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Chapter 7: The Quick Strike and the Quick Escape

Princess Twilight and all of her friends, along with Wattson the Thunderbird and Cheshire the Matagot, headed back to Ponyville together through the Everfree Forest. Along the way, Twilight was still thinking about a few things…
The cave where they found Wattson and Fluttershy at used to be the home of an Ursa Minor and Major, which were quite possibly the same ones that Twilight had first dealt with when she first met Trixie about a couple of years ago. So, what exactly DID happen to those two Ursas that caused them to no longer be in their home cave in the Everfree Forest? Was it the doing of this Hunter Trapper character? If so, how was he able to capture such powerful creatures in the first place? And what was the real story between him and Arrow Swift? Twilight also wondered if there were still one or two things that Arrow Swift was not telling her or her friends. What was Hunter Trapper’s real goal? What was he really trying to achieve by capturing powerful and rare creatures such as a Thunderbird and a Matagot? As Twilight thought about all of this, she hoped that her baby dragon companion, Spike, was still safe back in Ponyville, as were Coco Pommel and the ponies watching over them, Cloudchaser and Flitter. Twilight also hoped that everyone that was or could be involved in this entire situation would be safe and okay.

“Hold it!” Arrow Swift said, having everyone stop in their tracks, “We’re close to a huge trap cluster.”
Arrow Swift could see and make out all of the tiny little strings, ropes, and other snare-like switches that would set the traps off and capture their entire group, one group member at a time. Arrow Swift then turned to Flash, whispered to him the exact locations of each hidden trap that was set up along the path from here on out.
Flash then nodded once he understood everything that Arrow Swift had just told him. Flash then took a couple of steps forward as he said, “Alright, everypony, stand back. I’m about to get all Unidas up in here.”

Flash drew out his Unidas Sword from its scabbard, twirled it around in his right hoof, and made a pretty cool fighting stance with it, as he got ready to get to work.
“WHOA, that sword is wicked :)” Noble Wind said, really digging the Unidas Sword.
“Wicked indeed,” Arrow Swift said, just as impressed.
“Thanks ^^” said Flash, “Now don’t go and blink… because this will be over in a flash. > : ) ”  **

** Hope you all can see what I did there… again. :D

Flash quickly dashed over to a nearby tree and swung his sword at the treetop as quickly as lightning. Then in a split-second, he swiped his weapon at the ground 4 feet away from his current location, then he quickly dashed over to a giant rock and sliced at it as well. Flash was using his trademark Sentry Sidestep technique to make it look like he was in one place at one second, and then in another place the next second. However, the most bizarre thing was that even though Flash was using his sword to slice, slash, and swipe at different objects along the trap-embedded path, it didn’t look like he was leaving so much as a scratch on any of those objects; all of the objects seemed to still be completely intact and undamaged. Twilight and all of her friends were finding all of what Flash was currently doing to be interesting yet peculiar.

Once Flash was on the other side of the path of hidden traps, he stopped and said, “So, what do you think, my little ponies? :) Am I good or what? :D
“It was… very interesting < : )” Twilight replied a little sheepishly, “But, uh…”
Rainbow Dash yelled out, “What the hay was the point of all that if you didn’t take out so much as a single trap?! XP”
“Rainbow Dash, don’t be rude!” Twilight said to her.

Flash chuckled as he shook his head and then said to them all, “Wait for it… ;)
Flash then flicked his sword around and slowly drew it back into its sheath. Once the sword’s hilt was only about an inch away from clicking with the scabbard, Flash said to his friends on the other side of the group, “What you just saw and are also about to see are all part of the new combat technique I’ve developed since our little ‘Memory Thief’ adventure in Neighagra Falls! ^^” **

** Check out my MLP story, “The Memory Thief” to see and find out more details.

“Oh, really?” Twilight asked him.
“Yep,” said Flash, “A technique I like to personally call… the Quick Strike.”
Flash casually had his sword’s hilt click with the scabbard, signaling that it was completely put back into the sheath. And at the moment that clicking sound went off, there were many sounds of crashing, bashing, and wrecking as each of the hidden traps suddenly started to reveal themselves while also apparently being split into pieces and destroyed beyond repair, as if they were all just NOW feeling the strikes of Flash’s sword attacks. This really and clearly took everypony on the other side of the path completely by surprise. Once the dust from all of the wreckage cleared up, the path they were going to take was now filled with not traps, but instead pieces of harmless scrap metal. Then a very huge, dark grey, steel cage dropped down in the middle of the path like a sack of bricks, before splitting into useless pieces itself.

Flash then said confidently, “Ain’t no thing but a Pegasus wing. ;)
Twilight, Arrow Swift, Wattson, Cheshire, and everypony else had hilariously dumbstruck looks on their faces as their eyes were really widened, their mouths dropped almost completely to the ground, and the sound of a chicken’s “Ba-kaw!” went off in the background – most likely coming from Wattson the Thunderbird.
A few seconds later, Noble Wind just fell down onto to the ground just as hilariously.

Flash then asked them all, “What? :? Too much?”
Rainbow Dash replied, “More like TOO AWESOME!!! O3O”
“Whoo-whee! :D” Applejack added, “I gotta say, partner: that was mighty impressive. Why I reckon that at that there rate, y’all be findin’ yerself promoted to bein’ Captain of your own soldier squad in the Royal Guard. ^^”
“Well, I don’t know about that <:///) ” Flash said, scratching the back of his head and feeling flattered.
“Oh, don’t be so modest, darling,” Rarity said to him, “~What you just did was simply fabulous! ^^”

“Yeah!” said Pinkie Pie, as she started jumping around the place and imitating Flash’s moves, “You were like, Zip! Zam! Zap! Pow! Boom! Bam! Booyah! Whazam!”
“You really were amazing, Flash! :D” Twilight said to him, as she gave him a big hug of pride.
“Well, thank you, really :///)” Flash replied, “But we’re not exactly out of the woods yet – and I mean that quite literally here.”
“I agree,” said Arrow Swift, “As impressive and TOTALLY WICKED BEYOND ALL REASON!!! :D …as that technique of yours was, Flash, we’re only about halfway out of the forest. We need to keep moving and be on the lookout for anymore traps.”
“Alright then,” said Flash, “Let’s keep moving.”
Flash then noticed that Twilight was still hugging him, quite adorably I might add. Flash then said to her, “Uh, Princess Twilight? As much as it is an honor and privilege to be hugged by somepony like you… you can let go of me now. <:///)”
Twilight replied as she let go of him, “O///O …OH, right, sorry sorry sorry!”

Twilight’s Mane Six friends couldn’t help but giggle at what they just saw.
Then Fluttershy, Cheshire, and Wattson looked down as the three of them all noticed that Noble Wind was still down on the ground. Fluttershy tried to wake him up from the state of shock that he was clearly put into clearly due to a side-effect from Flash’s Quick Strike technique – the side-effect of course being, “Overexposure to Pure Awesomeness.”
Noble Wind muttered hilariously, “It was too awesome…  @ 3 @”

“Come on, Noble Wind, it’s time too get up,” said Fluttershy, trying to wake her friend up from his minor state of shock. Then she noticed and realized the real reason why Noble Wind was acting like he was acting: a very tiny dart had hit the back of his neck and was sticking into it.

“Oh, no. Guys!” Fluttershy said, as Arrow Swift then quickly ran over to her and saw what had happened.
“Noble Wind’s been hit by a tranquilizer dart,” Arrow Swift said, “A standard hunter tool – the sedatives in these darts are usually non-lethal, of course, and it looks like Noble Wind will be alright. But still, we need to get him to a nearby river or lake to purge the sedative out of his system.”
“Oh, man, did I accidentally set off a dart trap? < : ( ” Flash asked.
“No, of course not,” Arrow Swift replied sincerely, “But honestly… I kind of wish that were the case, because it’s worse than that…” Arrow Swift then said ominously, “You-Know-Who is close by… > : ( ”
Everypony quickly realized what Arrow Swift meant by that: Hunter Trapper was onto them all.

“Everypony, gather together and stay close! Protect Noble Wind, Cheshire, and Wattson!” Princess Twilight ordered, as everypony else did just that with their backs turned against each other and facing towards practically every direction in the Everfree Forest from their current location.

“What do we do now?” Pinkie Pie asked.
“Don’t worry, I got this,” said Princess Twilight, “Just stay close and give me a minute.”
Twilight focused her alicorn magic as best and quickly as she could; she was about to use an amplified version of her trademark Teleportation Spell to get them all to a safe place.
They then all heard what sounded like projectiles being launched at them swiftly.
“Look out!” said Flash, as he swung his sword to deflect what was being launched at them: more tranquilizer darts.
“I could use my Quick Strike technique again,” Flash pointed out, still deflecting the darts as best as he could, “But these darts are being fired at us too quickly for me to get a full lock on all of their launchers’ locations in this area.”

“Hold on!” said Rarity, as she used her unicorn magic to conjure up a magic, light-blue colored Protection Barrier Spell around all of them.
“Nice call, Rare! :)” Applejack said to her.
“Very nice call,” Twilight added, still at her work with her own spell.
“Thank you,” Rarity replied, “I knew taking those Magical Self-Defense Classes with Twilight would pay off soon enough. But I’m afraid that I’m not anywhere near as good at this spell as Twilight is. It’s only going to last about 30 more seconds, at the most.”

“I see…” said their poaching enemy, who was watching them closely yet with great stealth, “In that case…”
The unidentified poacher then held up from around his neck a small, bronze medal and it glowed with a dirty brown light, somehow causing his concealed tranq-dart launchers in the area to fire their darts with twice the velocity and force. Rarity’s magic barrier was starting to really crack up and weaken, but Twilight got her Teleportation Spell fully charged up and ready.
“Everyone hang on!” Twilight said, as the young alicorn princess teleported all of her friends safely away from their position just as Rarity’s barrier shattered into nothingness.

Twilight ended up teleporting them all to a huge lake and waterfall found just on the outskirts of the Everfree Forest. The lake itself emptied out into the river that led all the way to Ponyville Lake, so they all had a pretty clear shot at getting back home safely now. At this time, the sun was just barely beginning to rise up, which meant the crack of dawn was upon them.

Twilight panted a little bit as she said, “Phew! Well, THAT was a close one.”
“I’ll say,” Flash said to her, “But great work, Princess. :)
“Thanks, you too <:///)” Twilight replied a bit bashfully, “And you did good too, Rarity, so thanks for buying us the time we needed.”
“My pleasure,” Rarity replied, gently brushing her hoof through her purple mane.

“Now we should all be safe here,” Arrow Swift added, “At least for a little while.”
“Look, look!” Pinkie Pie said, as she pointed out to the view Ponyville from their location, “Ponyville is only just a small trot or swim away from here!”
Pinkie then sung as she skipped around adorably, “~We’re gonna make it home, we’re gonna make it home, we’re gonna make it home, we’re gonna make it home! ^3^”

“Was there any doubt? ;)” Rainbow Dash added with a confident yet somewhat smug look on her face.
Applejack yawned as she said, “Well, to be quite honest, y’all… I doubt that I’m gonna have pleasant dreams after this here intense all-nighter of an adventure of ours is done and over… I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s been excitin’ but also dangerous.”
“I hear you…” Fluttershy replied, yawning softly as she gently petted the soft foreheads of both Wattson the Thunderbird and Cheshire the Matagot, “But at least these two sweeties are going to be alright now. < : )  Yes, they are. Yes, they are~ ^3^”

Arrow Swift smiled at Fluttershy as he then heard Rarity yawn very loudly, “Oh, dear, please pardon me… * yawn * Oh, I can’t really remember the last time I missed a full night’s worth of beauty sleep.”
Rarity then used her unicorn magic to conjure up a beauty mirror and looked into it as she said, “OH, I certainly hope my eyes didn’t develop any dreadful, gray bags.”

Rarity then noticed something through her mirror and said, “Oh, dear… O.O”
“What’s wrong, Rare?” Rainbow Dash asked her.
“Uh, well… it would appear that, uh…” Rarity began, as she turned around and showed everyone that a tranquilizer dart was sticking out the spot between her neck and backside, and then she continued to speak in drowsy manner, “I have… already been… darted…”

Rarity then fell down to the ground, snoring loudly and hilariously.
“Aw, man,” Arrow Swift stated, “A tranq-dart must have hit her just before Twilight teleported us – when Rarity’s Barrier Spell shattered.”
“She’s not the only one…” Flash stated a bit grimly, as he pointed to a tranq-dart sticking out from the bottom-side of Arrow Swift’s front left hoof.
But Arrow Swift simply replied with a smile, “Pfft! Please, this little thing? Hardly worth anything to worry about. ;P
“Really? How so? :?” Flash asked him.

Arrow Swift then simply plucked the tranq-dart off of him as he said, “I’ve spent my life as both a hunter and archer, so I’ve already gone and developed a bit of an immunity to tranquilizers of all kinds. ^^”

“Really?? That’s amazing :)” Flash replied.
“Thanks,” Arrow Swift said to him, “Though, to be honest, it WOULD take more than just one tranq-dart to knock me out nowadays, AND it would take a while before the darts’ sedatives could kick in well enough to make me fall asleep.”
“Uh… O.o Y’all mean like THAT??” Applejack replied, as she pointed out that there were about 4 more tranq-darts sticking out from the backside of Arrow Swift’s bottom left leg and hoof.
Arrow Swift then said as he slowly and hilariously started to talk in a very deepened voice, “Yep… that’s… ABOUT RIIIIGHHT…  @ 3 @ ”

Arrow Swift then collapsed to the floor as he himself also snored loudly and somewhat humorously.
“Quick, let’s get these three into the lake so the water can purge the sedatives from their systems,” Twilight instructed, as she and the rest of her friends took Rarity, Noble Wind, and Arrow Swift to the huge lake that they were all standing right next to and had them float gently in place upon the watery surface. Twilight, Fluttershy, and Applejack all tended to their three, knocked out friends, waiting for the special healing properties of the lake to help all three of them while the three ponies in need were laying back upon the water.

“It’s good thing I was able to teleport us all to this lake,” Twilight stated.
“I’ll say, Twi,” Applejack added, “They don’t call this here place Lake Purity for nothin’. The special properties of this amazin’ water source are perfect for treatin’ nearly any kind of wound, injury, sickness, or illness you can imagine. :)
Rarity groaned as she began to slowly regain consciousness and awareness, but was still feeling pretty loopy, “Princess Twilight…? Oh… how nice of you to treat me so nicely… I guess I’m getting what could be called ‘The Royal Treatment,’ no? ^3^”

Twilight smiled out of relief that Rarity was going to be okay. But that joy was temporarily short-lived as Noble Wind yelled out with his hoof pointing out into the sky, “We’ve got trouble!”
Everypony except Rarity and Arrow Swift jumped up as they looked up in the daybreak’s clear sky, but saw nothing at all.
Noble Wind then said, clearly in a loopy manner, “Don’t you see it…? Deceivers are raining down from the sky… ready to attack us in just one, swift swoop…! We need something to fly up there and take them all down... something with the swiftness and majesty of an eagle AND the strength and ferocity of a wolf… like a… like an eagle-wolf or something! Silver-boy! Get your sorry tail up there and kick some- Zzzzz…”*

*First person to get all the reference(s) I just made here gets a cookie. :D

Noble Wind went back to being knocked out and floating in the lake on his backside.
Everypony looked at Noble with hilariously dumbfounded and confused expressions as Pinkie Pie then stated, “O.o Well… THAT was random. And that’s coming from ME.”
Chapter 3: Shock, Stare, and Roar

There was major panic and screaming as the giant, electricity-generating bird continued to shoot lightning bolts at the citizens of Ponyville. Each bolt was just narrowly missing each and every pony in town, yet still able to send a few ponies flying through the air via the shockwaves given off by each impact of each lightning bolt that struck down onto the ground hard. Heck, it was all so crazy that one pony that got knocked back by the shockwaves actually screamed Wilhelm-style.

Spike and the rest of Twilight’s friends were still worried that Twilight and the winning archers of the Artemis Cup had all been struck down by the first lightning strike that giant bird-brained monster fired upon them. However, it was then shown that Twilight had managed to conjure up a sparkle-purple, last-second magic Barrier Spell around her and the archer ponies, protecting them all from any harm. They were all safe and uninjured.

“Alright! :)” Spike said, “Way to go, Twi!”
“Oh, thank Equestria they’re alright < : )” Rarity said, as a lightning bolt zipped passed her, “Hey! Watch the hair, bird-brain! > : (“
“Forgive me, Rarity,” said Coco, “But I do believe that calling it such things will only make it angrier. And I do not think we would like it when it’s angrier. < : ( ”

“Great magic reflexes, Princess Twilight :)” Cloudchaser said to her.
“Thanks,” said Twilight, as she started to make the Barrier Spell she was using bigger and wider so it could cover and protect everypony else in all of Ponyville. Pretty soon, the entire town and all of its citizens were both standing underneath and protected by Twilight’s powerful Barrier Spell, completely shielded from the lightning attacks up above.
“Now we’re talking :)” Flash said, as he looked up above at the bird-like monster and said, “But just what in the heck is that thing anyway? :?

Twilight looked up and saw that the bird-like creature they were dealing with was about twice – maybe three times – the size and might of a Griffon. It was covered in bright yellow feathers, had the head and red waddle of a chicken but also had the razor-sharp beak and teeth of a vulture, as well as the dark black eyes of a raven. It even had sharper looking claws and talons for feet, and two sets of huge, powerful, feathered wings. That’s right, it had four wings.

“I don’t know what that thing is,” said Rainbow Dash, “But it certainly doesn’t look like a Griffon or a Cockatrice.”
The giant bird monster then swooped down at the magic barrier Twilight was putting up around Ponyville, tackling it while still generating orange electricity around itself and shooting lightning bolts at the barrier.
Twilight and Archer then said in unison, “It looks like a Thunderbird.”
“A what now?? :?” Cloudchaser asked.

“A Thunderbird,” said Archer, “A very powerful bird-like creature that has the unique ability to generate electricity within its own body, then fire that electricity into many powerful, electrical current-blasts, particularly in the shape of lightning bolts. They say that not only are Thunderbirds more powerful and fiercer than Griffons, but they can even summon up lightning storms if they see fit to do so.”
“That’s right,” said Twilight, “But how did YOU know that, Archer? :?
“I’ve done a lot of studying on powerful creatures over the years,” Archer replied, “I’m a natural-born archer, so I’ve gotta be somepony that lives in the woods, right? ;P

Fluttershy then spoke out, “That big bird is a real, live Thunderbird…? But from what I have heard and read, Thunderbirds are usually supposed to be guardians of nature. They would only be attacking like this if someone or something were doing something that was upsetting the natural balance of the homeland they live in. Not only that, but from the looks of it… that Thunderbird seems to be under some sort of malevolent trance.”

“I think you might be right :( ” Twilight said to Fluttershy, as she noticed that the Thunderbird’s big, black eyes had deep, gray, glaring bags right under them, “I mean, just look at its eyes: to the normal eye, it would seem like the Thunderbird is just overwhelmingly cranky, but it looks like it could have been brainwashed or psychologically harmed and manipulated into thinking that attacking innocent ponies is necessary – or worse, fun. < : ( ”

“I have to admit,” said Flash, “Something about this attack from that Thunderbird certainly does seem to be very off.”
“I have a pretty good idea who might be behind all this… > : (” Archer stated.
“You do?? :?” Twilight, Fluttershy, and Flash all asked him in unison.
“Yeah, but first thing’s first,” Archer responded, “We’ve got to stop this big, bad bird-brain before it zaps all of Ponyville into oblivion. Princess Twilight, how much longer can you hold your Barrier Spell up?”
“For quite some time,” Twilight replied, “But not forever.”
“Okay, got it,” Archer said.

“You got a plan?” Flash asked Archer, “I’m all ears for it.”
“We’ve got to draw the Thunderbird away from Ponyville and have it head towards the Everfree Forest,” Archer said.
“I think I get it,” said Flash,  “Once we’ve got the Thunderbird away from Ponyville, we can lure it into a trap and subdue it using our ice arrows, right?”

“Actually,” Archer replied somewhat jokingly, clearly being sarcastic, “I was hoping we could lead it into the Everfree Forest and have the other big, bad creatures there take care of the Thunderbird for us while we watched them all duke it out from the sidelines. But now that I think about it, your ice arrow trap idea sounds like it could work, too. ;P

“Uh, yeah, thanks ^^;” Flash replied, a bit uncomfortable by Archer’s sense of humor, which was probably as bad as Noble Wind’s quips.
Flash then said, “Okay. We’re gonna need every available, brave Pegasus to help pull this off by drawing the Thunderbird away from the town.”
“Leave that to me and the Wonderbolts,” Rainbow Dash replied confidently.
“I’ll help you out with that too, R.D. :)” Noble Wind insisted.

“We’ll also need every skillful archer here that competed in the Artemis Cup to help pull this off,” Flash added, “Since all the Pegasi will be acting as a diversion, we’ll be left with only archer ponies that are Earth ponies and unicorns.”
“You can count on me to help you all out, trust me,” Archer said, readying his bow-arm of a right front limb.

Flash turned to Twilight and said, “Get ready to make an opening in your Barrier Spell for us on my signal, your Highness. Uh, I mean, if that’s okay with you, of course. Heh heh heh. ^^;
“Of course, soldier :)” Twilight nodded honestly, as Flash, Rainbow Dash, and Archer all quickly gathered up their rag-tag team.

Flash then said, “Alright, everypony, it’s time for us to commence a little plan I like to call, ‘Operation: Bye Bye Birdie’!”
Everypony in the heroic group cheered in agreement, ready for action, especially a certain, incredibly ripped, white stallion who yelled out, “YEAAAHH!!!”

“Alright, Princess,” Flash said to Twilight, “On the count of 3.”
“Got it,” Twilight replied.
Flash then said, “Fliers, get ready for takeoff. Archers, ready your bows and arrows to provide cover.”
Once everypony was all set to do what they needed to do, Flash then counted down, “1… 2… 3!!”

Twilight opened up a fairly big hole in her Barrier Spell for Rainbow Dash and the other Pegasi to fly through.
Rainbow Dash called out, “Flight Team, let’s go!”
She, Noble Wind, the Wonderbolts, Cloudchaser and Flitter, and the rest of their huge Pegasi team all flew out of the hole in the magic barrier, drawing the Thunderbird’s attention away from the citizens of Ponyville and more towards them.
“That’s right!” Rainbow Dash called out to it, “Follow the birdies, Birdie! ;P

Once the Thunderbird was far away enough from Ponyville, Twilight turned off her Barrier Spell so that the archer ponies could run as fast as they could in the direction of the Thunderbird and the Everfree Forest.
Rainbow Dash quickly had all of the Pegasi fly around the Thunderbird to try and trap it in a flying semi-circle.
The Thunderbird fiercely cawed at all of them as its body started to generate electricity again.
“Watch out! It’s gonna blow again!” Rainbow Dash cried out, as all of the Pegasi tried their hardest to avoid, dodge, and evade all of the orange lightning blasts the Thunderbird was firing at them.

The Pegasi’s ensnaring formation around the Thunderbird had been easily dispersed and it fell apart. However, it did buy the archer ponies just enough time to catch up to the Thunderbird and start firing their ice arrows at it.
Almost every ice arrow managed to hit its mark, slowly encasing the Thunderbird in a huge, block of ice.

“Keep going!” Flash yelled out, “I think we’ve just about got him! :)
However, the Thunderbird easily broke out of the icy trap by generating enough electricity around itself to let off a powerful electric blast strong enough to shatter the ice and free itself.

“Blast it! We had it right where we wanted it! > : ( ” Flash said angrily.
“Don’t worry,” Fluttershy said to him as she flew over to the Thunderbird, “I have an idea we can use as Plan B.”
“Be careful, Fluttershy!” Twilight called out to her.
“Don’t worry, Twi,” Rainbow Dash said, “If there’s anypony who can tame a wild beast like a Thunderbird, it’s Fluttershy. :)
“Let’s hope so,” said Noble Wind.

Fluttershy flew up to the Thunderbird and looked at it straight in the face. The sweet Pegasus girl was a little frightened, but believe it or not, she seemed to be much more angry than frightened at the moment.
The Thunderbird cawed at Fluttershy fiercely and loudly, but surprisingly, Fluttershy wasn’t intimidated at all. In fact, she had quite the intimidating look on her face as she said to the Thunderbird, “CAAAAW yourself, Mister! You think it’s okay to start shocking and zapping everything and everyone in sight just for kicks? Donkey kicks, maybe, because you certainly are acting as foolish as a mule! > : (”

Fluttershy then quickly turned to a certain nearby mule everyone should be familiar with by now as she said to him, “Oh, uh… no offense, of course. < : )”
The mule replied to her simply, “None taken.”

Fluttershy then turned back to the Thunderbird with another mad look in her eyes as she said to it, “I for one say that YOU, Mister so-called ‘Guardian Bird of the Skies’, better check yourself before you wreck yourself. > : ( ”

“OH… I think I know where this is all going ;)” Rainbow Dash said to Twilight, nudging her a bit.
Spike brought out the popcorn and shared it with both Cloudchaser and Flitter as he said, “Hopefully, it is gonna be happening any second now... :)

Fluttershy REALLY got up in the Thunderbird’s face, as the big bad bird was now starting to act a little bit more like a chicken or turkey, and the Pegasus mare finished speaking to it by saying, “To put it simply, Buster Birdie, you better check the forecast of that stormy attitude of yours, or else I’m going to have to clear it all up by giving you… THE STARE.”

And just like that, Fluttershy used her trademark, creature-taming glare to make the Thunderbird really tremble its tail feathers off.
“THERE it is :D” Rainbow Dash stated out proudly.

The Thunderbird then had its bad attitude from earlier die down rather quickly as it cowardly looked up at Fluttershy in a way that clearly said, “I’m sorry… < : ( ”

Fluttershy backed off a bit and said to the Thunderbird gently, “That’s okay, big fella. And I really am sorry I had to be so very strict with you like that, but you cannot deny that you brought it upon yourself, can you? So, you promise not to try to zap anyone else anymore…?”

The Thunderbird nodded, feeling guilty. Fluttershy smiled sincerely at the Thunderbird as she gently petted its feathery face, “That’s a good bird… That’s a good, pretty bird. You are a pretty bird, you know. Yes, you are. Yes, you are~ ^^”
The Thunderbird couldn’t help but smile and coo softly at the sound and feel of Fluttershy’s sweet voice and touch, while mostly everypony else said, “Aww… < : ) ”

Cloudchaser then said with a simple smile, “You have to admit: that big Thunderbird IS kinda cute when it’s not trying to fry everyone to a zapped-up crisp.”
“Well, what do you know? :)” Flash said, quite surprised at what just happened and how things turned out.
“Hey, you know what they say,” Archer stated, “A little lump of tough yet sympathetic love will take the buck out of the bronco.”
Noble Wind added in a bit of a snarky yet clever manner, “Or in this case, stop the over-electrified insanity created by a giant, crazy, electric chicken’s bad attitude. ;P

“Good work, Fluttershy!” Twilight called out to her, “Now, please ask him why he went and attacked Ponyville out of the blue like that.”
“I’m on it :)” Fluttershy replied, as she asked the Thunderbird, “So, Mr. Thunderbird, if it’s not too much trouble, do you uh… think you could please tell us… why you went off the deep end and attacked our hometown like you did…? < : )”

The Thunderbird crowed as it started to tell Fluttershy everything in its own native tongue.
As this was happening, Archer said, “Wait, that Fluttershy girl can talk to that Thunderbird? :?
“Yeah :)” said Rainbow Dash, “You might find this hard to believe, but Fluttershy’s unique talent is being able to understand and communicate with just about any animal or creature there is in our world.”
Twilight added, “And she almost always makes friends with all of the critters she talks to instantly afterwards.”

“Wow, that’s amazing :)” Archer said, as he looked up at Fluttershy and said to himself, “She certainly seems like a one of a kind pony.”
“Heck yeah, she is! :D” Pinkie Pie agreed, sticking her head out and up in Archer’s face, “BUT whatever you do, do NOT do anything that will make her bring out The Stare… you wouldn’t like her when she brings out The Stare… well, when you’re the one that’s getting The Stare from her, anyway. * squee * :D
“Uh, right… thanks for the tip ^^;” Archer replied.

Soon enough, once Fluttershy was done talking to the big Thunderbird, she flew back down to the ground where Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Flash, and Archer were.
“Well, what did you find out?” Twilight asked Fluttershy.
“He says that his name is Wattson,” Fluttershy began, “And he says that the reason why he was acting so crazy before is because his mean owner is always forcing him to do bad things so much, that it drives him insane at least half the time.”

“I get it!” Pinkie Pie said, “His name is ‘Wattson’ because he’s always generating Watts, as in electricity!”
Pinkie Pie laughed and snorted hysterically yet adorably as she said, “That’s like the most clever thing EVER! :D

“Well, at least we now know why that big bird was acting so crazy,” Flash said, “But it doesn’t make much sense: why would Wattson’s owner have it attack Ponyville in the first place? Judging by his very first lightning strike, was he trying to strike down Princess Twilight?”
“Actually,” Fluttershy said, “He was mainly focused on attacking, well… Archer here.”
“Me, huh?” Archer said, “Figures.”
“But why YOU?? :?” Twilight asked Archer, but then realized something, “Wait a minute. Archer, you said earlier that you had a good idea who sent the Thunderbird to attack our hometown. Is there something you’re not telling us…? > : ( ”

“Uh, well…” Archer replied a bit sheepishly, “You shouldn’t get the wrong idea about me, Princess Twilight. But to be honest, your Majesty, it’s… kind of a very long and complicated story. ^^;
“Is it by any chance the same kind of story you were giving me clues about during the Trick Shot Challenge at the Artemis Cup earlier this evening?” Flash asked Archer.
“…Pretty much, yeah,” Archer replied.

Rainbow Dash then said, “If you know something about what’s been going on here tonight, Archer, you better tell us about it NOW.  > : (  ”

Little did anypony know that deep in the Everfree Forest, another creature was stirring around, lurking, and had a certain, specific archer pony in their sights.

“Alright, alright, I’ll start talking…” Archer began.
But before Archer could say anything, Pinkie Pie’s entire body started to shake like crazy.
Archer was a little surprised as he said, “O.O …Uh, what, uh, what’s goin’ on with HER??”
“It’s my Pinkie Sense!” Pinkie replied, “It goes off when something is going to happen. And when it’s shaking and shivering me up like this, it means something very unexpected is going to happen at any minute now!”
“What?! O.O” Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash said.
“Well, what’s going to happen?” Noble Wind asked her.
“I don’t know, but it’s a doozy!” Pinkie Pie said.

Flash then caught something in the corner of his eye lurking in the Everfree Forest. He thought he saw something crawling around behind the bushes, then he heard growling and his eyes widened, realizing that something was about to pounce out.
Flash then yelled out to everypony in the entire area, “Look out!!”

Something jumped out of the Everfree Forest and into the illuminating lights being given off by the night’s moon and stars. It scared everypony in range, as nearly everypony that was standing around Twilight and her group friends quickly ran or flew for it.

“Oh, great, what is now?? XP” Noble Wind said reluctantly.
What had jumped out of the forest was a menacing, feline-like creature with its entire body being covered in mauve-colored fur. It had the striped body and tail of a tigress, the head and ears of a lynx cat, the fangs of a saber-toothed tiger, and quite possibly the hungry, yellow eyes of a lioness ready to pounce and feed on its prey.

“What is THAT?! O.O” Spike asked, hiding behind Rarity, who was hiding behind Applejack.
Applejack replied, “I don’t rightfully know, but I reckon it’s definitely one, nasty lookin’ varmit.”

The ferocious cat monster growled, especially at the sight of Wattson the Thunderbird, who couldn’t help but defensively ready himself to send a shock to the big, bad kitty’s system.

“Oh, no, a cat and a bird should never be left in the same area together,” Fluttershy stated.
“No, duh!” Rainbow Dash said, “Cats eat birds, even if the bird IS like twice as big as they are! Not to mention it can shoot lightning at the cat!”

Archer took a good look at the cat creature and said with an awestruck look on his face, “O.O  I don’t believe it… is that really…??”
The nasty-looking cat roared as it ran at Wattson, who in turn cawed fiercely as he flew at the cat.
Both Fluttershy and Archer quickly got in between the two natural-born enemies just before they could tussle, as both ponies yelled out to them, “WAAAAAIIIIIT!!!”

Both Wattson and the cat monster were stopped completely in their tracks at the very last second: Wattson stopped because he was listening to his new friend Fluttershy, and the cat stopped because it took a good look at Archer, sensing something from him that seemed very familiar to it.

Archer smiled at the cat as he slowly approached it saying, “Easy there, girl… I’m not going to hurt you… I, uh… I don’t suppose… your name would be Cheshire, would it…? < : ) ”
The cat nodded slowly, watching herself.
Archer slowly grinned widely as he chuckled out of delight, “Hahahaha… HAHAHAHAAA!!! FINALLY!!! After all of these years, I’ve found you again! :D

Twilight, Spike, Noble Wind, Flash, Cloudchaser, Flitter, Coco, and the rest of the Mane Six all looked at Archer with very confused looks on their faces that clearly said, “Just what in the hoofin’ hay is going on here?? O.o”

Even the cat monster looked at Archer completely lost, as it titled its head to the side and mewed somewhat adorably.
Archer smiled as he let down his shroud’s hood, revealing that he was a young, forest-green colored stallion that was about Flash’s age and had a wildly thick, dark brown mane and light brown eyes.

Everypony in Twilight’s group of friends who saw Archer’s real face now was quite surprised by this.
“So, THAT’s what he looks like under his hood,” Flash said.
“Interesting,” Noble Wind said simply.
“Yeah,” said Spike, as he slowly noticed the look on Rarity’s face, “I’ll sa- O.O You have got to be kidding me. XP”
Rarity, Cloudchaser, Flitter, and Coco were immediately smitten, somewhat hilariously, from just looking at Archer’s real face. You could tell that all of the heart-filled eyes of these four girls’ clearly said, “~OH, that dude is crazy handsome. O//3//O”

Archer then slowly yet gently placed his hoof upon the right side of the cat monster’s face, “Cheshire, it’s me… It’s Arrow Swift. Don’t you remember me? < : )”
The cat creature’s eyes slowly widened from realization, as if she was recognizing a dear old friend of hers.

“Wait, that cat creature has a name? :?” Rainbow Dash asked.
“Apparently so,” said Applejack, “And it’s name is ‘Cheshire’.”
“Archer’s real name is Arrow Swift? :?” Flash asked, “Huh. Well, Arrow Swift does sound like a pretty cool name to me. :)  Wait a minute. O.O  I lost the Artemis Cup to a dude who was using an alias name the whole time?! That jerk!! > : ( ”

The cat creature now identified as Cheshire slowly smiled at Archer, or Arrow Swift as he was apparently called for real, then Cheshire pounced on top of the archer stallion to pin him down to the ground as she playfully licked his face as if she were a young kitten cuddling up to its owner. Arrow Swift laughed as he said, “Okay, okay! Easy, girl, easy! Hahahaha. XD ”

“Awww < : )” Pinkie Pie said, “That cat monster’s just a big ol’ kitty. ^^”
Cheshire then nuzzled her face up against Arrow Swift’s as she purred while the archer gently petted the top of her furry head.
“~Oh…” Fluttershy cooed, “Those two are so cute together. ^^ ”
“Yeah, but just what kind of cat is that Cheshire thing anyway? :?” Rainbow Dash asked.
“Archer – uh, I mean, Arrow Swift, it’s high time you started talking to us,” Twilight said to him seriously, as she walked over to him.
“Yeah, Archie,” Noble Wind added, “You got some ‘splainin’ to do, bro.”

“Right, of course…” Arrow Swift said, as he got up on his hooves while still petting Cheshire, “First of all, my real full name is Arrow ‘Archer’ Swift.”
“OH, so you were just using your middle name in the Artemis Cup,” Flash stated, “Okay, see I thought you used an alias, and – alright, I get it now. That’s cool, it’s all god then. Sorry I called you a jerk before.”
“It’s cool,” said Arrow Swift, “Anyway, to answer your question about what Cheshire here is… she is a feline-like creature known as a Matagot.”

“A Mata-what?? :?” Rainbow Dash asked.
Rarity added, “I’ve heard of and know of a Matador, but not a Matagot.”
“Well, a Matagot,” Arrow Swift explained, “is a magical, cat-like creature that has the amazing power to grant its owner endless wealth.”

“Hold it!” Rarity said, as she then zipped up to Arrow Swift and said to him, “Wealth?? As in riches? As in gold, silver, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and pearls?! O3O”*

*First one to get this reference gets a cookie. :D

“Yep,” Arrow Swift answered Rarity, “Just about any kind of treasure or form of money you can think of.”
Rarity started to mutter and ramble deliriously from such overwhelming info, as she then started to wobble around hilariously and said, “I… I need to lie down~  @ 3 @”
Rarity quickly used her unicorn magic to bring out her favorite couch from home and laid down upon it.

“O-kay… ^^;” Arrow Swift said, taking a couple of steps back before continuing, “As I was saying… the way it works is that if the Matagot’s owner continues to feed it properly well, and keep its appetite happily at bay, then the Matagot rewards its owner by summoning up a huge fortune that’s supposedly and ‘financially’ equal to the amount of happiness the Matagot is feeling at the time. And the wealth the Matagot summons up aren’t forgeries, counterfeits, or fakes at all – it’s all the real deal.”

Cloudchaser whistled out of impression, “Wow… If that’s true, I sure would love to have a Matagot as a pet. :)
“Same here :)” said Flitter, “Especially if it’s a real sweetheart like Cheshire seems to be. ^^ ”
“Just think of what y’all could do with all that there money…” Applejack said, really thinking about the possibilities, “Y’all could really turn the bad state of yer family’s ranch around like crazy, and then some. ^^”
“You could have more than enough moolah to start your own nationwide fashion line and business! ^3^” Rarity squealed.

“Uh, yeah… about that… ^^;” Arrow Swift said, really cutting Applejack and Rarity’s daydreams short.
“Oh, no…” Applejack said, gently facehoofing herself, “Let me guess: there’s a catch.”
“I’m afraid so,” said Arrow Swift, “While it is true feeding a Matagot will give you access to virtually endless wealth, the Matagot’s appetite grows bigger and more carnivorously with each time it’s fully and properly fed. In fact, its appetite will eventually grow so big that it will be very financially draining – you would soon be paying more for what you have to feed the Matagot than whatever money you would be getting out of it in the end.”

Noble Wind said, “Sounds like a one-way ticket to being in financial debt for life.”
“It’s worse than just that,” said Arrow Swift, as he then started to tell his explanation in a bit of a more darker, scarier tone, “If the Matagot’s ridiculously big appetite can’t be satisfied, then in end… well… the Matagot will turn on its owner… and eat them alive… > : )”

This really caused everypony to gasp out in horror.
“I know, right?” said Arrow Swift, “That’s why it’s always best for Matagots to be left alone in the wild, where they belong – without any real, actual owners whatsoever. Once you’ve officially signed a magic contract with the Matagot to be its owner until the day you die, well… you might as well be signing yourself up for life insurance, too.”

Rarity gulped and said, “Well, when you put it that way… maybe it is best to just work for your own fortune yourself. ^^;
“No, really do you think?” Flash asked her sarcastically.

As Coco sketched out the Matagot’s look and figure in her sketchbook, she said, “Well, in any case, that Matagot right there sounds and looks like a truly amazing creature. :) And it’s very nice to meet you, Cheshire. ^^”
Cheshire mewed neighborly at Coco with a smile.
“So, Arrow Swift,” said Twilight, “I’m guessing that even though you and Cheshire here are clearly old friends, you have not signed a magic contract with her, nor is she actually your pet Matagot at all?”
“Correct, your Highness,” Arrow Swift replied to Twilight, “Still, Cheshire and I really don’t need a contract in order to be friends, you know? That would just be ridiculous.”

Fluttershy walked up to Cheshire carefully and gently petted her striped back, causing her to purr.
“Good Matagot :)” said Fluttershy, “Arrow Swift, Cheshire here is really beautiful.”
“Well, thank you,” Arrow Swift said to her.
Fluttershy was so good at petting Cheshire that the big purple kitty started to nuzzle up to Fluttershy and lick her face sweetly.
Fluttershy giggled, “Aww, you really are just a sweet wittle kitten, aren’t you? Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl? ^3^”

Arrow Swift chuckled as he said, “You really are adorable. :)
Arrow Swift quickly realized what he just said as he then frantically said, “O///O Uh, you and Cheshire, that is! You and Cheshire are both really adorable. Really, both of you, really adorable for realsies, leadies. Heh. <:///)”

Fluttershy smiled, as she sweetly blushed pink.
Twilight then said, “Arrow Swift, forgive me, but you still haven’t told us who you believe sent Wattson the Thunderbird to attack Ponyville, nor have you yet told us how exactly you and Cheshire here know each other.”
“And while you’re at it,” Flash added, “You can tell us why exactly you did not want us – nor perhaps anypony else for that matter – to find out that your real name is really Arrow Swift.”

Arrow Swift sighed a bit reluctantly before saying to Twilight, “Well… alright, I’ll explain everything to you as best as I can, Princess Twilight. But if I may, do you think we could please talk somewhere privately? Where there aren’t so many ponies around to hear and watch us?”
Twilight nodded, “Of course. We’ll head over to my castle back in Ponyville, :)
Arrow Swift sighed out of gratitude as he said, “Thank you, your Highness.”

And with that, Arrow Swift walked with Twilight and all of her friends back to Ponyville, with Wattson and Cheshire following right behind them. Arrow Swift knew he would have to tell Princess Twilight just about everything he knew on what had just happened and why, but it certainly wasn’t going to be easy for him – practically not in the slightest.
I just found an original song written and composed by one really cool Sonic fan.
It's called "Reach the Goal" and it's amazing!
Here's the Youtube link to the song and the composer's Youtube channel: 

You people have GOT to check this out because this song is incredible, I swear! :D
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MLP: FiM OC  -  Aisenma by saber360
MLP: FiM OC - Aisenma
This is my MLP OC, Aisenma the Lutine Witch, who is from my FiM fanfic, "The Memory Thief".
Lovely, isn't she? :)
But she is a dark witch in my story, so don't let her looks deceive you.
What she has wrapped around her neck is a dark artifact called the Black Pearl, which allows her steal the memories of all living beings.
She also has artificially developed powers of invisibility.
She's become very dark, manipulative, and quite cunning, so watch out.
Also, for those of you who don't know, her name "Aisenma" is the word "amnesia" spelled backwards.

She would be voiced by Janyse Jaud (a.k.a. Kagura & Kanna from “Inuyasha”, and Maxine from “Reboot”).

To find out more about her, check out my FiM fanfic, "The Memory Thief".

I created her using this base as a guide:…

MLP: FiM mainly and rightfully belongs to its creators and owners, particularly Lauren Faust and Hasbro.
This article I just found should explain it all to you:…

Be sure to spread the word about this around to help prevent this from ever happening to anyone.
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I just found an original song written and composed by one really cool Sonic fan.
It's called "Reach the Goal" and it's amazing!
Here's the Youtube link to the song and the composer's Youtube channel: 

You people have GOT to check this out because this song is incredible, I swear! :D
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I'm as sharp as a sword.
United States
My name is Victor, a young writer and rookie animator. I have many ideas that I hope to write down, draw up, and animate, and maybe even get a job in comic or animation media like Archie Comics, Viz Media, SEGA, etc.
Wish me the best of luck with fulfilling my dream.
Oh, and for those of you who have YouTube accounts, my YouTube username is wolfguy23.

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Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Personal Quotes:
-A mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially if one has lost it.

-Those who intentionally try to manipulate and harm others end up burying themselves in both their own dug-up graves and their own burning pits in Hell; it's called bad karma delivering its punishing judgement upon you. I don't say this as some religious person - I'm a bit far from that, to be honest - I say this as a man who knows what the real reality of life is, unlike those mentally corrupt bastards out there.

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