset Shimmer, “And even if she can’t make it, it’ll be alright, I’m sure. I mean, the Friendship Games are just a friendly sports competition, not some potential threat – or rather, they’re NOT ANOTHER potential threat that could end up putting all of Earth and Equestria in grave danger AGAIN… right?  ^^;

Meanwhile, all the way back in the magical realm of Equestria, Twilight’s closest Pony friends known as the Mane Six were all in Princess Twilight’s crystalline castle-home in Ponyville, sitting in front of the active, mechanical mirror portal that Twilight had created a long while back.

The Ponies were all waiting for Twilight, Spike, and Noble Wind to return.
“I hope everything is okay…” said Fluttershy, clearly very worried, “Twilight, Spike, and Noble Wind have all been gone for days now…”

“Don’t worry, Hon,” said Applejack, “I’m sure they’ll be back soon enough.”
“I hope so,” said Rainbow Dash, laying back on a small bed that she made out of some of Twilight’s books and looking bored out of her mind, “Because waiting all day and night for those three to come back home has been soooooo borrriiinnng… like Bored-Out-of-My-Mind boring. XP ”

Just then, the portal machine started to whirl its gears and spark light purple electricity much faster than earlier, as it was clearly being in full use right now.

“That must be the three of them now!” Rarity exclaimed, “They’re returning home!”
“It’s about time :) ” said Rainbow Dash.
Suddenly, Twilight, Spike, and Noble Wind all slowly walked out of the portal, returning back to their normal, original Equestrian forms – Twilight Sparkle returning back to being a female Alicorn Princess, Noble Wind returning back to being a male Pegasus Pony, and Spike returning back to being a purple and green baby dragon.

The Mane Six girls all cheered as they gave their three returning friends a big group hug.
“Thank goodness you’re all okay,” said Fluttershy, “We were all getting worried.”
Pinkie Pie added while skipping around them, “Did you guys have fun? Did you make lots and lots of new friends? :D
“Yes, and yes,” said Twilight.
“Yeah, it was a really fun time :)” said Spike.
“It certainly was,” said Noble Wind, “Now that I already know for certain that there really is a whole new world out there to explore and understand, I can’t wait for the next time we visit it. ;)

“But what about the Sirens?” Applejack asked, “I mean, ‘The Dazzlin’s’? What happened to them? I thought y’all were suppos’ta bring ‘em back here to Equestria and then all the way back to the Seapony Kingdom so they can face trial for their past crimes in both this world and that other one.”

Rarity added, “Wasn’t that indeed the whole reason why you all went to Earth in the first place, darlings? :(

“It’s a long story,” said Noble Wind, “And I’ll explain to you all later on, but take our word for it: the Dazzlings are no threat to anyone, they’re all okay, and they’re going to be fine, most definitely. I’ll also give the Seapony Kingdom a full report on everything that’s happened, as will Twilight with the other Princesses of Equestria, I’m sure. But after everything that’s happened, everypony, trust me: right now, after everything those Dazzlings have been through together, including what’s happened this week AND what everyone did to go out of their way to help out those three Siren sisters figure out that there IS another and better life for them than the one they used to think was best for them but really wasn’t at all, I think it would be best to just give them all some much needed space and time to think everything over.”

“Agreed,” said Twilight, “And hopefully, the next time we have to deal with the Dazzlings, it’ll be on good terms AND they’ll all want to give the real magic and power of true friendship a REAL chance.”

“Yeah,” said Spike, “Though, there IS a pretty big emphasis on the word, ‘HOPEFULLY’. ^^;

Twilight simply rolled her eyes as she said, “So, everypony, how have things here in Equestria been since the three of us left for Canterlot High?”

“Everything’s been great! :D” said Pinkie Pie, delightfully skipping around Twilight again, “Preparations for the big Music Festival that you’ve been planning and wanting to do for a long time now are actually a little ahead of schedule, thanks to some of the creatively artistic stylings and decorations created and managed by not only Rarity, but also this one Pony named Crafty Arts, who’s about a couple of years older than ANY of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. * squee * :D

“Really?? :) ” Twilight asked, really surprised yet also delighted to hear the name “Crafty Arts” in not only Equestria, but in Ponyville of all places.

A little while later, Twilight found a particular somepony located in a part of Ponyville that was not too far away from where Twilight’s old Golden Oaks Library home used to be before the final battle with the evil Lord Tirek a short while back.

The Pony that Twilight had found in town just now was quite the young, female blue unicorn with orange-and-purple striped hair tied up in a short, upwards ponytail-style, purple eyes, and had a Cutie Mark that looked like a light green paintbrush. This quite young female unicorn was using her magic to put up a banner for the big Music Festival.

“Excuse me, are you Crafty Arts by any chance?” Twilight asked the young artistic-looking unicorn.

"Yeah, that's me, how can-! O.O " said the young pony identified as Crafty Arts, as she then suddenly stopped and bowed respectfully when she saw that it was THE Princess Twilight Sparkle that was talking to her.

“Arise, Crafty Arts,” Twilight said to her with a sincere smile, “I just heard that you have been lending a big helping hoof in the festival preparations, so I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work.”

"Oh, uh, thank you, Princess Twilight, and yes, I've been helping with the decorations, as you can probably see clearly here," said Crafty Arts, as she got up and her face was happily flustered from the fact that THE Princess Twilight was talking to her. Obviously, the very young mare was having a total yet adorable fangirl moment right now.

“Well, if you’ve got a moment, why don’t we both take a short break and grab a bite to eat together?” Twilight suggested, “I know this little, outdoor restaurant that has the best Hay Fries in town… ^^ ”

"Oh, uh, okay, Princess, thank you <:///) " said Crafty Arts, slightly more surprised now but definitely more delighted.

As the two of them headed into town for lunch together, Twilight couldn’t help but smile, for she could see a little bit of the Human Crafty Arts’s wonderful spirit and personality in this adorably lovable Pony equivalent of her.

Clearly, Princess Twilight Sparkle couldn’t help but wait until the next time she would go back to the Human World for another amazing – though, most likely, just as equally delightfully crazy ;P – visit to Canterlot High School and everyone in it.

Nine Days Later…

Back in the Human Realm of Earth… in Canterlot Town… at Canterlot High School… after Spring Break was officially over and it was time for all of its students to head back to school, Sunset Shimmer was heading for her homeroom class.

Sunset Shimmer had just finished talking to Princess Twilight Sparkle through their magic journal books that Ponyville’s Music Festival, which Princess Twilight had officially held in Equestria about 5 days ago, turned out to be a big success!

A lot of Ponies had participated in that festival and done extremely well, including Noble Wind himself, as well as Equestria’s Pony versions of Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Flash Sentry, Drumbeat, and so on. Heck, even Fluttershy and Discord managed to do a pretty awesome duet together… despite Discord making the duet a little more, uh… “chaotic yet creative” than it needed to be, of course. ^^;

Regardless, the first ever Ponyville Music Festival was truly awesome, and Twilight had all of her Human friends to thank for it, though she really wished they all could have been there. They probably would have all loved it, and Sunset Shimmer probably would have loved it, too. But hey, there probably was always next year, right?

Sunset Shimmer agreed and was glad that everything and everyone was doing all right in Equestria, and that she and the Rainbooms and the rest of Canterlot High School couldn’t wait to see Twilight Sparkle again very soon.

Anyway, for now, Sunset Shimmer was currently trying to get to her first period class known as “home room” to just about everyone that had it. However, once Sunset got there, she accidentally bumped into someone and fell back on the ground. Sunset Shimmer looked to see who or what she had just bumped into, and she just couldn’t believe her eyes at all…

It was a young teenage boy, one who was probably very close to about 18 years old, and he was wearing brown sandals, blue shorts, had dark yellow skin, was wearing a green t-shirt with a symbol-like picture of a white shield-shaped cloud with one sword standing behind the shield-cloud and another sword passing over it. The boy also had dark brown eyes, and regular brown hair that was somewhat spiky yet very thick.

Sunset Shimmer just couldn’t believe what – or rather WHO – she was seeing, “Noble Wind…??”
“Yeah, that’s my name,” the young man replied, “But how do YOU know that?”

Sunset Shimmer then quickly realized that she was actually talking to Earth’s ORIGINAL Human equivalent of Noble Wind – the Noble Wind that was originally born in and from the Human World known as Earth, unlike Equestria’s own Noble Wind.

Sunset Shimmer then shook her head and said to Noble Wind, “Oh, uh, sorry, you, uh… Ahem, it was just a lucky name guess, I guess. ^^;

“Oh, uh, o-kay then < : ) ” said Noble Wind, scratching the back of his head as he felt a little awkward right now.

Sunset Shimmer replied, “So… are you going to help me back up to my feet, or what?”
“OH, right, sorry! ^^; ” said Noble Wind, as he held out his hand to Sunset and helped her stand back up on the floor.

Once all of the students got into the homeroom, and all of the Rainboom Girls caught up with each other delightfully and as much as they could at the time, of course, Miss Cheerilee arrived in the classroom, and had Homeroom Hour start by saying delightfully, “Good morning, my little Wondercolts~”

“Good morning, Miss Cheerilee,” the students all replied.
“I hope everyone had a nice Spring Break :D ” said Cheerilee, “First of all, I’d like to introduce our newest student here at Canterlot High School, Noble Wind. Would you please stand and tell us a few things about yourself?”

“Sure thing,” said Noble Wind, as he stood up from his desk, walked up to the chalkboard, stood in front of it, and said, “Hello, everyone, my name is Noble Wind, and as of today, I’ll be your newest, fellow student here at Canterlot High School. It’s very nice to meet you all. :)

“It’s nice to meet you, too,” said Sunset Shimmer, “But if I may, let me take a wild guess here at what you’re favorite subject might be… I’m guessing… maybe… Geography: the study of other countries, nations, lands, and cultures? Something that really appeals to an adventurous, potential explorer like yourself? :)

Noble Wind was quite surprised to hear this from the red-and-yellow haired girl, as he replied to her, “Yeah… but how did YOU know ALL of that about ME? :?

Sunset Shimmer replied to him, “Let’s just say… you remind me of someone I know. ;)

Meanwhile, as everyone was inside of Canterlot High School, enjoying the first day back to school after Spring Break… something unbelievable happened…

At the base of the school’s Wondercolt Statue, which was of course AGAIN where the magic portal between the realms of Earth and Equestria was… there was a small, magenta-colored glow coming from the hard, stony, light-gray pavement. It started out as just a tiny, colorful glow of light… but then it slowly got brighter and bigger with each passing second, until finally… the glow started to take the shape and form of what appeared to be… a very small hole to someplace else… another portal, only a lot smaller than the portal we’re all already familiar with most of all by now… and in this smaller hole seemed to be something colored black and dark green… and it looked almost as if it were… the wooden trunk and bark of one of the trees that could only be found in… the Everfree Forest.

Suddenly, however, the tiny portal immediately closed up and disappeared from sight before anyone could have seen it or wonder just what the heck it was in the first place at all.

Nobody at all saw what just happened… but… little did anyone know… someone DID get a good energy reading on the strange yet temporary phenomenon that just happened. And this energy reading was both found and recorded by some kind of technological device that looked and acted similar to a Richter Scale, but instead of measuring energy spikes from earthquakes… this device was apparently measuring energy spikes from phenomenon located right there in Canterlot Town.

And the person that had such a unique device here and was detecting and recording readings then printing them all on long pieces of graphing paper was… well… a young, teenage girl who had light purple skin, long dark purple hair with a pink streak all tied up in a bun in the back of her head, and was wearing black glasses that really showed that she was quite the intellectual type.

As this scientist girl was in her secret laboratory and looking at the energy readings she just got from her detection device, she decided to compare said readings with the other ones that she got both from a few months back AND from the week right before Spring Break.

“Hmm…” the young, purple-haired scientist said, “All of these readings are significantly different from each other… and yet, they DO consist of a few, uniquely similar frequency readings to each other, almost as if the exact same thing is causing them... and they’re all coming from the same place… Canterlot High School. This just proves even further that something strange really IS going on at that particular school… and I need to find out what as soon as possible.”

The young scientist girl then quickly pulled out from her lab table’s drawers many different tools and machine parts, put on a pair of safety goggles, and got to work.

She spent about two hours putting all of those machine parts together, and when she was finished, it was revealed that what she just created was a somewhat small, pale pink-colored handheld device that seemed like it could detect specific energy readings – kinda similar to the PKE Meter device from “Ghostbusters”.

The scientist girl then said, “After I run some tests with this device to make sure that it really does function properly like it needs to, it’ll most definitely be ready for some real energy reading action.”

The scientist girl then looked at the picture of Canterlot High School that she had posted on a tan-brown tack-board as part of some huge, conspiracy theory map or something of the sort, and then she readjusted her glasses upon her face as she said, “If it’s the very last thing I ever do, I AM going to find out just what makes you so special, Canterlot High School… or my name isn’t Twilight Sparkle…”


…in “Equestria Girls: Friendship Games”
Equestria Girls: the Spring Fling - Chapter 26
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Sapphire Shores was going to get hit by so many rotten tomatoes, courtesy of Trixie herself AND her tomato cannon, unless somebody did something to stop all this.

"There has to be a way to stop all this!" said Twilight.
Sunset Shimmer quickly ran up to the front of the stage to confront Trixie and said to her, “Trixie, just stop this madness right now! Sapphire Shores has NOTHING do with this! And more importantly, WHY are you doing this?! You can’t honestly expect me or anyone else here to believe that even YOU of all people would actually go THIS far just for some dumb crown, can you?!”

“Ha!” said Trixie, “That’s REALLY funny coming from YOU, someone who was willing to do ANYTHING for it once upon a time!”
“I have CHANGED since then, Trixie, and for the better!” Sunset Shimmer replied.

"It's true, Trixie!” said Rainbow Dash, as she climbed down from the stage’s scaffolding and made a fist as she walked over to Trixie, “Not to mention Sunset's now a LOT better person than you!"

Trixie pulled out from her dress pocket what appeared to be a small switch-device with a big red button on it as she said to Rainbow Dash, “DON’T MOVE ANOTHER MUSCLE!!”

Rainbow Dash quickly skidded to a halt, then Trixie said, “Nobody take one more step! Otherwise, I’ll press this button and Sapphire Shores takes a dirty tomato bath!”

"What can we do to make you stop this Trixie?!" asked Twilight.
“Simple: give me the crown!” said Trixie.
“You still haven’t answered my question, Trixie!” said Sunset Shimmer, “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!?!”

“Because it’s the only way the Great and Powerful Trixie can get what she wants! She will NOT be denied her moment of glory!” Trixie replied angrily.
Flash replied, “Yeah, well, it’s a moment that you DON’T deserve, because you DIDN’T earn it! Being a complete and total jerk like you always are is NOT the way to get any true glory at all!”

Trixie replied VERY angrily and loudly, “BEING A JERK IS ALL I’VE EVER KNOWN HOW TO DO WITH MY LIFE!!!”
Now that REALLY surprised Sunset Shimmer, all of her friends, and even the Dazzlings, considering that Adagio Dazzle herself had said something very similar to Sunset Shimmer just yesterday.

Trixie then went on, “All my life, NOBODY has ever bother to pay attention to how truly incredible I REALLY am! So, FORCING them all to see it is all I know how to do! And that’s something your precious Sunset Shimmer AND Dazzlings can all relate to, isn’t it?! And nowadays, you’re actually trying to be NICE as some kind of delusional method to make up for ALL of the lives you’ve damaged for Heaven knows how long?! Face it, all you four girls really are deep down inside are horrible monsters trying to be something you AREN’T, aren’t you?!”

"Of course not! I see a great and powerful empress that will rule everything!" answered Trixie.
Twilight stated, “But you just said that being a jerk is all you’ve ever known how to do with yourself, which means you MUST be seeing yourself as just some kind of monster deep down inside. Are we wrong? If so, then we can-”

“Just shut your mouth already, Princess!” Trixie said to Twilight.
“Obviously, Honey, someone here is in denial, and her name rhymes with ‘Fix Me’!” said Sapphire Shores.

“ENOUGH!!!” said Trixie, “I have had enough of this!”

“So have we!” said Sunset Shimmer, as she quickly got herself up on the stage before Trixie could react, and then did a surprisingly skillful, swift and powerful leg sweep at Trixie’s feet, knocking her over onto the stage floor and having her drop the Rotten Tomato Cannon’s trigger-button on the stage floor. The two girls then struggled to get a hold on that trigger-button, rolling around as they basically wrestled for it.

Rainbow Dash saw a chance to act and help out Sunset Shimmer, while both Noble Wind and Flash acted fast as well, getting on the stage to untie Sapphire Shores from the metal chair she was tied to.

Rainbow Dash managed to get Trixie into a strong headlock and said, “Sorry, Trix, but it looks like your little scheme here has been put on HEAD-LOCK and key. ;P
Noble Wind replied, “I heard that, R.D., leave the bad jokes to me, alright?”
Rainbow Dash responded, “Oh, come on, that was a pretty good-”

Trixie then went and actually threw Rainbow Dash over her head and crashed her into Sunset Shimmer, allowing Trixie to grab hold of the Rotten Tomato Cannon’s trigger-button.
“Look out!” said Flash, as he pushed both Sapphire Shores and Noble Wind out of the way while Trixie pushed the button, firing rotten tomatoes meant for Sapphire, BUT Flash went and took the rotten tomato blasts for the dear pop idol instead.

Everyone just froze and stared as Flash was shot bye Trixie's tomato cannon, which means needless to say, Flash was being dirtied up pretty badly.

“Flash!!” Twilight, Sunset Shimmer, and Rainbow Dash all cried out, then Twilight got angry over this, and you wouldn’t like the Princess of Friendship when she’s angry… AT YOU instead of someone else. ;P

But seriously, Twilight ran up to the stage and tried to take a strong hold of the Rotten Tomato Cannon, with Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash lending a hand, but the cannon was so heavy that the three of them were at least one person short of actually lifting the cannon up.

"Hang on, I'm coming, girls!" yelled Crafty Arts, as she ran onto the stage and helped to lift the cannon.
Trixie simply tried to run away, but then she was stopped by – wouldn’t you know it? – all three of the Dazzlings themselves.

Adagio put her hands on her hips and said to Trixie, “Nothing personal, sweetie, but you DID just assaulted our blue-haired caretaker boy for the week, and we don’t take kindly to that. OH, wait, I guess it IS personal then, isn’t it? ;)

“Last chance, Trix!” said Sunset Shimmer, “Shut this machine of yours off, or else!”
“Never! And ‘or else’ what?!” Trixe responded.
“Have it your way then!” said Twilight, “Everyone in the crowd, get down and keep your heads down NOW!!”
“Yeah, and ‘or else’ THIS, Trixie!!” said Rainbow Dash, as they turned the active Rotten Tomato Cannon towards Trixie.

Noble Wind then said, “Dazzlings, get out of the way!”
All three Dazzlings jumped out of the way as the fired rotten tomatoes were now headed Trixie’s way, completely drenching her in rottenly saucy and stinky tomatoes as she screamed in horror.

"Looks like you truly are ‘rotten’, Trixie!" said Crafty Arts. The cannon’s trigger-switched dropped not too far away from Sunset Shimmer’s feet, as she quickly grabbed it and used it to turn the rotten cannon off once and for all, which made everyone cheer with delight while Rainbow Dash then grabbed the rope Sapphire Shores had just gotten freed from and used that rope to throw it down the trap door that Principals Celestia and Luna had fallen in and were still trapped in.

“Grab on, you two!” Rainbow Dash said to both women, helping them climb themselves out of the trap door’s hole and all the way back up to the stage.
“Thank you, Rainbow Dash!” Celestia replied to her.

Twilight approached Flash, who was drenched in dark red and green tomato sauce and smelling pretty bad, “Flash, are you okay? < :  ( ”
“Well…” Flash replied, “It looks like I’m going to be spending my Spring Break getting rid of this rotten tomato smell and everything else… but I’ll be alright. Besides, it was worth it if I was able to protect Sapphire AND give you girls the time you needed to act and give Trixie a taste of her own rotten medicine. So, not TOO much of a big deal, right? < : ) ”

"Thanks, Flash, and I'm just glad you're okay," said Twilight as she hugged him… without realizing that now SHE was drenched in stinky tomato juice, too. ;P

While Twilight and Flash were having their moment, Luna and Celestia both approached Trixie, who was still soaking in her own spoiled rotten sauces.

“Trixie Lulamoon,” said Principal Celestia, “You are in a LOT of trouble right now.”
“That’s right!” said Vice Principal Luna, “What you just pulled and tried to get away with not only happened on school grounds, it was completely and utterly despicable!”

Sunset Shimmer added, “Trixie, you did all of this madness just for something as ridiculously trivial as a crown and title, and look where it got you: in both very big trouble with the school principals AND a complete mess!”

“Well, YOU should talk, Sunny-gril!” said Trixie.
“ENOUGH!!!” Sunset Shimmer yelled loudly enough to freeze Trixie and everyone else with shock and awe, “Trixe, enough with brining up my past! Enough with hurting others! And enough with thinking you’re better than everyone else when you really aren’t, NOT EVEN CLOSE!! Instead of looking down at others, how about you take a good look at yourself for a change! Your horrible actions have led you to being completely filthy AND in trouble with our school’s principals AND you’re most likely going to be in real trouble with your own parents, not to mention you’ve gone and ruined your own Spring Break for both them AND yourself, and chances are you’re probably going to be considered for being put in the St. Tartarus Juvenile Detention Center! And all for what?! For some stupid crown that basically doesn’t really mean anything at all in the grand scheme of things?!”

Trixie simply looked down, slowly got up on her feet, and looked away from everyone as she said softly, “…You’re right. I mean, after all… for this past week, you and your friends have basically kept saying and giving signs that I’m heading down the same wrong road you once took, Sunset… that I should just stop before I do something stupid… but I just wouldn’t listen… and… well… here we are now… I hate to admit it… but when you’re right, Sunset Shimmer… you’re right…”

Sunset Shimmer was now feeling a little bad for Trixie, then she thought out loud, “Well… now that I think about it… we DID give you signs and warnings to just stop your bad ways and stop being an awful jerk… but that’s all we did for you. We probably didn’t give you more than just that… we didn’t give you enough attention and REAL advice to help persuade you to see the error of your ways for real. Granted, we WERE trying to do that for the Dazzlings almost the entire time, but… we should have also done exactly as much for you, Trixie, even when you turned us down and just walked away from us. We should have made more of an effort to show you that things are NOT ever as black and white as you clearly think they are, which is precisely what we’ve been trying to get through to the Dazzlings these past few days.”

“So…” said Trixie, “In other words… you and your friends… and I myself… we’re all just stupid and don’t know any better.”
Sunset Shimmer replied, “Trixie, I’m saying that we are ALL at fault here… mainly YOU, of course, but still. So, can’t we just say we’re sorry for all of this and burry the hatchet and move on from this for the better? Or at the very least, try to do so? Please? < : ) ”

Trixie simply turned away and said, “It’s too late, Sunset… far too late for me…”
Trixie then went and headed for the school’s nearest exit.
Sunset Shimmer said, “Trixie, wait!”
But before Sunset Shimmer could go after her, Sunset Shimmer felt and noticed Noble Wind taking a hold of her hand.
Noble Wind then said to Sunset as Trixie walked out of the school, “Just let Trixie go, Sunset. I think for now, she just needs some time and space to herself… heck, she probably needs to spend the entire Spring Break to herself, to get herself straightened out.”

Rainbow Dash added, “Yeah, but knowing Trixie, that’s probably NOT going to happen anyway.”
Noble Wind, Sunset Shimmer, and the rest of their group – excluding the Dazzlings – all just looked at Rainbow Dash very sternly and unamused, to which Rainbow Dash replied, “I’m just saying… ^^;

"Well, anyway…” said Principal Celestia, as she approached Sunset Shimmer, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash, “It looks like you Rainboom girls saved everyone at this school yet again.”

“Yeah, I guess…” said Sunset Shimmer, “More or less. If anything, at least we stopped Trixie when she needed to be stopped, but… I still feel really bad for her... :(

Luna replied, “Your sympathetic compassion for her is to be admired, Miss Shimmer. But do not worry about Trixie, at least not too much. Celestia and I will be sure to go FAIRLY easy on her when we talk to her family about what she tried to pull off here tonight.”

“Okay, thank you both,” said Sunset Shimmer, “It’s just… I wish we could have helped her… just like we were able to help the Dazzlings… basically…”

Noble Wind then said to Sunset Shimmer, “I understand how you feel, Sunset Shimmer… believe me, I do… but you need to try and understand… as much as everyone should do their very best to help those who need TRUE help… who need real friendship and compassion and understanding from others in their lives… it’s like Adagio basically stated: it isn’t really all that simple. It IS always important to help and save those that NEED real help and need to be saved… but the trick isn’t just not giving up on them no matter what happens… it’s also the reality of whether or not they really do WANT to be saved in the first place… much like how YOU, Sunset, were wanting to be saved when Twilight and her friends here on Earth showed you how powerful yet wonderful real friendship can truly be… am I wrong?”

"No, you're right... Thank you, Noble Wind," said Sunset, as she blushed a little yet smiled a little as well.

"Uh, not to spoil the moment… but what should we do now?" asked Crafty Arts.

“That’s actually a pretty good question,” said Noble Wind.
“Yeah,” Pinkie Pie said, “I mean, normally this is probably where we would all continue the big party and keep celebrating Spring Break Time, but after what just happened and how it all went down, especially at the very end… I’m actually not so sure that partying would exactly be the best thing to do right now, if you can believe it or not from ME of all people. :(

"What do you two suggest we do now?" Twilight asked both Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna.
“Well, I suppose we could move on to the coronation ceremony,” Celestia suggested, “After all, it IS officially 100% obvious who’s earned it this year for real, right Sunset Shimmer? ;)

"Sure, that'll be fine," said Sunset Shimmer, as everyone gathered around the gymnasium’s stage.
Twilight then whispered to Sunset Shimmer, “Are you absolutely certain that you still want to do this, Sunset, even after everything that just happened? I mean, NOT letting what just happened keep you from enjoying a moment you have worked hard for AND have rightfully earned for all of the real, right reasons and in the real, right ways THIS time around IS all admirable, but still…”

"Yes, I'm sure, Twilight, but thanks for the concern," said Sunset Shimmer.
“Alright then,” said Twilight.
“Although…” said Sunset Shimmer.
“Although what? :? ” Twilight asked her.
“Principal Celestia, before you begin the ceremony, do you think I could say a few words first?” Sunset Shimmer asked her, pointing to the microphone.

Principal Celestia took a few seconds to think, then she said, "Yes, I think that'll be fine, Miss Shimmer."
“Thank you,” said Sunset Shimmer, as she took the microphone and spoke into it, “People of Canterlot High School… first and foremost, I want to sincerely apologize for what just happened, what Trixie pulled off all to get some crown. I feel like that might be at least partially my fault… something that my friends and I probably could have prevented from ever happening in the first place… especially since it was something I myself – or rather, my old, former bad self – would have probably done way back when… ‘cause you know, the old bad me was basically crown-obsessed 24/7, am I right?  < : )  ”

Everyone couldn’t help but chuckle and giggle a little at that remark, then Sunset Shimmer continued, “But seriously, people… even though everyone and everything here suffered only, well… minor damage… I truly am sorry this happened at all. And not only that… I’m also sorry for ALL of the horrible stuff I did to just about everyone at this school back when I was just an awful pony- UH, person, person! Ahem. And not only that… I really am grateful that I made real, forgiving friends here at this school that were willing to give me a chance to redeem myself… to make something truly better out of myself, and hopefully in turn, help others make something truly better and righteous out of others as well. I won’t lie… I first came to this place as a way to just run away from my problems back at my original home… and as some pathetically cliché yet simply awful way to try and get back at my original home and everyone in it… but nowadays, I’ve realized how wrong I was to think and act like that. You people here at C.H.S.… especially the Rainbooms themselves… you’ve all helped me realize what I was missing in my life: it wasn’t power through thinking and caring about only myself and no one else… it was power unlocked from within myself through true friendship and being there for others when they need someone they can count on and in turn be there for them. I clearly do still have much more to learn about true friendship AND how I can make myself an even better person than I am now… and I certainly am not ready to go back to my original home JUST YET… but I already know for a fact by now that I’m definitely on the right path… the path I should have put myself on in the beginning… the path of friendship and righteousness and empathy… and I have all of you here to thank for it. So… THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING, AND FOR MAKING ME YOUR HONORARY QUEEN OF THE SPRING FLING!!! :D

Everyone in the gym clapped and cheered for Sunset Shimmer’s amazing and sincere words.
Principal Celestia then took the microphone and said, "Thank you for that very moving speech, Sunset Shimmer. Now, my little Wondercolts, let us begin the coronation ceremony!"

Twilight, the Rainbooms, Spike, Vinyl Scratch, Flash and his band mates, Sapphire Shores, Crafty Arts, Wensley, Noble Wind, and even the Dazzlings were all standing on stage with Sunset Shimmer, wanting to be there with her for her big “crowning” achievement. ;)

Vice Principal Luna brought out a small golden tiara with orange gemstones embedded in it, then handed it to Principal Celestia.
Principal Celestia then said, “Sunset Shimmer… please step forward and kneel.”
Sunset Shimmer stepped up to Principal Celestia, then the young lady got down on one knee, being very graceful and lady-like.

Principal Celestia continued, “The people of Canterlot High School have spoken… for both showing all and taking such righteous actions these past few months to prove to us all – and ultimately, yourself – that you are indeed a changed young woman… changed for the better, of course… I hereby dub thee, Sunset Shimmer, this year’s forgiven, righteous, and empathetic Queen of the Spring Fling!”

Everyone clapped and cheered loudly and proudly for Sunset Shimmer, much to the young lady’s delight as she began to SLIGHTLY weep tears of joy, then Twilight and the other Rainbooms – including Spike and Vinyl Scratch, of course ;) – went and formed a big group hug around Sunset Shimmer.

But little did anyone notice that the Dazzlings were staying out of this one. Sonata WAS very happy for Sunset Shimmer, believe it or not, as she went and clapped and cheered for her almost as if she were a blue version of Pinkie Pie. ;P

Aria simply just crossed her arms yet smiled a tiny bit.
And as for Adagio herself, she just watched and listened to what was happening without saying a word herself, though she did looked down towards the floor, thinking about everything that just happened and was said in the past 10 minutes or so.

Adagio said to herself quietly, “What we really are in the end… what we can become… the right paths for the right reasons… being righteous… forgiven… empathetic… Hmm. I was right… the people and things in Sunset Shimmer’s life really CAN be a real handful… and yet…”

Sonata noticed Adagio acting a little off and then asked her sister gently yet sadly, “What’s wrong, Dagie…?”
Adagio noticed Sonata talking to her, then she replied, “Oh, uh, nothing, it’s nothing. It’s just… I’ve got some things on my mind right now… that’s all.”

Later that evening, after the entire dance party was over – after all of the dancing AND the big music concert featuring The Rainbooms, Vinyl Scratch, The Flash Drive including Wensley and his surprisingly wicked harmonica skills, Sapphire Shores, and even The Dazzlings – it was time for a simple, quiet after-party dance for both Crafty Arts and Wensley. The entire gymnasium was almost completely empty now, and as Crafty Arts and Wensley looked at Principals Celestia and Luna, both grown-up sisters smiled sincerely and nodded to both of the young teenagers that were quite fond of each other, meaning that they both could now FINALLY have the dance they’ve been wanting to have all week long.

Seeing this, DJ Vinyl Scratch put on some simple yet very nice and soothing music that was perfect for your average slow dance.

All of the Rainbooms, along with Spike, Flash, Arrow Swift, Drumbeat, Noble Wind, and all three of the Dazzlings were all standing close to the bleachers, watching as Wensley and Crafty Arts slow danced together.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys,” said Rainbow Dash, “But I’ve got a feeling that we made Crafty Arts’s first week here at Catnerlot High School a pretty awesome one that she’ll never forget, especially since it was right before Spring Break, no less. ;)

“I reckon yer right, R.D.,” Applejack agreed with a smile.
"Maybe we can help her with some other stuff as well," said Sunset Shimmer.
“What do you mean? :? ” Twilight asked Sunset.

While the girls were talking, Crafty Arts was blushing happily as she slow danced with Wensley.
“So, what do ya think?” Wensley asked Crafty, “Best first week at Canterlot High for ya? :)
"Yeah, I think it was, especially since you got to come here and spend these past few days of it here with me," answered Crafty Arts, as she gently put her head upon his chest while they kept dancing together.

“So, Crafty Arts… what exactly were your plans for Spring Break anyway?” Wensley asked her.
"I don't know... I have new and old friends here, and I thought about visiting you," answered Crafty.
“Well, honestly…” said Wensley, “I was gonna to head back to Manehattan this Sunday… but if you were thinkin’ about visitin’ me up there anyhow, then maybe you and I could talk to our parents about your family and my family sharing this Spring Break in Manehattan together. :)

"Wow, really?" asked Crafty.
“Yeah!” said Wensley, “And if you want, maybe Applejack and her family would like to join us if they don’t have plans already.”
"Wow, that sounds great, Wensy! We can ask Applejack about it later," said Crafty, smiling happily, showing that she really was liking this idea.

“Well, alright then ^^ ” said Wensley, “Looks like we got ourselves a real fun plan for Spring Break, huh? :)
"Yeah, it sure does!" answered Crafty, starting to blush deeply again.

At the time, Noble Wind walked over said to Sonata Dusk and asked her to share a slow dance with him.
"Of course I'll dance with you, Noby-Woby!" Sonata answered ecstatically and loudly enough to kill the music once again for only a brief moment as the blue Dazzling girl yanked Noble Wind to the dance floor excitedly.

Twilight, Flash, and everyone else couldn’t help but snicker and giggle some at that.
Arrow Swift then approached Adagio, held out his hand to her and said, “Well, no sense in letting your sister have all the fun, right? :)
"So, you actually DO approve of me?" asked Adagio, as she took his hand.
“I’m only giving you a chance AS A FRIEND, nothing more,” said Arrow Swift.
“Of course you are ;) ” Adagio said, as she giggled a little alluringly, which simply made Arrow Swift just roll his eyes as he also blushed and smiled a little.

"Uh, Flash…?” asked Twilight, while blushing and twirling her hair a little yet again, “Do you think… maybe… WE could join the dancing, too…?"
“I’d love to, Twilight,” said Flash, though he did point out that the two of them were basically still drenched in rotten tomato juice from earlier (i.e. Trixie’s rotten tomato cannon), “But, uh… well… we’re not exactly in the best look or smell for such a thing… ^^;

“Don’t worry, darlings, because luckily for both of you, I’m one step ahead of you two!” said Rarity, as she pulled out her VERY big, emergency fashion kit, then quickly got to cleaning up both Twilight and Flash and changing them both into some new clothes.

Twilight was now wearing the same kind of bright pink dress and dress boots that she wore when she first danced with Flash at the Fall Formal, and Flash was changed into a bright blue tuxedo look with black church shoes and a long black tie, and his hair was back to its usual, aerodynamically spiky style.

Flash said, “Wow, much better! Thanks, Rare. :)
"Yeah, thanks so much, Rarity!" said Twilight, just as impressed.
Rarity replied, “Anytime, darlings, now you two go have fuuuuun~ ;)
Twilight simply giggled and blushed as she went to the dance floor with Flash, who smoothly got into a slow dancing position with Twilight, and then they started to slow dance happily together, along with the other three potential couples.

Fluttershy simply sighed contently as she held her hands together, “Isn’t it romantic…? ^3^ ”
"~Of course it is, darling," said Rarity, also watching with a small glimmer in her eyes.
“Oh, brother XP ” Aria replied, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes, completely not amused.
"Excuse me, dearie, but what exactly is YOUR problem??" Rarity asked Aria.
“Don’t tell me you’re jealous of your sisters having dates after all, are you? ;P ” Sunset Shimmer asked Aria teasingly.

Aria looked away with a flustered face, “No! Shut up!! >///< ”
Rarity and Sunset Shimmer both looked at Aria with smug smirks on their faces, as if they were getting a clever idea.
“Why are you two looking at me like that? O.o; ” Aria asked them, feeling a little uncomfortable.
"We have an idea for how you can get a guuuyyy~" answered Rarity, getting out her huge wardrobe kit again.

“Not gonna happen! >///<” Aria said, turning her back to them and throwing her hands up in the air, obviously getting fairly close to just rage quitting.
“Uh, excuse me? Aria, was it?” asked Drumbeat, who was now apparently standing just a couple of feet in front of Aria.

Aria suddenly froze and blushed as she saw Drumbeat, then she said to the young 8th grade boy, “Wh-what do you want, little man? >:///( ”
“Well…” said Drumbeat, being a little shy, “Y-You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but… do you think… m-maybe… you and I could have at least just ONE small dance together…? <:///) ”

Needless to say, the sincerely sweet 8th grade boy was being somewhat adorable right now, or at leas that’s what was going through the minds of Sunset Shimmer and her fellow Rainbooms, including even Rainbow Dash just a tiny bit.

Aria was still blushing out of awkward embarrassment, as she just stood there, shifting her eyes all over the place and looking around, then a few moments later, Aria simply sighed and slowly nodded as she said a little plainly yet somewhat sincerely, “Yeah, alright, Drumbeat… I’d… like to have JUST ONE dance with you.”

Drumbeat smiled a bit widely as he blushed ecstatically, then held out his arm to Aria like a true little gentleman. Aria took Drumbeat’s arm and the two of them walked to the dance floor together.

Aria thought to herself in her mind, “Well… if anything… I guess he’s not THE worst guy to ask me to dance with… even if IS the ONLY guy to ever ask me to dance with… not to mention he’s probably just a SLIGHT improvement from dancing with Snips or Snails or – Heaven forbid – Bulk Biceps. ^^;
Chapter 25: The Queen of the Spring Fling (The Good Kind, Not the Bad Kind)

This was it: the night of the Spring Fling Dance AND the crowning of this year’s Queen of the Spring Fling for Canterlot High School. It was going to be a big night to remember. Twilight and all of her female friends had just finished going to the best boutique in Canterlot Town, and were now at Rarity’s villa home in Fancy Pants Hills, getting ready for the big dance that night.

However, just so you all know, Rarity’s little sister Sweetie Belle was not there at the villa at the time; she was already out with her other Crusader girls, all four of them getting ready for the dance themselves at the best boutique in Caterlot Town… which was of course that Twilight and her female friends JUST WERE, so go figure. ;P

Anyway, as for Twilight and her girls, Sapphire Shores decided to stick with her usual pop idol clothes, while Twilight of course went for the dress clothes and look that were all quite similar to what she went with when she first went to the Grand Galloping Gala back in her home realm of Equestria.

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy put on dresses that were like the ones their Pony versions wore to the Grand Galloping Gala as well, while Applejack and Rainbow Dash wore the same dress clothes they wore to the Fall Formal – the one where they all first met Twilight and Spike and had to stop Sunset Shimmer when she was still bad and turned herself into, as she described herself bluntly, “a raging she-demon”. ;P

Rarity dressed herself in a formal, luster black dress with so much silver-stitched lining that it glistened gorgeously in the light, as well as slick black, close-toed high heels. Her long, flowing purple hair was all styled up in a long, flowing, braided ponytail that drooped down from head to her neck and right shoulder, and it was all being held together by silver hair strappings that perfectly intertwined with the braided knots.

And Sunset Shimmer, the very girl who was right now top nominee for the title “Queen of the Spring Fling” – for ALL the good and right reasons this time around, of course ;P – was wearing a long, dark red dress that strapped only around her neck and a slit for her legs on the lower left side of the dress, along with magenta-colored closed-toed high heels that strapped around the top of her ankles, golden bracelets around both of her hands' wrists, her yellow-and-red sun symbol as small yet lovely earrings, and her thick, flowing red-and-yellow hair was elegantly made into a very beautiful stylish hair-bun that was held up upon the very back of her head. She also wore a tiny amount of dark orange eye shadow and a small amount of light orange lip-gloss.

Sonata and Crafty Arts then both squealed a little bit after they saw how good the other girls looked.
"You look amazing, Sunset!" said Crafty, as she held Sunset Shimmer’s hands with her own.
"Yeah, and you look so sparkly, Rarity!" said Sonata, much to Rarity’s sassy pleasure.

“Ahem?” said the other Rainboom girls, who were clearly wanting some good critiquing as well.
“OH, you girls look great, too ^^ ” said Sonata.
“Well, thank ya kindly,” said Applejack, giving Sonata and Crafty a friendly wink.

Rarity then went and helped Crafty Arts, Sonata, Aria, and Adagio all get ready as well, with the other girls help too – excluding Applejack and Rainbow Dash, of course, considering both tomboy girls weren’t into any frilly, frou-frou stuff. ;P

Crafty Arts was dressed and styled into having her orange-and-purple striped hair hanging down and waving behind her back, while wearing small yellow earrings, a casually lovely red dress with matching dress boots, and her light green paintbrush-symbol accessories placed in her hair, upon her dress and boots, and around her neck. Needless to say, Crafty Arts was looking like a real, sweet young artist lady.

“You look so cute and lovely, Crafty Arts,” Fluttershy said to her sincerely.
“Yeah!” said Pinkie Pie, “If this doesn’t make your Wensy-man adore you even more than usual – and TOTALLY not in any weird way at all, mind you – then we don’t know WHAT will. * squee * :D

"Thanks, girls, do you really think Wensley will like it?" asked Crafty Arts, starting to blush.
“Darling, he is going to LOVE it!” said Rarity, placing her hands together.

The Dazzlings had decided to wear the same outfits they wore at the final battle of the Battle of the Bands, and Vinyl Scratch was good with her usual DJ clothes.

"Looks like we're ready, y'all," said Applejack, checking herself and everyone else out.
There was then a knock at the front door of Rarity’s villa home, as Rarity then said, “And not a moment too soon, Applejack. That must be Flash and the boys, ready to escort us all to the dance.”

"I'll get it, girls," said Crafty Arts, then opened the front door to see Flash, Wensley, Noble Wind, and Arrow Swift all standing at the door.
Flash Sentry was wearing the same kind of tuxedo he wore at the Fall Formal he went to with Twilight, only his usually suavely aerodynamic blue hairstyle was changed to look more like the hairstyle of Kai from “LEGO Ninjago”. **

** Hope you all can see and appreciate what I did there. ;P

Wensley was dressed up in an all dark gray tuxedo look, Noble Wind was dressed in a black tuxedo with his matching fedora hat, and Arrow Swift was in a dark blue tuxedo with a long red tie.
"Wow, you all look great, guys!" said Crafty, very impressed as she let them all walk inside the house.
“You ladies are lookin’ great too, Crafty,” said Wensley, as he held both of Crafty Arts’s hands with his and gently kissed Crafty’s sweet face’s left cheek, which was most definitely enough to make the lovely young lady blush adorably.

“Hey, wait, where’s Drumbeat? :? ” Sunset Shimmer asked.
The guys noticed that Drumbeat wasn’t with them, then Wensley said, “Oh, for Pete’s sake… Drumbeat! Come on! Get over here already!”

“I-I-I d-don’t know, guys…” Drumbeat said off-screen, “I-I’m looking kinda ridiculous…”
Flash rolled his eyes and then replied, “Dude, you DON’T look ridiculous, you look cool. And you definitely look like someone the ladies would adore big time, man. :)

“Well… okay… but no laughing!” said Drumbeat.
“We’re NOT going to laugh,” said Sunset Shimmer, “RIGHT, Rainbow Dash??”
"Right ^^; " Rainbow Dash answered sheepishly, as everyone waited to see Drumbeat.

Then Sunset Shimmer said, “Aria, Adagio, that goes for you two as well.”
Adagio and Aria simply folded their arms and looked away with small scowls.

Drumbeat then walked into the house, wearing a white and black tuxedo look, indeed looking pretty good for the ladies.

Rarity then bent down towards Drumbeat, put her hands on her knees, and said sweetly to the young 8th grade boy, “Well, aren’t YOU the handsome, little gentleman, darling?”
“Uh… y-you think so…? <:///) ” Drumbeat said shyly.
The girls all nodded and smiled at Drumbeat.

"Of course we think so, you'll definitely catch someone's eyes while you're on stage ;) " said Sunset Shimmer, as she put her hand on Drumbeat’s shoulder.

Drumbeat looked over and up to Sunset Shimmer as he said, “Thanks, Sunse- Holy crud, you’re hot!! O///O ”
Drumbeat then covered his mouth while everyone was just plain surprised by what just happened, as Drumbeat then said, “Uh… that was out loud, wasn’t it? ^^;

Everyone just stared at Drumbeat with big wide eyes, and Sunset was just as speechless as her face became as red as her hair.
Arrow Swift then cleared his throat loudly and said, “Anyway… everybody ready to go?”

Everyone nodded yes and quickly went outside to the limousine waiting outside, while Drumbeat and Sunset Shimmer just stayed inside staring at each other while blushing.
Drumbeat cleared his throat and said, “I, uh, hope you win that Spring Fling Queen title thing tonight, Sunset Shimmer. You certainly seem like someone who has earned it.”

“Oh, well, thank you, Drumbeat,” Sunset Shimmer replied, “Sure hope you yourself enjoy the dance tonight.”
“Well,” said Drumbeat, straightening his tie, “Canterlot High certainly has made me think about going to it once I graduate from junior high in a couple of months from now, so… I want to thank you and Flash and all of your friends for that. :)

Sunset Shimmer smiled a bit widely at that, and then the two of them joined their friends waiting in the limo outside.
Sunset Shimmer then said to Drumbeat, “And as for that ‘compliment’ you said to me earlier, Drumbeat… don’t worry about it. ;)
“Oh, uh, great, thanks <:///) ” said Drumbeat, scratching the back of his neck.
"Looks like someone just found a date fer tonight ;P " said Applejack, simply joking as she noticed Drumbeat and Sunset were still blushing over what happened.
Sunset Shimmer plainly replied, “Ha ha, very funny, A.J. >///<; ”

Everyone got in the white limousine and headed for Catnerlot High’s Spring Fling Dance.
However, little did any of them know that watching them from the shadows nearby, a certain “great and powerful” young girl was plotting something in the shadows… yet again… something greatly and powerfully terrible… something very… EVIL… and NO, it’s not “Slender” related nor any of that kind of horror crud, BUT it’s still fairly ominous all the same.

Anyway, just so you people know, the limousine ride to Canterlot High’s Spring Fling Dance was arranged by Sapphire Shores herself. Unfortunately, the limo ride was going to take longer than they had expected… mainly because of the small traffic jam they found themselves in. And by “small traffic jam,” we really mean “REALLY HUGE traffic jam due to there being so many young people going to Canterlot High’s Spring Fling Dance all at once, and it apparently also goes for the many other students attending the Prom Night happening at Crystal Prep Academy.”

So, you know, go figure.

Anyhow, Twilight and the others decided to pass the time the only way they knew how: by explaining to Arrow Swift alone just who and what exactly Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Sunset Shimmer, Noble Wind, and even the Dazzlings all really were… living Equestrian-esque beings from a magical, alternate dimension. ;P

After ALL of that subject was explained to Arrow Swift, he reacted to it how any properly grown up teenage boy would: first, by not believing that at all, THEN hearing Spike the Purple Puppy actually talk, THEN widening his eyes and dropping his mouth far down longer than his body while the sound of a donkey’s “Hee-haw!!” went off in the background due to complete and total shock from the reality that what he was just told really was true, THEN shaking his head and saying, “WHOA! This is just… I mean, just… WHOA…”

Rainbow Dash replied, “Trust me, pal, we all know precisely just how you feel.”
The Rainbooms, Crafty Arts, Wensley, Flash Sentry, Drumbeat, and Sapphire Shores simply nodded and agreed out loud.

After processing all of this mostly overloading info for about five minutes, Arrow Swift looked at Adagio and her Siren sisters, then he said to them, “You know, honestly… I kinda HAVE been wondering if you three girls and that Noble Wind fella of yours here really were from another world or something, but… I had no idea it was actually THIS literal.”

“So… what do you think then…?” Adagio asked Arrow Swift.
“Well…” said Arrow Swift, “I’m certain that this sort of thing is something you guys have ALL been trying hard to keep on the down-low as much as possible with just about every other Human there is here on Earth, so you can count on me to keep your big secret safe. :)

Arrow Swift then crouched and walked in the limo over to where Twilight Sparkle and Spike were sitting together, looked at Spike and said, “I myself have had plenty experience with animals like your friend Fluttershy here, and I’ve always believed that they are or could be more intelligent than we give them credit for, but I NEVER would have expected a REAL talking dog to actually exist, let alone one that’s really a fire-breathing dragon. This is just so amazing. :)

“I know, right?! :D ” Fluttershy exclaimed.
"Well, it's nice to know that THIS dragon-dog is so easily likable,” said Spike with a smug smirk on his face while Twilight simply rolled her eyes
Arrow Swift then gently pet the top of Spike’s furry forehead and ears saying, “Heh heh, sly little scamp, aren’t ya? :)   Even so, I think I can tell that you’ve raised this little guy well, PRINCESS Twilight. ;)

“Oh, well, thank you,” said Twilight, “But for tonight at least, the only ‘Princess’ that should be paid attention to is Sunset Shimmer here. :)
"Me?" asked Sunset Shimmer.
“Would y’all prefer ‘Queen’ then, yer Majesty? ;)” Applejack asked slyly, though she was being very sincere and made Sunset blush out of adorable embarrassment.
That remark of A.J.’s made everyone start laughing and giggling, including even Sonata, though Adagio and Aria simply smiled a little and looked outside the limo’s windows.

Wensley noticed that Crafty was looking out one of the limo’s windows also and not really paying attention to the others.
“Hey, Crafty, what’s up?” Wensley asked her.
"Hmm? Oh, sorry, Wensy, I'm just worried that we could get into trouble for getting you to come to the dance," answered Crafty.
Everyone looked at Crafty confused, but then Sunset Shimmer said, “OH, because of what Celestia and Luna said? Well, don’t worry, I called them both right after the Spring Fling Festival earlier today was over, let them know what was going on with Wensley now becoming a temporary part of Flash’s band, and both Principals said they would allow it, provided that you two save your much wanted dancing for AFTER the official dance is over so you two will be free to have your own private, after-party dance together. So, no need to worry, right? ;)

Flash whistled out of impression as he said, “Wow, Sunset, you thought and acted fast, huh? :)
“Well, it WAS at the very last minute, but it still worked out,” Sunset Shimmer replied.
"Wow, thanks so much, Sunset, that's great!" said Crafty, as she happily hugged Sunset Shimmer.

Noble Wind then said, “Well, Sunset, if what you said is true, then I guess you could say that you managed to pull off a real…  SHIMMERING save. Right? :D

That lame yet somewhat fairly hilarious joke made everyone laugh and chuckle a little, especially Sonata Dusk and even Sunset Shimmer.
“Wow,” said Noble Wind, “That’s like the first time in a while since someone has laughed at my clever quips. < : ) ”
“We know,” Twilight and Spike said to him a little plainly.

Pretty soon, they all had finally reached Canterlot High School’s Spring Fling Dance.
Everyone got out of the limo and were amazed at how the decorations most of them did for this event really looked fantastic at night.
Sapphire Shores whistled deeply out of impression and said, “You Wondercolt honeys did a real fine job for this year’s Spring Fling.”

“Well, thank you, Sapphire,” said Sunset Shimmer, “We all worked really hard for this dance, just like we did for the festival earlier today.”
“Clearly,” said Sapphire, “Well, you all have a good time together, I’m just going to see if I can sneak into the gymnasium’s backstage without being noticed. After all, at least half of this night is supposed to be Sunset Shimmer’s big night, NOT Sapphires Shores’s. Am I wrong? ;)

Everyone smiled at Sapphire and nodded, while Sunset Shimmer smiled widely and blushed out of happy embarrassment.
"Maybe we can help you with that," said Twilight.
“What do you mean?” Sapphire Shores asked Twilight.
"We can give you a diversion and you can get to the gym without being noticed," explained Twilight.
“Well, that really depends: what did you have in mind?” Sapphire Shores asked.

Twilight and the other Rainbooms simply smiled at each other.

Five minutes later…

Rainbow Dash and Applejack were at the dance’s punch table, Pinkie Pie was stuffing snacks into her hair AGAIN, Rarity and Fluttershy were dancing with the other students, and Sunset Shimmer and Twilight were near the stage pretending to have a conversation. Oh, and as for Vinyl Scratch, she was of course doing her job as the dance’s head DJ.

Twilight then winked to Rarity and Fluttershy, both of whom winked back at the Princess of Friendship, and suddenly, everyone else in the entire gymnasium heard both Rarity and Fluttershy screaming loudly enough to get just about all of the crowd’s attention AND kill the music with a classic record-scratching sound effect.

Rarity then said like the overdramatic actress she was, “OH, DEAR HEAVEN ABOVE!!!  My poor, sweet, beloved friend Fluttershy has lost her contact leans!”

Fluttershy then said while pretending to search the gym floor for them, “Everyone, please don’t move at all! I’m so very sorry to burden you all, but it’s important that NOBODY move at all while I look for it! Don’t take another step, don’t move another muscle, don’t even turn at all, or look up, down, sideways, or behind you!”

Sunset and Twilight then signaled to a nearby door for Flash and his band mates  and Noble Wind to walk over to the gymansium’s stage, while also giving Sapphire Shores just enough cover to sneak backstage without anyone noticing. After that, they waved over to Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie to let them know Sapphire Shore was in the clear.

Rarity continued being overdramatic by saying, “OH, of ALL the worst things that could happen to my dear friend Fluttershy, this is without a doubt THE! WORST! POSSIBLE…”
Rarity then noticed that Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie were all waving to her and giving her thumbs-ups to let her know that Sapphire Shores was in the clear.

Rarity then winked at Fluttershy, then Fluttershy said, “OH, found it. :)  Okay, we’re all good, people. Thanks, everyone, SO very sorry again about all of that. Please continue with the booty-shaking music, DJ Vinyl. Uh, if that’s okay, I mean.”

Vinyl Scratch simply grinned, gave a thumbs-up and went back to playing music for the dance while the rest of the Rainbooms and all of their helpful male friends sighed out of relief while Noble Wind said, “Looks like ‘Operation: Fake-Out Lenses’ was a success.”

“Sure looks like it,” said Arrow Swift, “But Flash, dude… ‘Operation: Fake-Out Lenses’? REALLY??  >_<; ”

Flash replied sheepishly, “It seemed like a good and appropriate idea at the time, so you know… ^^;
Everyone just laughed at that and soon got back to enjoying the big night.

Flash approached Twilight and bowed before her saying, “Excuse me, Princess Twilight, but would you by any chance honor me with a dance? ;)

Twilight blushed as she twisted a little of her hair, then she giggled a little as she curtseyed saying, "Why, yes, I'd love to, Mister Sentry."
Twilight then took Flash’s hand, and Flash gently held it back as they headed to the dance floor together.
Twilight then looked back at Sunset Shimmer, as the red-and-yellow haired Queen-to-be smiled sincerely and gave her a double thumbs-up. Clearly, even though Sunset Shimmer and Flash had once dated and then broken up quite a long time ago, Sunset Shimmer really was happy that both Flash and Twilight found a special bond to share with each other… and I of course mean the kind of bond that was NOT weird or creepy at all, I SWEAR. Okay? Seriously. I mean it.

Sunset Shimmer then held her arms together and lied back against the front of the gymnasium’s stage.
The other Rainbooms and the Dazzlings all watched as Twilight and Flash were dancing together.
Noble Wind and the other boys watched as well, as Noble Wind said, “Getting to dance with a real live Princess… I don’t care what anyone says, that Flash is definitely one lucky son of a gun… even though he does need to work on his flaws. ;P

Sonata Dusk then jumped over to Noble Wind and wrapped her arms around his left arm saying, “Well, YOU totally don’t have ANY flaws, Noby-Woby!  ^//3//^    Come on, let’s dance already!”
“Sure th- WHOA!” said Noble Wind, as he was quickly yanked over to the dance floor as well.

Arrow Swift couldn’t help but laugh at that… until Adagio herself approached him out of nowhere.
"Hey there, Swift...” Adagio said to him a little alluringly, “Think we could dance, too?"
The others all looked at each other, then they slowly and quietly backed away to give Arrow and Adagio some privacy.

Arrow Swift sighed a little reluctantly and said, “Fine, but only because I’m not the kind of guy to deny a girl at least one dance.”
"Thanks, Swifty ^//3//^ " said Adagio, blushing as she herself now dragged Arrow Swift to the dance floor, which made Aria laugh just a tiny bit, as well as the other girls and guys.

Needless to say, the dance was really fun and exciting for everyone there at Canterlot High.
Well, everyone except for one certain 9th grade girl and two certain 8th grade boys.
"I wish Wensy and I could dance too..." said Crafty Arts, a little upset while watching everyone else have fun.
“I know what you mean,” said Wensley, “But Crafty Arts, don’t worry about me, you just go out there and dance and have fun. Your and mine after-party dance will come soon enough, I promise. :)

“You should listen to him, Crafty,” said Drumbeat, “Just go have fun out there, don’t worry about Wensy here.”
"Okay, I'll try," said Crafty, then gently kissed Wensley on his face's left cheek.
“What, no gratitude for me also? ;P ” Drumbeat said jokingly.
"Of course I have some for you, silly," said Crafty, also joking as she gently hugged Drumbeat, much to the young drummer boy’s surprise yet flustered delight as he smiled a bit widely.

As Crafty Arts headed for the dance floor to join her Rainboom friends, Drumbeat said to Wensley, “You really are one lucky dude, you know that?”
“Well, maybe…” said Wensley, blushing a little scratching the back of his head.

Drumbeat then thought that he had heard something that sounded like a small clunking sound nearby, and said, “Did you hear something, Wens? :?
Wensley simply shrugged at that.

Little did either of them realize that the noise was coming from someplace backstage. Sapphire Shores was down on the lower level of backstage, and she heard the same clunking sound Drumbeat thought he had heard just now. Sapphire Shores thought that sound seemed a little suspicious and decided to check it out.

Meanwhile, Crafty Arts, Twilight, and the other Rainboom girls had now actually started a conga line on the dance floor, obviously having a great time.
Needless to say, Flash Sentry, Arrow Swift, Adagio, and Aria all found that to be a little too weird for their liking, though it was clearly humorous enough, especially when Noble Wind and Sonata decided to get in on the conga fun. Not to mention that Pinkie Pie was leading the conga line, of course.

“I was right,” said Adagio, “All of these teenage friends of Sunset Shimmer’s really CAN be a handful… as can our own sister, of course… >_<; ”
“No kidding,” said Aria.
“Ah, lighten up, ladies,” said Flash, “Where’s your not-so-sick sense of fun? ;P
"The only one of us with that kind of sense is Sonata," Aria answered plainly, “Well, NOW she does, anyway, thanks to that Noble boyfriend of hers.”

“Too bad,” said Arrow Swift, “You two could learn a lot from your sweet sister AND Noble Wind. Certainly would help make your personalities more attractive, but oh well.”

"Wait, what do you mean… more attractive?" asked Adagio, VERY intrigued.
Flash replied, “Simple: when push comes to shove, boys like good girls a LOT more than mean girls, just like how in the very end of things, girls like good boys a LOT more than jerkwad boys. DUH! ;P

Arrow Swift and the other dudes couldn’t help snicker at that very last remark, as Adagio got angrily flustered and said to Flash, “ ‘DUH’?! What exactly are you implying, Flash Sentry?”
Arrow Swift stated, “That you-”

Arrow Swift was interrupted by what sounded another just fairly loud clunking noise coming from behind the gynasium stage’s curtain, then Arrow said, “What was that? :?
"Beats me," said Aria.
Suddenly, the curtain on the stage rose up and revealed Trixie Lulamoon was on the stage, wearing the same kind of blue formal dress she once wore to the Fall Formal.

A bright spotlight was currently shining down upon Trixie, as she then spoke into a microphone and said loudly enough to have the music killed off AGAIN, “Helloooooooooo, Canterlot High School!! It is I, the Great and Powerful Trrrrrixie, coming to you live from the school’s gymnasium stage, which will soon become Trixie’s stage of glory!”

“Trixie?!” Flash asked, quite shocked to see what was happening.
“What in the world is she doing?” Twilight asked.
“I don’t know,” said Rainbow Dash, “But whatever it is, it can NOT be good.”
"Relax, y’all, Ah'm sure she can't go ‘n’ do anythin’ we can’t handle," said Applejack calmly.
Rarity added, “And I’m positive that whatever she’s doing, Principals Celestia and Luna did NOT give her the okay to do so, let alone will allow her to carry on with it.”

As if on cue, Principals Celestia and Luna both approached the front of the stage.
“Trixie Lulamoon!” said Principal Celestia, “What are you doing?!”
“Explain yourself right now!” said Vice Principal Luna.

“Simple, Principals,” said Trixie, “I’m merely here to do a bit of a last-minute, freelance campaign move to try and persuade the people of Canterlot High to elect ME as this year’s Queen of the Spring Fling!”

“And what kind of campaign move are you talking about?” Principal Celestia asked.
“Simple: THIS move,” said Trixie, as she then snapped her fingers, to have a spotlight shine down upon what appeared to be a huge movie-picture screen that stood right behind Trixie.

“Oooh! Is it movie time?! O3O ” Pinkie Pie exclaimed, as she quickly pulled out the popcorn and cola drinks, “Nobody told me that this dance night was also a movie night! * squee * :D
The other Rainbooms looked at Pinkie Pie confused, as the other C.H.S. students got comfy like Pinkie did, including Sonata Dusk.

That made Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Noble Wind, Flash, and Sunset Shimmer all simply facepalm themselves at the exact same time, then they all said, “IT’S NOT MOVIE NIGHT, IT’S A TRICK!!”
"Aww, but I already got the popcorn!" said Pinkie Pie, her mouth half-stuffed with popcorn already.

Trixie Lulamoon’s little “presentation” on the big screen then started rolling from what appeared to a film projector coming from the maintenance balcony up above.

The film then started showing images and short clips of Sunset Shimmer, with Trixie’s voice providing the narration, “Sunset Shimmer… some of us see her as the ‘Raging She-Demon’ that once tried to completely take over Canterlot High School… LITERALLY…. Others might see her as the ‘Righteous Heroine’ that redeemed herself when a trio of even more horrible girls known as The Dazzlings tried to take over not only our school, but also our entire world! But I think we can ALL see Sunset Shimmer as a simple girl who wants to be crowned Queen of the Spring Fling, AND also as someone who wants to help The Dazzlings change from bad to good just like Sunset herself did. However… anyone with half a brain like me, Trixie Lulamoon, can see what Sunset Shimmer truly is… PATHETICALLY IGNORANT AND SELF-RIGHTEOUS.”

Everyone was really shocked and somewhat confused with what they were watching right now, and Sunset Shimmer was clearly taking all of this the hardest.
“This is awful!” said Fluttershy.
Twilight agreed as she said, “This isn’t a real campaign move, is it? This is probably just a mudslinging slander move!”
Rarity added, “How dare Trixie try to turn the entire school against Sunset Shimmer like this!”

Celestia and Luna both got on stage as Celestia exclaimed, “Trixie Lulamoon! I don’t know what you’re really trying to do here, but as the Principals of this school, Luna and I are ordering you to shut down this video presentation right now, or else Luna and I will have no choice but to-”
Just then, both Celestia and Luna fell down into what appeared to be some kind of trap door in the stage, and then it was revealed that Trixie had pulled a lever stage-left of the gymnasium’s stage.
Trixie said in a menacing manner, “Oops! Sorry, dear Principals… ;P

Pinkie Pie exclaimed, “Okay, A) Worst Movie EVER!!! And B) Has Trixie gone completely loco in the coco?!”
“Cert’nly looks like it,” said Applejack.
“Well, she’s not getting away with this!” said Rainbow Dash, “Not if I can help it!”
Rainbow Dash then quickly ran to the stage, getting passed and through everyone else as she headed for the backstage, but did so without Trixie noticing her and then climbed up towards the maintenance scaffolding hanging above the entire stage, which was where the movie projector was.

Noble Wind saw what was going on, and then he decided to try and distract Trixie while Rainbow Dash tried to make her move for the good of Sunset’s sake and dignity.

Noble Wind called out to Trixie, “Booooo! Get off the stage, Lula-moron! This movie is just plain tacky on a scale of 1 to Tacky Trixie!”
Flash joined in saying, “Yeah!! Tac-ky Trixie! Tac-ky Trixie! Tac-ky Trixie!”

Pretty soon enough, the rest of the school was chanting along with Flash and Noble Wind together, “Tac-ky Trixie! Tac-ky Trixie! Tac-ky Trixie! Tac-ky Trixie! Tac-ky Trixie! Tac-ky Trixie!”

This was much to Trixie’s great disliking as she growled and yelled into the microphone, “SHUT UP, you insignificant worms! All Sunset Shimmer is is a pathetic nobody pretending like she’s all high and mighty! I’M the only one who’s all high and mighty here at C.H.S.! ME!! I’m great! I’m powerful! I can be a million times the so-called ‘Queen’ that Sunset Shimmer could ever be! I-”

Trixie was interrupted by the sound of her movie projector falling and crashing onto the stage, just about ten feet away from where Trixie was standing as she yelped from the sight and sound of her movie projector and anti-Sunset video all crashing and breaking into a hundred pieces.

Trixie then looked up above her to see that Rainbow Dash was up on the scaffolding, as Rainbow then said to Trixie while giving her a sarcastic salute, “Sorry, Miss Great-and-Powerful Lula-moron! But it looks like your little ‘campaign project’ has just been denied AND cancelled! ;P

That made everyone cheer in excitement, and of course Sunset Shimmer smiled and sighed out of relief.
Trixie growled again and said, “Fine then, Plan B it is!”
Rainbow Dash responded, “Wait, did she just say ‘Plan B’? ”

“Yes! Yes, I did!” Trixie replied with a crazy, evil smile and look on her face, as she went and pulled a big red lever found stage-left, causing the stage’s big, central trapdoor to open up, then Trixie pulled on a different red lever to cause something rise up from inside of the stage.

“Help! Somebody help me and untie me here!” cried out a familiar young woman.
That made Rainbow Dash gasp as she realized who it was, “O-M-G! Is that Sapphire?! O.O ”

Sure enough, THE one and only Sapphire Shores was currently tied up by ropes, straight to a gray, metal folding chair. The poor pop idol couldn’t move any part of her body, except her mouth, “Get me out of here!”

BUT unfortunately, that wasn’t all: there was also what appeared to be a huge, cannon-like machine made out of dark red and gray scrap metal, and it was pointing at Sapphire Shores herself, the cannon-barrel being only about three feet away from her face.

Noble Wind placed both of his hands upon the sides of his skull as he exclaimed, “HOLY CRUD!!! Is that thing ACTUALLY a GIANT, HOOFING CANNON?! O.O ”

“You better believe it’s a GIANT HOOFING CANNON!!” Trixie replied maliciously loud, “One that’s filled with 500 pounds of rotten tomatoes, no less! I was honestly planning on using this thing on Sunset Shimmer as a major, last-second prank for if and when she were elected Queen of the Spring Fling… even though chances were she WAS going to be crowned that title no matter what… but when I caught Sapphire Shores snooping around backstage mere minutes ago while I was setting everything up, I had a flash of inspiration for a plan that would be 100% guaranteed to work for me! Either give me the title of Spring Fling Queen here and now, or else our precious Pop Princess right here will be smelling like a tomato patch gone completely bad AND will be staying as such for the next week… IF she’s lucky enough. ;P

This was really bad, and Sunset Shimmer and all of her friends knew it.
Flash exclaimed, “This can NOT be happening at all right now!”
“I know!” said Pinkie Pie, “It’s like we’re all in some kind of weird story or fan fiction or something!” **

** I hope you all can see and appreciate what I did there. ;P
Equestria Girls: the Spring Fling - Ch25 - Part 1
Here's part one of Chapter 25 of mine and :iconsonic-fan17:'s EG story.

In this part here, it's Twilight and friends' "Big Night" yet again.
But it gets threatened by a malevolent force to reckon with YET AGAIN.
Granted, it's not magic-related, but it's just as "great and powerfully" serious.

Care to find out what happens?
Then read on and let us know what you think in the comments below.

No copyright infringement is nor was nor ever will be intended here.
MLP: FiM and MLP: EG both mainly and rightfully belong to all of their original creators and owners, particularly :iconhasbroplz:.
Meanwhile, all of the students of Canterlot High School were finishing getting settled into their seats in the school’s outdoor amphitheater, including Crafty Arts, Wensley, Noble Wind, and even Spike himself. The four of them had managed to snag some seats together in the middle of the amphitheater, so where they were located wasn’t too far away from the front of the stage. In fact, it was just right.

While sitting in the crowd, Crafty Arts noticed some people sitting right next to them that seemed very familiar to her. There were 3 girls: the first girl was lemon-yellow with light teal hair and dark pink eyes and wore a purple sundress with a symbol of blue and green hearts on, another girl was porcelain-white with pink hair and blue eyes and wore a green blouse and matching skirt with a symbol of three twinkling stars on the blouse, and the last girl was sky-blue with primary blue eyes and navy-blue & white streaked hair and wore brown shorts and a red t-shirt that had a symbol of a yellow hourglass on it.

All of those 3 girls were about the same ages as the Rainbooms were, which meant they were about a couple of years older than Crafty Arts.
After staring at them for a few minutes, Crafty Arts slowly approached the sky-blue girl with the hourglass t-shirt, "Excuse me. Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, but I think I've seen you someplace before."

“Huh? :? ” the hourglass shirt girl replied, then took a good look at Crafty Arts, “Wait a minute… aren’t you… Crafty Arts?  O.O ”
"Yes, I am, but… do I know who YOU are? I think I might, but…" Crafty replied, a little confused and unsure.
The hourglass shirt-wearing sky-blue girl laughed delightfully as she held both of Crafty’s hands and said, “Oh, my gosh! Crafty! I can’t believe it’s really you! It’s me! Minuette! ^^ ”

"Minuette…? Minuette!! O.O    Oh, WOW, it's been so long! :D " said Crafty Arts, as she pulled Minuette into a big hug.
“And I trust you remember Twinkleshine and Lemon Hearts here, too? :)” Minuette said to Crafty, pointing to the other two friendly girls next to her.

"Of course I remember them, it's great to see you girls again!" Crafty Arts said excitedly.
“I can’t believe it really is you, Crafty! :D” said Twinkleshine, as she and Lemon Hearts hugged her tightly.
“We’ve missed you so much,” Lemon Hearts added.
"I've missed you, too! I had no idea you girls go to this school," Crafty Arts replied.

“Hold on!” said Wensley, “Crafty Arts, you KNOW these three girls? :?
"Yeah, we were best friends back in elementary school when I was still in Manehattan,” said Crafty Arts, “But then they all moved away in the same year before I even met you, Wensley. Come to think of it, I guess I might have forgotten that the place they were all moving to was Canterlot Town, until now that is. Well, anyway, girls, this is my boyfriend, Wensley. :) "

"Nice to meet you," Minuette said cheerfully as she shook hands with Wensley.
“Nice to meet y’all too,” said Wensley.

Spike took a good look at Minuette, Twinkleshine, and Lemon Hearts as he thought to himself in his mind, “Huh… these three girls here… they all seem very familiar to me… OH, wait, I recognize them! These three girls must be the Human versions of Twilight’s old Canterlot friends back in Equestria! Hmm… I guess I should tell Twilight about these girls- I mean, the Canterlot girl ponies she knew back before she first moved to Ponyville, and I should tell her about them sometime after she and I get back to our home-world of Equestria. But in the meantime…”

Spike then walked over to Minuette, Twinkleshine, and Lemon Hearts, looked up at all three of them, then barked hello to them as he wagged his tail somewhat adorably.

All three of the girls looked at Spike with adoring eyes.
"Awww, this puppy is so cute!" said Minuette, as she gently pet Spike upon his furry forehead and ears.
“Yes he is, yes he is~ ^3^ ” said Lemon Hearts.
“Hey, wait, isn’t this that puppy dog that Twilight Sparkle girl always has around her? :? ” Twinkleshine asked.

“Yeah,” said Noble Wind, “But we’re looking after him for Twilight while she’s onstage with the Rainbooms.”
“OH, hey, you’re Noble Wind, right? :)” Twinkleshine asked him.
“Yep, that’s me :D ” said Noble Wind, while holding up and making with his right hand and fingers the peace sign.

"Oh! Remember what we used to call ourselves, Crafty? :) " Minuette asked Crafty Arts.
"Yeah, we were the Fab Four! :D " answered Crafty, as all four girls started laughing at the memory.

“The Fab Four? :? ” Noble Wind and Wensley asked at the same time.
"It's what we called ourselves since we were always together," explained Minuette.
“Well, I bet you three were adorable back then ^^ ” said Noble Wind, “You must have been like three big sisters always being there for your littlest sister, huh? :)

“We sure were ^^ ” answered Minuette.
“Maybe after the concert, we can take some pictures at the photo stand :)” said Crafty Arts.
“Sounds good to me! ^3^ ” Minuette, Twinkleshine, and Lemon Hearts all said together.

This made all four girls start giggling happily together as they made another big group hug.

“Well, isn’t that nice to see? :) ” Noble Wind said.
“Yeah,” said Wensley, “But something tells me Crafty’s old friends here are just a LITTLE too cheerful than they normally should be. ^^;

Just then, everyone could hear Principla Celestia’s voice as she spoke over the microphone while she and Vice Principal Luna walked on stage, "Greetings, everyone! Welcome to the C.H.S. Spring Fling Day Concert!"

Everyone cheered together in complete joy and excitement.
"So far, this event has turned into one of the best that C.H.S. has ever had!" Principal Celestia continued.
Vice Principal Luna added, “And we have all of you students to thank for it, for all of your wonderful and incredible hard work! Give yourselves a round of applause, our little Wondercolts! :D

That made everyone in the crowd cheer even more.
“And to make things even better,” said Celestia, “We also are graced with the presence of an old, dear friend of ours… a famous graduate from our beloved Canterlot High School… The Princess of Pop herself, Miss Sapphire Shores! ^^ ”

That made everyone cheer at their very loudest, with Bulk Biceps yelling out very loudly, “WE LOVE YOU, SAPPHIRE!!!”

"Now then… let's get this show started!" said Principal Celestia, as she then got off the stage with Vice Principal Luna while all of Canterlot High School was cheering as loud and excitedly as they possibly could, ready to rock.

The amphitheater’s curtains then opened up to reveal three different mini-stages on the main stage itself: the center mini-stage was for the Rainbooms, the right mini-stage was for the Flash Drive, and the left mini-stage was for both Sapphire Shores and the Dazzlings.

As they were ready to sing their catchy little song together – a song simply known as “Spring Start Up” – Pinkie Pie then hit her drumsticks together above her head and said, “One, Two, Three, Four!”

* catchy drumbeats are made by Pinkie Pie, followed by Drumbeat of the Flash Drive himself, then Sunset Shimmer strums on her rock guitar, followed later by Rainbow Dash, and then finally Flash Sentry *

Sunset Shimmer: After spending months in the cold with not much to do
Rainbow Dash: We finally get a chance to stay warm and hang out with friends, and family too

Flash Sentry: These past few months haven’t been easy, not even in the slightest way
Sapphire Shores: But now we all finally get a break, so let’s make the most of it every day!

Twilight: The time has come for all of us to welcome Spring Break
Rarity: But it's also time to say goodbye to the snow and icicle-steaks

Arrow Swift: It’s vacation time, we’ve all earned it, so let’s get out of our wintery ruts
Sonata Dusk: Let’s sing it loud, sing it proud, that Spring Break is starting up!

* rock music really kicks it up a notch as it enters the chorus *

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Sonata:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!

Pinkie Pie: Let's celebrate our school holiday cheer!

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Sonata:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!

Fluttershy: Because as of today, Spring Break is here.

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Sonata:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!

Applejack: C’mon, let’s go, it’s you and me.

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Sonata:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!
Spring Fling Time, baby!

* Sapphire Shores turns to Adagio and Aria, wanting to let them give a try, though they’re a little skeptical about it, as well as VERY nervous, but Sunset Shimmer smiles at both Dazzling sisters to help them start off slowly *

Adagio: Having fun on the beach… swimming, and laying on the sand…
Sunset Shimmer: Making new friends and hanging out, giving someone a helping hand

Aria: Outdoor grilling… and shopping at the mall…
Drumbeat: Surfin’ the waves, go-karting, building sandcastles ten feet tall

Twilight: There are so many possibilities to start the spring right
Flash Sentry: So c’mon, Wondercolts, let’s get started today and tonight!

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Sonata:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!

Fluttershy: Let's celebrate our school holiday cheer.

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Sonata:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!

Pinkie Pie: Because as of today, Spring Break is here.

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Sonata:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!

Rainbow Dash: C’mon, let’s go, it’s you and me.

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Sonata:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!
Spring Fling Time, baby!

(Sapphire Shores: Alright, y’all, let’s fling it good!)

* Rainbow Dash rocks out on her guitar, followed by Rarity on her electric keytar, then Flash on his rock guitar, then both Applejack and Arrow Swift on their basses, Sunset Shimmer then rocks out the hardest on her electric guitar loudly and proudly while Vinyl Scratch adds in some synchronous dub-step beats and lights to Sunset’s guitar solo, making Sunset look practically gorgeous as she slowly transforms into her magic Equestria Girl form and awestriking everyone brilliantly, but unfortunately makes the Dazzlings start feeling belittled, which Sonata actually notices quite easily, and so does Sunset Shimmer as she then jumps over to all three Dazzlings and sings gently yet sincerely to them *

Sunset Shimmer:
Don't worry about the past, you have friends now, and we're here to make the party last ‘til the end of time…
So, show them all what's really on the inside, and you Dazzlings will be able to shine!

* The Dazzlings are all surprised by Sunset Shimmer’s kind words, as they look at each other, all of their new friends on the amphitheater stage, and the audience, then Sonata smiles and gently holds Adagio’s left hand and then Aria simply shrugs and sighs as she holds Adagio’s right hand, then the Dazzlings slowly sing together, taking it one step at a time but the song’s tempo slowly and steadily returns to its original pace as the Dazzlings sing *

The Dazzlings:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up…

Sonata: Let's celebrate our school holiday cheer.

The Dazzlings:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up…

Aria: Because as of today, Spring Break is here.

The Dazzlings:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up

Adagio: C’mon, let’s go, it’s you and me.

The Dazzlings and Sunset Shimmer:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up
Spring Fling Time, baby…

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Dazzlings:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!

Adagio: Let's celebrate our school holiday cheer!

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Dazzlings:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!

Sunset Shimmer: Because as of today, Spring Break is here.

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Dazzlings:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!

Twilight: C’mon, let’s go, it’s you and me.

Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and Dazzlings:
Spring Start Up, Spring Start Up!
Spring Fling Time, baby!

* song ends on a very epic note, as multi-colored smokescreens and lights all go off together around the amphitheater stage with a bang *

With that awesome concert done, the entire school of Canterlot High was cheering their lungs out for the Rainbooms, Flash Drive, Sapphire Shores, and even the Dazzlings themselves.

Sunset Shimmer then simply said to all three of the Dazzlings, “See? Now that wasn’t so bad or hard, now was it? ;)

Adagio simply just rolled her eyes with a small smile on her face, while Sonata giggled and Aria smiled a little too while looking away from everyone.

A few minutes later, Noble Wind, Spike, Crafty Arts, and Wensley all met up with their friends backstage.
"Wow, guys, that was amazing!" said Crafty Arts.
"Yeah, Couz, you were all awesome!" said Wensley to Applejack.

“Well, thank y’all kindly, sugarcubes,” Applejack replied.
"Glad you enjoyed it :) " said Twilight .
"Of course we did,” said Crafty Arts, “And you Dazzlings were great, too. ^^ ”
“You… really think so?” Aria asked gently, but then realized HOW she was asking it and quickly looked the other away flustered while saying, “N-not that we care or anything! >////<  ”

That made everyone in the room start laughing a little, including even Sonata and Adagio.

“So…” said Noble Wind, “Adagio, Aria, Sonata… you three just actually sung well together for real WTIHOUT having to manipulate anyone nor have everyone turn against each other like you did in the past, and it led to you three finally being on the right track to becoming the TRULY GOOD singing idols I know you’re destined to become because you’re doing so IN THE RIGHT WAY now. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NEXT? :D

"I'm going to be spending time with my Noby-Woby! ^3^ " answered Sonata, quickly grabbing Noble’s arm.
“Okay then <:///) ” said Noble Wind, “Adagio? Aria?”

Adagio and Aria looked at each other, not really sure how to respond to that.
Then Adagio said, “Honestly… I don’t know… After the dark side of our Siren magic was taken away, possibly forever… we never thought we’d end up getting back on our feet like THIS.”

“Well, if you want,” said Arrow Swift with a sincere smile, “There’s always the big Spring Fling Dance tonight. And trust me, if Canterlot High’s Spring Flings really are so much better AND more enjoyable AND more sociable than Everfree High School’s are, then you can bet I’ll be there. ;)
“Well, you kinda have to,” Flash pointed out, “We’re supposed to do the night dance concert also.”
“Same with us Rainbooms,” said Sunset Shimmer, “But wait, Flash… is Drumbeat going to be there, too?”

Drumbeat replied, “Uh, yeah… why do you ask??”
Sunset Shimmer answered, “Well, it’s just that Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna told me, Crafty Arts, and Wensley that while both Crafty and Wens were allowed to attend the Spring Fling Festival together, Wensley couldn’t be allowed at the dance because he’s not even in high school yet, even if he is just a visitor here at Canterlot High. So, why is Drumbeat allowed to the dance tonight when he’s around the same school grade level as Wensley?”

“Because he’s an important member of my band,” said Flash, “Celesita and Luna said that Drumbeat could attend the dance as long as he’s attending it as a band member for the concert tonight.”

Both Sunset Shimmer and Flash’s eyes then widened as they got a big idea.
Flash then smiled as he asked Sunset Shimmer, “Sunny? You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?”
“OH, yeah, I am ;)” Sunset Shimmer answered.

Twilight shifted her eyes between Flash and Sunset, as the Princess of Friendship asked a bit concernedly, “What, uh… w-wh-what ARE you two thinking? ^^;

"We're going to make Wensley able to come to the dance after all!" answered Sunset Shimmer.
"What do you mean?" asked Crafty Arts.
“Simple,” said Flash, “Wensley, how good are you with musical instruments?”

“Oh,” said Wensley, “Uh, well… I’m sure I can whip up a mean harmonica solo.”
Noble Wind brought out his dark brown backpack, reached into it to bring out his own harmonica and threw it over to Wensley.
Wensley caught the harmonica and started playing on it quite skillfully for about 30 seconds, to which Flash responded to afterwards by saying, “Hmmm… I think we can make that work somehow. Congrats, Wensley, you’re now a temporary harmonica player for the Flash Drive, so it looks like you’ll be able to come to the Spring Fling Dance tonight with Crafty Arts after all, though you two probably won’t do any dancing together until AFTER the dancing and partying is over completely, but still.”

"This is great, Wensy! ^3^ " said Crafty excitedly, as she hugged Wensley.
“YEAH, it is! :D” said Wensley, as he hugged Crafty Arts back and starting spinning around with her in his arms.
Wensley then stopped and said, “Flash, Sunset Shimmer, thank ya both so much for this.”

“Well, you should really thank Drumbeat here,” said Sunset Shimmer, “He gave us the idea.”
“I did? :? ” Drumbeat asked.
Flash patted Drumbeat on the back and said, “You sure did, little bro! ^^ ”

"Looks like ya'll get ta party and dance after all!" Applejack said to Crafty and Wensley.
“Yep :)” said Wensley, “And thank you too, Drumbeat, for the idea here.”

“Oh, uh, well, no problem, glad to help <:///)” Drumbeat said, scratching the back of his head, as Crafty Arts and Wensley both hugged him, Sunset Shimmer, and Flash. Everyone suddenly made a big group hug together, including Vinyl Scratch, Noble Wind, Sapphire Shores, Arrow Swift, and even the Dazzlings, though Adagio and Aria were kinda forced into it by Sonata.

Aria then said, “What is with you people and group hugs?! >///<; ”
“Don’t spoil the moment, Aria,” said Adagio, who was now snuggling upon Arrow Swift’s chest, “I for one am actually not complaining~”

Arrow Swift felt awkwardly embarrassed and uncomfortable, while Sonata snuggled up to Noble Wind and the blue Dazzling girl said to Adagio, “I agree~ ^//3//^ ”

Noble Wind simply looked to the side while blushing and smiling due to Sonata being so dang stinkin’ cute right now.
Aria then groaned and said, “Seriously?? You two are such tools right now.”

“Well,” said Sunset Shimmer, “If you’re wanting a date for the dance tonight, Aria, I could set you up with Snips or Snails or Bulk Biceps…”
Aria’s eyes widened, knowing well enough exactly WHO Sunset Shimmer was referring to, and then Aria said, “…Thanks, but I’m good with being single.”

That remark made everyone start laughing together.

A little while later, everyone went their separate ways, leaving Canterlot High School so that they all could go get ready for the Spring Fling Dance that night.

Flash, Wensley, Drumbeat, and Arrow Swift all left and went back to their own houses to get ready for that night, while Twilight, Spike, Sunset Shimmer, Sapphire Shores, Crafty Arts, Vinyl Scratch, all of the rest of the Rainbooms, and all three Dazzlings headed for the best boutique in Canterlot Town to get ready for the very big dance that night.

But little did any of them know, that not too far away, a certain “great and powerful” young girl was plotting something in the shadows… yet again… something greatly and powerfully terrible…
Equestria Girls: the Spring Fling - Ch24 - Part 3
What we have here is the third and final part of Chapter 24 of mine and :iconsonic-fan17:'s EG story.

And here, we have yet another song, but this one is basically a rock song inspired by a certain Season 1 song that wants us to "wrap up winter", or in this case, "start up spring" so we hope you'll like it, because :iconsonic-fan17: and I worked very hard on THIS song's lyrics together. ;)

No copyright infringement is nor was nor ever will be intended here.
MLP: FiM and MLP: EG both mainly and rightfully belong to all of their original creators and owners, particularly :iconhasbroplz:.


I'm as sharp as a sword.
United States
My name is Victor, a young writer and rookie animator. I have many ideas that I hope to write down, draw up, and animate, and maybe even get a job in comic or animation media like Archie Comics, Viz Media, SEGA, etc.
Wish me the best of luck with fulfilling my dream.
Oh, and for those of you who have YouTube accounts, my YouTube username is wolfguy23.

MP3 player of choice: iPod

Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Personal Quotes:
-A mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially if one has lost it.

-Those who intentionally try to manipulate and harm others end up burying themselves in both their own dug-up graves and their own burning pits in Hell; it's called bad karma delivering its punishing judgement upon you. I don't say this as some religious person - I'm a bit far from that, to be honest - I say this as a man who knows what the real reality of life is, unlike those mentally corrupt bastards out there.

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