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Title says it all, but I'm looking for REALLY good artists and will accept payment through dART points, please.

Please Note me about this and I'll most definitely get back to you ASAP.
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  • Reading: What's in front of me, on my computer screen now.
  • Watching: Saw the MLP: FiM Season 5 Finale; it was good.
  • Playing: Pokemon: Soul Silver and Transformers: Devastation
One is a very interesting looking project that has a lot of potential to become a hit original manga series, so please check this link out and see what you can do for the project's good, hardworking people:…

The next project is an actual Dragon's Lair film, but they only have half of their funding goal and ONLY 3 DAYS left to reach it completely, so please do what you can here:…

If you can't help fund these projects, at least spread the word around about both projects as much as possible.
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: The living room T.V.
  • Reading: What's in front of me, on my computer screen now.
  • Playing: Pokemon: Soul Silver and Transformers: Devastation
My friend, :iconvampressofthenight:, and her family lost their home in a huge flood. WE CAN HELP THEM SURVIVE THIS:…

Then there's another one of my friends, :iconladygt:, is helping out with making this potential manga series called "Heart of Wildfire" become a real thing. It's the main creator's childhood dream 15 years in the making, BUT they're trying to raise funds through Kickstarter. I for one think it looks like it could be really great IF given the chance, so check out this Journal Entry for more details, which contains the Kickstarter link to "Heart of Wildfire" itself, AND SPREAD THE WORD AROUND ABOUT THIS, PEOPLE:
Heart of Wildfire KickstarterHi guys!
Just wanted to share a project of my dear friend :iconfallenangelgm:
Make sure to check it out!!!

15 years ago, a dream was born.
Since day one, no matter ups and downs, the good and bad days I faced,
that hope of seeing this dream come to reality’s light never faded away.
That childhood dreams didn’t want to die; it kept living, like a heart of wildfire.
And starting today, with your help,
We, the RedRonins:
the writer
the character designer/ocassional writer
the page artist
the colorist
We can make this “Heart of Wildfire” shine to see the day.
I present to you, the…

Next, there's this poor teenager here needs some serious help in affording to get to Massachusetts before it's too late for her and her family to do anything about their troubles, so please look at the following link AND SPREAD THE WORD AROUND:
Desprete Help Needed! *PLEASE READ*Hello, My name is Erin Arlet I am one of two special needs teen struggling to help my family.
I am raising money to help my sister and mother get out of a situation that should have ended long ago, When my mother divorced my father in 2002 my mother fell upon hard times as she lost her job and our home.
She raised two special needs kids on her own barely scraping by with bills, food, Medication and therapy.
Unfortunately the church housing found someone who would pay more rent and we where evicted, My father stepped in saying we could stay a month or two until we got back on our feet... It has been 8 years since that day
we are struggling to find help for therapy, School, Jobs.
In florida that simply is not possible anymore and things are only getting worse as my grandmother is in hospice and my uncle has to pay for the ticket for my mother to go up to Massachusetts to spend what little time she can with her. But as we reaserched more about the state so many wonderful things came up, H

Finally, my friend :iconskittysango: has a very bad counter they need to replace BUT just don't have the money for it, so PLEASE DONATE AND/OR SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS:
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: The living room TV and my Dad talking to my Mom.
  • Reading: What's in front of me, on my computer screen now.
  • Watching: Old Pokemon episodes.
  • Playing: Pokemon: Soul Silver
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Cheshire - EG version by saber360
Cheshire - EG version
This is the Equestria Girls version of my MLP: FiM creature/pet OC, Cheshire.

In Equestria, Cheshire was a feline creature called a Matagot.
But in the EG world, she's a lynx kitten.

She's possibly about the same size as Spike the Dog, only about couple of inches taller.

Anyway, she's cute, BUT you do NOT want to do to anything to make her mad, or she'll go Angry Wildcat on you.

Oh, and she's the pet to my OC, Arrow Swift.
To learn more about Cheshire here, please feel free to read mine and :iconsonic-fan17:'s EG story, "The Spring Fling" which can be found in my gallery.

Cheshire here is an original character created by me, but is based off of MLP and EG, both of which are mainly and rightfully created and owned by all of their original creators and owners, particularly :iconhasbroplz:.

Just PLEASE give this video a chance: it is truly amazing, and it was made by one of my best friends, believe it or not.

So, if you wish, please check this video out and let it teach you  what it taught me…
That when we KNOW we need REAL guidance and ultimately forgiveness, we can ALWAYS turn to both God and those around us that DO care about us for help.

OH, and don't be shy to spread the word about this video, if you wish.

  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Reading: What's in front of me on my computer screen now.
  • Playing: We Bare Bears and Pokemon games.


I'm as sharp as a sword.
United States
My name is Victor, a young writer and rookie animator. I have many ideas that I hope will become part of reality someday in some ways.
Wish me the best of luck with fulfilling my hopes and dreams.
Oh, and for those of you who have YouTube accounts, my YouTube username is wolfguy23.

MP3 player of choice: iPod/iPhone

Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Personal Quotes:
-A mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially if one has lost it.

-Those who intentionally try to manipulate and harm others end up burying themselves in both their own dug-up graves and their own burning pits in Hell; it's called bad karma delivering its punishing judgement upon you. I don't say this as some religious person - I'm a bit far from that, to be honest - I say this as a man who knows what the real reality of life is, unlike those mentally corrupt bastards out there.


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