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* The following story is an original, written story that is based off of the hit franchises of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” and “My Little Pony: Equestria Girls”. It takes place quite some time after the events of the MLP: EG film, “Rainbow Rocks” and right before the beginning of Season 5, though there will be some references and call outs to things related to Season 5 and such, seeing as how this story was uploaded while MLP: FiM Season 5 is/was still airing. But do not worry, for there is most definitely NO chronological, canon-based confliction nor confusion.

* This story was written up at the time with the intention of it being at least somewhat canon to the overall main MLP franchise and series. This story was written by both of us: saber360 and Sonic-fan17 of, and we’ve been working on it since around January 20, 2015. So, most of the characters in this story rightfully and mainly belong to their owners and creators, particularly HASBRO. No copyright infringement nor anything of the sort is nor was intended at all by either of us from It is only a story we wrote together for fun, thus making it for only entertainment purposes. Any unrecognizable characters in this story are most likely original characters – or “OCs” for short – created and owned by both us: saber360 and Sonic-fan17.

* You might need/want to read my other MLP fan fictions to fully grasp this story, BUT that of course is really just optional for you readers. In any case, should you choose to read this story of ours, we hope you will enjoy it because we two writers both really put a lot of thought and effort into writing up this story together, for all of you MLP and EG fans. It took us more than six months to write this story up together, but I think that it was all worth it AND fun to do. So please, everyone, do enjoy this story should you choose to read it.

* Thank you for your time.

- saber360 and Sonic-fan17 of

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
The Spring Fling

Chapter 1: Just Another Fun Day at C.H.S.

Crafty Arts – voiced by Britt McKillip (a.k.a. Princess Cadance from “MLP: FiM” )

It was a very nice, very sunny, and very breezy day at a certain, huge, educational place known as Canterlot High School. Winter had run its course, but now the season of spring was well on its way. And to the students of this high school, spring-time definitely meant one thing…

Spring Break!!!
…which would properly be started by a simple celebration that Canterlot High School’s huge herd of “Wondercolt” students held together every year called, “The Spring Fling. Actually, when you think about it, all of that technically counts as TWO things: Spring Break AND the Spring Fling.

Regardless, it was definitely a time to be excited, especially since it was currently the week AFTER the high school students’ midterms for the second half of the school year. For the most part, all of the school’s students had done surprisingly well with those exams, including a certain group of six young, lovely ladies that we and everyone else know and love. ;)

Now – again, for the most part – all the students needed to do was enjoy the rest of their current, simple, no-exams-filled week up until this upcoming Friday afternoon, which was when the big, awesome Spring Fling was being held. That very celebration was just a few days away, so you NOW all of Canterlot High School was really looking forward to it.

As for the certain group of human girls we’ve all grown to know and respect – as mentioned like 30 seconds ago ;P – they all had big plans to celebrate it together. But for the time being, they had to take care of ALL of this week’s planned classes and lessons first.

Today, it was just an ordinary Monday as Sunset Shimmer was walking down one of the school’s hallways with her good friend, Applejack. While they walked together, a lot of the students they passed by were waving and saying “hi” to both of them, especially to Sunset.

"Wow, Applejack, it looks like everyone really is finally starting to accept me," said Sunset Shimmer.

“It sure looks that way, sugarcube,” Applejack replied, as she wrapped her arm around her friend and said to her sincerely and neighborly, “An’ why wouldn’t they? Y’all have gone and earned it after everythin’ ya gone and done for this school and its students for the past few months now. :)

“Thanks, A.J.,” Sunset replied, blushing a tiny bit out of humble and modest embarrassment, “And I guess you ARE right. I still can’t believe it, though. I mean, it practically still seems like it was only yesterday that I ran away from Equestria and tried to take over this school like some kind of horrible monster.”

“Oh, for Pete’s sake, girl,” Applejack said to her, “You really need to go and let that one go. As it is, that was such a long time ago, and y’all have made so much great and REAL progress, especially ever since you helped us out in defeatin’ those no-good Siren varmits, the Dazzlings. Nowadays, yer practically a real hero to everyone here at Canterlot High! :D

"That's true…” said Sunset, as she then looked at the ground and couldn’t help but still feel a little upset, “But still… sometimes, I can't stop thinking and getting upset about what I did… I basically once turned everyone into mind-controlled zombies AFTER I only dated Flash Sentry to be more popular..."

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie jumped out of one of the lockers and scared half of the living daylights out of both Sunset and Applejack as the pink-haired girl of laughter said, “There you are, girls! I've been looking all over the school for you!"

Sunset was confused and asked, " Uh, Pinkie... how did you get into that locker??"
Pinkie Pie smiled and said, "Oh, that's easy: I just unlocked it and squeezed inside of it. * squee * :D "

As Pinkie Pie “squeed”, Applejack then said to her, “O-kay… ^^; Well, anyway, what is it that y’all wanna tell us, Pinkie?”

Pinkie Pie thought for a minute and said, "OH, right! Principal Celestia said that there's a new student coming here to school and she wants you two to show her around, but it's weird..."
Sunset and Applejack looked at each other, then Sunset looked at Pinkie Pie and asked "What's weird, Pinkie? :? "

Pinkie Pie looked at both girls and said, "Principal Celestia said that the new girl is named Twilight Sparkle…"****

**** Okay, readers, forgive me here, BUT I think I know precisely what you’re all thinking here right now, “Oh, no, they got it all mixed up with the human Twilight!”
Am I wrong?
Well, just read on and you’ll see what’s REALLY happening here…

Applejack and Sunset were both shocked and said to Pinkie Pie at the same time, “Twilight's coming back?! O.O ”

Pinkie Pie then said, "OH, wait, I got the name mixed up. Oopsie.”
She then started laughing as both Sunset and Applejack fell down to the floor in a hilarious, anime-styled fashion.
Then both girls got up to their feet as they said to Pinkie Pie with equally hilarious, anime-styled faces of anger, “Don’t joke around with us like that, Pinkie!”

“Sorry, sorry ^^; ” Pinkie Pie replied, “It’s just… it’s been sooooo very long since we last saw Twilight, and… I really miss her…”
Pinkie then looked at both Sunset and Applejack with an adorably sad puppy-dog look on her face, even whimpered a little bit like one.

“Oh, it’s okay, Pinkie < : ) ” Sunset said to her, as she helped Pinkie out of the locker, “We all really miss her, too. But I’m sure we’ll see her again someday when she can afford some time off to visit us. Being a Princess of Equestria isn’t exactly a carefree lifestyle, you know. I pretty much had to learn THAT one the hard way…”

“Yeah, we know,” said Pinkie Pie, “We were all there, remember? :D  But still, you’re much, much, much, much, much, much, much, MUCH better and nicer now than you were back then, so don’t stress out about it. ;)

“Exactly the point I was makin’ to her! THANK YOU,” Applejack replied gratefully, “So, fer real, Pinkie Pie… who’s the new student y’all were talkin’ about?”

Pinkie Pie took another minute to think then smiled and said, “OH, now I remember! Her name is Crafty Arts!”
Sunset was confused again as she asked, "How exactly does ‘Crafty Arts’ sound like ‘Twilight Sparkle’ enough for you to mix both names up?? :? "

Pinkie Pie replied, "I dunno, but they sound pretty close to me! Now let's go give her a big welcome! :D
Pinkie then started bouncing towards Vice Principal Luna’s office.

Sunset looked at Applejack and asked, "Forgive me here, but how do you and the others understand her again??"
Applejack replied honestly as she shrugged her shoulders, "Eh, we don't always do, but we DO always love having as her as a best friend. :)  Especially after Pinkie's, uh… creative lifestyle really grows on you after a short while."

"Fair enough," said Sunset Shimmer, as the two of them quickly caught up with Pinkie Pie and followed her to the Vice Principal's office.

Once they got to Vice Principal Luna’s office, Sunset Shimmer saw that both Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna were there.
Sunset Shimmer then asked both of them, "Excuse me, ma'ams, but you wanted to see us? < : ) "
"Yes, girls, we thought you'd be good guides for our newest student," explained Vice Principal Luna.
"Wow, thanks. :) So, where's this new student?" asked Sunset Shimmer.

Suddenly, there was a knock at Luna’s office door.
“Enter,” said Principal Celestia, as then a young girl with dark blue skin, purple and orange striped hair, purple eyes, a red T-shirt with a light green paintbrush on it, blue jean pants, and black-and-white sneakers came into the room. The girl looked like she could be close to Applebloom's age, only slightly older and taller, so she was most definitely a Freshman student.

“This is our newest student: Crafty Arts,” said Principal Celestia.
“Oh, well, hello there :)” Sunset said to the Freshman girl with a sincere, neighborly smile.
The new girl replied very shyly, "Hi, I'm Crafty Arts... I just moved here..."
“Yay! We get a new girl to hang out with! :D " yelled Pinkie Pie excitedly.
“Sure looks that way,” Applejack said with a smile, “Mighty fine ta meet ya, Crafty Arts. Ah’m Applejack, and this here is Sunset Shimmer and Pinkie Pie.”
“Nice to meet you :)” Sunset and Pinkie said together to Crafty Arts.

"Thanks, and it's nice to meet you too..." said Crafty Arts, still feeling shy.
Sunset Shimmer put a hand on Crafty's shoulder and said, "It's okay to be shy. Maybe if we show you around the school, you'll feel better?"

Crafty thought for a second then nodded, "O-Okay, that sounds nice."
Pinkie Pie was still excited as she said while raising her hand up high, "Ooh! Ooh! I wanna lead the way! ^3^ ”
Pinkie Pie then grabbed all 3 girls by their arms and ran so fast that she left a trail of dust in the Vice Principal’s Office.

As both Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna coughed and waved their hands to clear out all of the dust, Celestia said, “ * cough, cough, ahem * Well… happy to know those girls are up for giving the new student a tour of the school.”

“Indeed…” Luna replied, “Although, it looks like we missed our chance to first tell them that there’s no running in the halls.”

At this point, Pinkie Pie was running so fast through the halls that she could probably and quite literally give Rainbow Dash a run for her money.
As Pinkie Pie was running, Crafty Arts was screaming out of fear, though her screaming WAS somewhat hilarious, which could give Rarity’s a run for her money.

Sunset Shimmer tapped Pinkie Pie's arm and yelled, "Pinkie Pie, stop! We don't need to go this fast!"

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie stopped in her tracks then Sunset, Applejack, and Crafty all fell onto the floor.
Crafty looked at Pinkie Pie shocked and asked, “How did you do that?!”

Applejack replied to that question, "I reckon by eatin’ ‘bout a big bag’s worth of sugar everyday, that’s how.”
“Well, I don’t eat BAGS of sugar,” said Pinkie Pie, “Just cookies, cake, ice cream, candy, whipped cream, frosting, pies, candy apples, popcorn, sweet ice tea, orange soda, grape soda, lime soda, lemon-lime soda, lemonade, aaaannnndd sarsaparilla. They say it gives you extra sass~ :D

Sunset Shimmer chuckled sheepishly as she said to Crafty Arts, “Well, Crafty… welcome to Canterlot High School. ^^;

Crafty just stared at Pinkie Pie, still shocked and then she replied to Sunset, “Oh, right, uh… thanks. ^^;
Sunset Shimmer helped Applejack and Crafty Arts get up and then she said, “No offense, Pinkie, but maybe we should take this nice and slow from now on.”
Pinkie Pie replied cheerfully, “Okie-Dokie-Lokie.”

Sunset turned to Crafty Arts and said to her with a smile, "So, sweetie, what place in our school would you like to check out first?"
Applejack added, "We've got the cafeteria, the library, the gymnasium, and the music room all within short-walkin' distance from here, if ya'd like ta start out with any of those first."

Crafty Arts smiled and said, "Sure, they all sound good."
Sunset thought for a minute and said, “Let's start with the music room. Our friend Rainbow Dash usually practices her guitar around this time.”
Crafty Arts replied,  "Okay, that sounds like fun. :)"

"Sounds good ta me, too," said Applejack, "In fact, Crafty, if y'all want, ah'm sure Rainbow Dash would love ta have our band play a bit of a 'Welcome to Canterlot High School' song for ya. :)

Crafty smiled, "Wow, really?"
Sunset Shimmer replied, “Sure, it'd be a great way for you to meet our other friends, and Rainbow Dash never passes up a chance to play.”
Crafty got excited and said, "Okay, let's go! :D "

“B-T-Dubs,” said Pinkie Pie, “You probably have or haven't heard of us here in Canterlot Town, but we're kinda famous around these parts. We're a simple yet awesome rock band known as…”
Pinkie Pie brought out her drum sticks as she twirled them around in her fingers, then flags of the girls' band's logo on them popped out of those drum sticks, along with confetti and streamers somehow, “…Theeeee Rainbooms! WHOO!! :D

Crafty Arts was shocked and said, “Wait... YOU'RE actually THEM Rainbooms?! O3O ”
Sunset and Applejack were surprised by Crafty’s reaction, then Sunset asked, "So… you HAVE heard of us?”
Crafty Arts smiled and said, “Yeah! I’ve heard rumors about how you beat those mean, evil girls called the Dazzlings! For some reason, the facts behind what exactly happened back then are REALLY sketchy and mysteriously ominous, but the supposed general truth is that the Dazzlings caused Canterlot High School a lot of trouble until you Rainbooms kicked their butts!”

“OH, well, I, uh…” Sunset replied, feeling a little sheepish and embarrassed again, "Ha ha, I guess our reputation precedes us, huh? <:///) ”
“I don't suppose y'all be wantin' an autograph or somethin' later? ;)” Applejack asked Crafty Arts.
Crafty Arts nodded and said with adorably red cheeks, “Yes, if that's okay.”

Sunset Shimmer said, “I don't see why not, but we need to find the others first.”

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie jumped up and down yelling, “Ooh! Ooh! I'll go find them! Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?”
Pinkie Pie had a cat-like smile on her face as she gave the other girls an adorably big, begging look in her eyes.

“Of course you can, Pinkie,” Sunset replied, which caused Pinkie Pie to hug Sunset tightly as the pink-haired sweetheart squealed a little bit.
Pinkie Pie then dashed down the halls again to go and try to find Fluttershy, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash.

Sunset then looked at Crafty Arts as she said to her, “I think I know what you’re thinking right now, but don’t worry: Pinkie Pie will grow on you after a while. ;P

Crafty smiled as she said, “Thanks, Sunset.”
Sunset smiled back and said, “No problem.”

Sunset then looked at Applejack and asked, “What should we do while we wait for Pinkie?”
Applejack put her hands on her knees as she leaned forward a little bit at Crafty Arts and said to her, “Well, how 'bout if Crafty here tells us a little bit 'bout ‘erself. That okay with y'all, sugarcube? :)

Crafy Arts replied, “Okay, Applejack. Well... I like to draw and color, and my parents and I moved here a week ago... and I'm an only child.”
Sunset Shimmer said with a smile, “That's some pretty interesting info.”
“Like to draw and color, huh?” Applejack asked Crafty, "Hmm, ya know, oddly ‘nuff, mah little sister Applebloom likes to do that too whenever she gets the chance, so I think you two would prob’ly become great friends. :)

Crafty Arts asked, “Really? :)
Applejack replied, “Of course! In addition to that, both y’all and Applebloom are clearly nice, friendly, mighty neighborly, must have got some pretty creative drives, and frankly, you and mah little sis are both cute as a couple of buttons on a toddler’s toy doll. ^^ ”

“Well said, A.J., and I think I can agree with you on that, Crafty here is pretty cute,” Sunset replied sincerely.
Crafty was now starting to get embarrassed as she blushed from such flattery.
Sunset said to her, “Don't worry, Crafty, we mean that in the nicest way. :)
Crafty smiled and said, “I know you do... thanks. <:///) ”

"So, Crafty, if y'all don't mind me askin', where exactly did ya move from anyway? :?" Applejack asked her.
"We moved from a city called Manehattan,” explained Crafty Arts,  “My Mom said that she and my Dad thought it'd be a better experience for our family if we’d live in a smaller town.”
Sunset Shimmer smiled again and said, “Cool, I can respect that.”

"Ya know," said Applejack, “I mah’self have got some relatives that live up in Manehattan. Haven't really seen ‘em since I was a younger than yer age, Crafty Arts, but I sure do miss ‘em all quite a bit. < : ) ”

Crafty Arts thought for a minute and asked, “Hold on… Were those relatives of yours by any chance named Mr. and Mrs. Orange?"
“Why yes,” Applejack replied, “But how did YOU know? Were y’all neighbors or somethin’ like that?”

"Yes, we were, we lived in the same apartment building and they were close friends with my parents," Crafty Arts replied, “They sometimes mentioned about their niece named ‘Applejack’ but I didn’t figure it would be YOU they were talking about, until right now that is.”

Sunset Shimmer was surprised as she said, "Wow, that's incredible! I mean, what are the odds? :)
“I know, right?” said Applejack, “And I reckon you, me, and Applebloom are practically like cousins then, Crafty. ^^ ”

Crafty asked excitedly, “Wow, you really think so? O3O ”
Sunset Shimmer thought to herself, “Boy, this girl gets easily excited, huh? ^^;

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie popped out of a locker again with Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity, “I’m baaaack! :D

This of course made Sunset, A.J., and Crafty jump up screaming a bit.
Sunset then said, "Speaking of girls that are easily excited… Wait, Pinkie, how did you get the others to fit in that locker with you? :? "
"Don't ask… >_<; ” Rainbow Dash said a bit plainly.

Once all of the Rainboom girls met Crafty Arts and got to know her a little bit, they headed to the music room together.
“So, which song should we play?” asked Sunset as they walked down the hallway.
“I'd like to play ‘Shake your Tail’,” said Fluttershy, “Uh, if that’s okay… < : ) ”

Crafty replied, “Sure thing. By the way, is there by any chance a couple of guys around my age named ‘Snips and Snails’ at this school?"
“Yeah, they are, but why’d ya ask? And how do YOU know about ‘em? :? ” Applejack replied.

"Let me take a wild guess," Rainbow Dash added, "A video of their infamous little 'Rap Song' from the equally infamous Battle of the Bands is up on MyStable, am I wrong? ;P

"Well, yes, but they also used to go to my old school... and were my best friends," explained Crafty Arts.
Everyone was shocked to hear this, then Sunset Shimmer asked, “You were actually friends with THOSE TWO?! O.O ”

“That must have been ages ago, Crafty-darling!” Rarity added.
“Well, regardless, I'm sure they'd be mighty happy to see ya again after all this time, Crafty :) ” Applejack said.
“Though, fair warning,” said Rainbow Dash, “Snips and Snails… yeah, they aren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed… ^^;
"Rainbow!  > : ( " Sunset, Applejack, and Rarity said to her in unison.

Crafty was confused as she asked, “What does she mean by that? :?
Sunset quickly got in front of Rainbow and said, "It's nothing, Crafty, it’s nothing, Rainbow Dash was just joking around, heh heh heh... ^^;  Right, girls?"

They all nodded and were sheepishly agreeing with Sunset, knowing that they should keep the fact that Crafty’s old friends were nowadays just basically not-so-independent-nor-intelligent dork-wads VERY strictly on the down-low – at least for now.

“Well, uh…” Fluttershy said, “Anyway, w-we should p-probably get to singing that song for Crafty now, right? < : ) ”
“Absolutely!” said Rainbow Dash, as they all finally reached and entered the music room together.
“Ready, Crafty?" Sunset Shimmer asked, as she grabbed her guitar.
“Sure, let's go! :D ” said Crafty.

Sunset put an arm around Crafty and then said, “Okay, girls, let's make some noise and shake our tails! ^^ ”
Pinkie Pie clicked her drumsticks together as she said, “1, 2, 3, 4!”

One VERY catchy, fun, and surprisingly transformation-less song later…

Shake your tail 'cause we're to have a party tonight.
Shake your tail! Shake your tail!
Shake your tail 'cause we're to have a party tonight.
Shake your tail! Shake your tail!

Shake your tail 'cause we're to have a party tonight…

Once the song was over, Sunset asked Crafty Arts, “So…? :)
“That was great! :D ” said Crafty Arts, VERY excited and happy now.
“Well, we’re very happy you’d love it, sweetie :)” Rarity said to Crafty.
“So, where would y’all like to go next on this tour of Canterlot High?” Applejack asked Crafty.

"Uh… I guess anywhere is fine," said Crafty.
Sunset Shimmer thought for a little bit and then she suggested, “Well, we could try out the art room next, since you like art, Crafty. Which kinda reminds me…”

Sunset walked over to the nearby piano, lifted up its big top cover to expose the inside key-strings of the piano, and started to look for something in there, “I’m sure it’s here somewhere… Ah, found it!”

Sunset Shimmer pulled out from the inside of the piano an old-fashioned, instant-picture camera: the kind of camera which one would have usually been used dang near constantly back in around the 1990s where you could take and print out pictures with and from said camera almost instantly.

“This’ll be perfect for giving Crafty Arts those autographs we promised her,” said Sunset Shimmer, “Right, Pinkie Pie? :)
“Yep,” Pinkie replied, as everyone else turned to Pinkie Pie with pretty confused looks on their faces.

“What? :? ” Pinkie asked, “OH, I get it: yeah, I’ve got instant-picture cameras stashed all over Canterlot High, in case of instant-picture emergencies. :D
“You never cease toe amaze us, Pinkie Pie < : ) ” Rarity said to her a bit sheepishly yet sincerely.
“Yeah, I get that a lot ^3^ ” Pinkie replied.

“Well then, what're we waiting for?” asked Rainbow Dash.
Sunset handed the camera to Crafty and said, “Just aim and push this button.” Crafty smiled and said, "Got it, Sunset."
Then all 6 Rainboom girls got into a group pose for Crafty to take a picture of.

Sunset then said, “Say 'Wondercolts!' :D
“Wondercolts! :D ” everyone else said with her.
Once Crafty took and printed out the picture with and from the camera, Sunset and the other girls let the instant picture’s image come into complete and perfect view, and after waiting for about 5 minutes or so for the dang picture to do just that VERY SLOWLY… ;P  the Rainbooms all signed their names on the picture, but made sure to use small handwriting so that at least most of the photo would be seen clearly.

“There you go, sweetie :)” Sunset said to Crafty Arts once they were finished.
Rarity then gasped and said cheerfully, “~Ideaaaa! ^3^ ”

Before Crafty knew it, all seven of these girls – including Crafty herself – were all taking grouped selfie photos together with the new Freshman girl.

Crafty laughed and said, “Wow, this is the best time ever!”
Sunset replied, “Glad you're enjoying it, Crafty. :) Now, should we get back to the tour, girls?”

“Sounds good ta me :)” said Applejack, as she then looked at the clock and said, "Though, we better make it lickety-split, y’all. Classes fer today start in 'bout 15 minutes.”
“Got it,” Sunset replied, "Okay, girls, let's go!”

And with that, everyone left the room and started walking around the school as Applejack acted as the tour guide from here on out. Applejack led them all, especially Crafty Arts, to the school's art room, opened its door, and said, “Here, Crafty, is our school's beloved art room where… O.O   Oh, nuts.  XP ”

When they had entered the art room, what they came across was a certain "Great and Powerful" pain in the neck standing in her trademark “Tricky Magician” outfit, posing for her newest “minions”, Snips & Snails, to paint pictures of her on blank canvases.

She said to the boys in a very mean and snooty tone, “Be sure NOT to miss a single detail of the Great and Powerful Trixie's brilliant magnificence!”

Sunset Shimmer crossed her arms and said reluctantly, “Here we go again… and at the worst possible time, too.”
Crafty Arts was confused and asked, “What's wrong?”

Rainbow pointed towards Trixie and said to Crafty, “That's Trixie Lulamoon: she always calls herself ‘great and powerful,’ but she's actually just a big pain and a big jerk.”

Rarity then said, “And I’m terribly sorry to tell you this, Crafty-darling, but… those two boys she's with right now, the ones that are painting her in their canvases… those are Snips and Snails.”

Crafty Arts was still confused, but was now also kind of shocked as she asked, “They are??”
Sunset smiled and said to Crafty reassuringly, “It'll be okay, Crafty, don't worry.”

“Yeah :)” Rainbow Dash added, “But just a head's up: Trixie TOTALLY is a big jerk, and Snips & Snails have kinda both grown into a couple of jerks, too.”
“Rainbow!” Sunset and the other Rainbooms said to her.
Rainbow Dash replied, “Well, it's true. ^^;

Trixie then noticed that the Rainbooms had already entered the art room and said rudely, “Oh… if it isn't the Rain-Goons.”
Both Snips and Snails turned around, looking at both the Rainbooms and Crafty Arts with looks on the boys' faces that clearly - and surprisingly - said, “Pleeease… heelllp uuusss… Helllp uuusss…”

Crafty smiled a little sheepishly and waved to Snips and Snails.
Sunset Shimmer crossed her arms again and said to Trixie, “Stop it, Trixie, you know that we're a better band and better friends than yours are!”

“Yeah, Trix,” said Rainbow Dash, “Or did you forget WHO it was that basically saved YOUR sorry hide from the Dazzlings when you and everyone else were under their dark magic and manipulation? ;P

That really caught Trixie off guard, as she became very flustered and said in denial, “I-I-I don't remember THAT ever happening. >///> ”
"So… who's the new girl? :? " Snips asked Rainbow Dash.
“Yeah, she looks kinda familiar…” said Snails, “Did we have Street Rap Lessons with her or somethin'??”

Rainbow Dash replied, “THIS, Snips and Snail, is the newest student of Canterlot High. Her name is Crafty Arts, and she said that she was once close friends with you guys.”
Crafty smiled sweetly at both of her old friends and said, “Hi guys, we lived in Manehattan together, remember?”

Both Snips and Snails looked at Crafty Arts, then slowly bopped their heads to the right with pondering looks on their faces this time.
“Crafty Arts…? :?” Snips asked.
“Manehattan…? :?” Snails added.

After about thirty seconds of awkward silence went by without anyone saying or doing anything, both Snips and Snails eyes widened at the same time as they came to the same realization, “OH, yeah! Crafty Arty! :D

Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but snicker a little bit as she asked Crafty, “I’m sorry, did they say just say ‘Crafty Arty’?? ;P
Crafty Arts smiled a little out of embarrassment, “Yeah... that was my nickname growing up. <:///) ”
Crafty Arts then looked at Snips and Snails and said to them, “It's really good to see you guys again.”

“Great to see you again, too! :D ” Snips and Snails said together, as they quickly hugged their old friend pretty tightly together.

“Awww < : ) “ Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity cooed together at such a sweet moment.

“OH, gag me with a spoon! XP ” Trixie said horribly, "You two losers get back over here right now so that you can finish the masterpiece of THE masterpiece that is the Great and PowerfOW, ow, ow, ow, OW!! >.< ”
Trixie had now found herself being pulled by her right ear by Sunset Shimmer herself.

Sunset then said to her fellow Rainbooms reluctantly as she dragged Trixie out of the art room, “Good Land, was I myself ALWAYS this terrible? XP ”

Rainbow Dash retorted teasingly, “Would you like us to get out your old Jerk Move List in chronological or alphabetical order? ;P
That joke, of course, made the other girls giggle as they left the art room together to give Crafty Arts a little privacy with both of her old friends.

Crafty Arts smiled at both boys and asked, “So, if you don’t mind me asking, why did you guys have to move back when we were younger?”
Snips answered, “Eh, we both had to transfer to a new school here in Canterlot Town.”
“Yeah,” said Snails, “Apparently, we had flunked our old school so badly that we couldn't even go to any other schools in Manehatten, which really doesn't make any sense to us at all 'cause we're like total geniuses, eh?”

“I know, right?” Snips replied, as both boys started laughing in a very dorky and snorting manner, which of course implied that they were both clearly quite the opposite of the term "geniuses".

“Well, it's good to see that you guys haven't changed < : ) ” said Crafty, “Anyway, why were you guys with that mean girl named Trixie?”

Snips and Snails looked at each other and then said to Crafty in unison, “Do you REALLY want us to answer that question? ^^;

Pretty soon, the first bell for students to get to their first period classes rang. Applejack had decided to stay outside of the art room and wait for Crafty Arts, while Sunset Shimmer and the other Rainbooms had taken Trixie to her locker, which was thankfully WAY on the other side of the high school.

“It was great seeing you guys again :) ” Crafty said to Snips and Snails, as she left the art room. She then saw Applejack waiting for her.

“Hi, Applejack, where are the others?” Crafty asked her.
“Most likely in class already,” A.J. replied, “Come on, let’s get y’all to class too before yer late yerself, Crafty. What’s yer first class?”

Crafty Arts got out her class schedule and said, “My first class is Science.”
“Alrighty then,” said Applejack, “Let's get going.”

As the morning went by, Sunset Shimmer and her friends made sure that Crafty Arts was enjoying her first day at Canterlot High, learning plenty from the school and its teachers, and meeting and making new friends in between classes.

Once the clock stroke noon, Crafty Arts, Sunset Shimmer, and the rest of the Rainbooms were all headed to sitting together at lunch.

“So, Crafty, are you having a good first day so far? :) ” Sunset Shimmer asked her as she took a sip of her ice tea.
Crafty Arts smiled and said, “Yeah, this day has been great!”
“Glad to hear that that, darling,” Rarity said to her.
“Yeah :) ” Rainbow Dash added, "Especially since you arrived at Canterlot High during the week of the Spring Fling to officially kick off Spring Break! :D

Crafty Arts was confused and asked, “What's the Spring Fling? :?
Sunset Shimmer smiled and replied, “It's a really big festival and dance party we have right before Spring Break.”
“It's like a big, super fun send-off party! :D ” said a very excited Pinkie Pie, as she tossed some streamers into the air.

“Plus, there are at least a couple of rockin’ concerts held by the students,” Rainbow Dash added.
“And this year,” Fluttershy stated, “the bands playing for the Spring Fling are us Rainbooms AND the Flash Drive.”

“Wow, it sounds like a lot of fun, and maybe I could help you guys,” said Crafty Arts.
“I'm sure there's something you can do to help out,” said Sunset Shimmer.
“Ooh, ooh!” Pinkie Pie said, waving up her hand ecstatically, “We DO need help with painting our Spring Fling banners AND figuring out where to hang them up on school grounds! :D
“I'd be happy to help with that,” said Crafty Arts.
“Great, then it's settled, and I'll help too, Pinkie Pie :) ” said Sunset Shimmer.

“Fantastic ^^ ” said Rarity, “Oh, and Sunset Shimmer, if you're free later today, I have a bit of a special surprise for you~”

“Really??” Sunset replied, “Well, thank you, Rarity. What is it?”
“Uh, HELLOOOO,” Pinkie Pie said to Sunset, “She can't tell you THAT, silly, or else it wouldn't be a surprise. :D
“Oh, right ^^; ” Sunset replied, a little bit embarrassed.

After the rest of the school day was done, the girls met up in the amphitheater found outside of the school grounds to help out with the Spring Fling decorations and preparations.

FYI, the outdoor amphitheater was the very same one that Canterlot High used for the very final battle in the Battle of the Bands some months ago.

And wouldn't you know it?
The first thing Sunset Shimmer, Crafty Arts, and their friends all saw when they got to the amphitheater was a certain blue-haired guitarist dude up on the stage, casually strumming on his electric guitar, which was plugged into a pretty big amplifier-speaker, making sure the acoustics were all good as he also spoke into the microphone, "Hello, hello… testing, testing, 1, 2, 3… alright, it's all good. :)

He then looked up to the stage lights and the stage’s upper-scaffolding where there were a couple of students handling the lights.
The familiar guitarist dude said to those students, “Acoustics sound pretty great, guys. Now let's try out the lights. Hit the yellow light.”

A green light flashed down on the guitarist, which made him a little unamused as he then said, “O-kay… NOW let's try the yellow light that's not green. >_<; ”

“Who's that guy?” asked Crafty Arts.
“That's Flash Sentry,” Sunset Shimmer explained to the new Freshman girl, “He's the leader of his band, the Flash Drive, and one of the most popular guys in school. Don’t let that give you the wrong idea, though, because he’s usually really nice and friendly to everyone, and yes, Crafty, he IS cute. ;)

Flash then noticed Sunset Shimmer and the other girls, and waved to them all, "OH, hey there, ladies. Glad you Rainbooms could all make it today. :)

“Like we were gonna miss out on helping make the Spring Fling this year more than 20% cooler than it was last year ;) ” said Rainbow Dash.

“Indeed,” Rarity added, “I'm certain THIS Spring Fling will be much better than the ones we used to have. Correct, Sunset Shimmer? ;P

Sunset caught on to what Rarity meant by that, while also knowing that the purple-haired beauty was just teasing her as Sunset chuckled nervously out of embarrassment, “Uh, yeah, heh heh heh… definitely. ^///^;   Also, Rarity, just for the record – and for the 100th time – I REALLY AM SORRY for what I did to you at that Spring Fling back then, but that was the old me, so PLEASE let it go… and also let me live it down.  XP ”

“I HAVE done both of those things, Sunset,” Rarity replied, “For the most part.”
“Clearly,” Flash added a bit plainly, as he then noticed Crafty Arts and said, "So, who's your new little friend here? :)

"Uh, hi, I'm Crafty Arts... I'm new here," said Crafty Arts, starting to blush shyly again.
Sunset Shimmer put her hands on Crafty's shoulders and said, “We're giving Crafty Arts here a tour of the school, and she wants to help decorate for the Spring Fling.”
“Oh, cool :) ” said Flash, “Nice to meet you, Crafty Arts. My name's Flash, and welcome to Canterlot High. ^^ ”

“Nice to meet you, Flash, and thanks,” said Crafty Arts.
“Well, anyway, let’s get started around here,” said Sunset Shimmer.

Pretty soon, everyone was getting into the Spring Fling mood as they kept making progress with the preparations and decorations. After an hour and a half had passed by, Sunset took a good look at what kinds of artistic contributions Crafty herself had made.

“Wow, that looks great,” said Sunset Shimmer, quite impressed.
“Thanks, Sunset, I've always been really good at art,” explained Crafty, as she put up one of the posters she made, which mostly featured lovely spring flowers and a delightfully shiny sun, “I also helped out with the school banners like Pinkie Pie suggested. This poster here is a simple representation of what Spring itself usually features when the weather is perfect.”

“Y’all certainly know how to paint a pretty picture, Hon :) ” Applejack said to Crafty.
“Yeah, I guess it’s pretty awesome,” Rainbow Dash added, as she then took a good look around her and saw that all of the students helping out were pretty much done for the day as well, “Which reminds me… I think these fine, hardworking people here deserve a little something special for all of their hard work so far, don’t you agree, Rainbooms? ;)

Sunset and the rest of the Rainbooms agreed, as they all brought out their musical instruments, got up on stage with them, and then Rainbow Dash spoke into the microphone, “HELLOOOOOO, CANTERLOT HIGH SCHOOL!!! :D

Crafty Arts smiled and cheered with all the other students that were around. Flash stood next to Crafty as he asked her, “You finding everything okay so far, Freshman? :)

“Yeah, everything's been great,” said Crafty Arts, as she started blushing again.
“That’s good,” said Flash, “And from the looks of things, things are about to get better for ya ‘cause your first day at Canterlot High just might be ending in a pretty awesome way. So, pay close attention to the Rainbooms, Crafty Arts – what you’re about to see from them is REALLY cool and, dare I say... magical? ;)

Rainbow Dash yelled out, “Thank you all for coming here today to help out with the Spring Fling, Wondercolts! We Rainbooms only got time for one song here today, but trust me, you’re gonna love it regardless ‘cause it’s dedicated to all of you here at Canterlot High! This song is called ‘We’re Awesome as We Wanna Be’. And YES, it IS an edited version of ‘Awesome as I Wanna Be’. ^^;

Sunset Shimmer added, “FYI, people, and don’t get the wrong idea at all when I say this, but…Well, the song is a little changed now because during the winter break, we Rainbooms took to a vote on whether or not it was a good idea to change the song almost completely into something about ALL of us, ALL of us here at Canterlot High and perhaps everyone on Earth – something even more awesome than the song was on its own before… and unfortunately, Rainbow Dash lost in voting against that song-changing idea 1 to 5. ;P

Pinkie Pie threw a rimshot on her drums, as what was just said pretty much made all the students in the amphitheater chuckle, while Rainbow Dash chuckled and blushed a little bit out of nervous embarrassment while scratching the back of her head, “Uh, heh heh heh… yeah… ^///^; Though, I guess to be fair, basically introducing a song like ‘Awesome as I Wanna Be’ as a pretty self-absorbed song about ME AND ONLY ME and nobody else at all – especially in the boneheaded way that I did – pretty much was… well… a VERY bad boneheaded move on my part… My bad. * squee * <:///D  Ahem, so… anyhow… with THAT cleared up and out of the way… let’s rock and roll, Wondercolts! :D

Pinkie Pie clicked her drumsticks together as she counted, “1! 2! 1, 2, 3, 4!”

* Cue the awesome rock music *

Rainbooms: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Rainbow Dash: We’re awesome as we wanna be
Rainbooms: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Sunset Shimmer: We’re awesome as we wanna be

Rainbow Dash: First you see us riding on a sonic boom
Applejack: Got our guitars shreddin' up our latest tune
Sunset Shimmer: There is nothin' you can do to beat us
Pinkie Pie: We’re so good, we’ll take you down before breakfast

Rainbooms: Yeah, we’re awesome! Take caution! It’s you and me, and we’re awesome as we wanna be!
Yeah, we’re awesome! Take caution!
It’s you and me, and we’re awesome as we wanna be!

* The Rainbooms start changing into their magical Equestria Girl forms *

Rainbooms: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Rarity: We’re awesome as we want to be
Rainbooms: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Fluttershy: We’re awesome as we want to be

Rainbow Dash: Step aside now, you're just gettin' in our way
Applejack: We got sick chops y’all could never hope ta play
Sunset Shimmer: When it comes to makin' music, we’re the future
Rainbow Dash: We’re rock stars, just twenty percent cooler

Rainbooms: Yeah, we’re awesome! Take caution!
It’s you and me, and we’re awesome as we wanna be!
Yeah, we’re awesome! Take caution!
It’s you and me, and we’re awesome as we wanna be!

* Rainbow Dash does a five-second guitar solo, followed up by Sunset Shimmer on her guitar, and then Rarity strokes up some pretty sweet keytar notes. Then the music slows down a little bit. *

Fluttershy: Yes, we know that times can be tough…
Rarity: So much so, that enough is enough…
Sunset Shimmer: But if we all stand our ground, and stand together…
Rainbow Dash: Our combined awesomeness will be THAT! MUCH! BETTER!

* music kicks back up to its standard hypeness *

Rainbooms: Yeah, we’re awesome! Take caution!
It’s you and me, and we’re awesome as we wanna be!
Yeah, we’re awesome! Take caution!
It’s you and me, and we’re awesome as we wanna be!

Yeah, we’re awesome! Take caution!
It’s you and me, and we’re awesome as we wanna be!
Yeah, we’re awesome! Take caution!
It’s you and me, and we’re awesome as we wanna be!

Rainbooms: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Rainbow Dash: We’re awesome as we wanna be
Rainbooms: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Sunset Shimmer: We’re awesome as we wanna be

Rainbooms: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Applejack: We’re awesome as we wanna be
Rainbooms: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Pinkie Pie: We’re awesome as we wanna be

Rainbooms: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Rarity and Fluttershy: We’re awesome as we want to be
Rainbooms: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
We’re awesome as we wanna be…!

* song ends on a pretty epic note *

As the Rainbooms changed back to their normal human forms, everyone in the crowd clapped and cheered as loud as they could.
“Wow, that was amazing! :D” said Crafty Arts, excited and suddenly hugged Flash Sentry.
“WHOA, uh, I know, right? < : ) ” Flash replied to Crafty, as he then called out to the Rainbooms, “You go, girls! :D

The Rainbooms waved to everyone in the crowd as they stepped off stage.
“Sorry about suddenly hugging you…” Crafty Arts told Flash shyly while blushing a deep red and letting go of him.
“It's cool :)” Flash replied to Crafty, as he then straightened out his back, “Although… I think you could probably give Pinkie Pie a run for her money in the Hugging Department. ^^;

“I'm so sorry, Flash, sometimes I don't know my own strength ^///^; ” explained Crafty Arts.
“Clearly,” Flash thought to himself, “But I guess it’s a good thing she’s a tough little cutie. Just really shows that she’s most definitely going to fit in here at Canterlot High School just fine. :)

However, little did Flash Sentry, Crafty Arts, the Rainbooms, or anyone else know that while this year’s Spring Fling really WAS going to be much different than the years before… things were going to be MUCH more different than anyone really knew or realized…

Because for this year’s Spring Fling… fate had some pretty big plans in store for Canterlot High School… AGAIN…
After so many long years, Swat Kats could very well return thanks to their Kickstarter Campaign, but there's only a month for it, so we all need to act NOW:…

AND for those of you who are fans of Mega Man, there's another new franchise in production by its creator, and its name is called "Red Ash".
It all looks pretty impressive, BUT they've only got about 75% of its minimum funding goal achieved, so we ALL NEED TO ACT NOW before it's too late:…

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I know what you're thinking, BUT please hear me out here:

I found these important petitions that have crucial missions and purposes and need signing ASAP.
Also, if you could please spread the word in this Journal Entry around online or even just on dART, that'd be great.

Help the Children of New York:…

Help this Lady Find Answers to Her Husband's Death:…

Grant this Family the Justice They Seek:…

Grant this Poor Elephant Freedom:…

Thank you all for your time and consideration.
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My Little Power Ponies Theme Song Lyrics

* The following is, as you may have already expected from the title, a fan-made theme song that consists of lyrics that would pretty much combine the unique elements of both My Little Pony and Power Rangers’ natures and song lyrics together into one powerful song. On top of that, it is a late yet inspired dedication to not only the MLP franchise’s 30th anniversary but also the Power Rangers franchise’s 20th anniversary, so this should be a treat to all the people out there who are fans of both “MLP: FiM” and “Power Rangers”. Please keep in mind that this written song and its lyrics are all solely for entertainment purposes, NOT for any kind of copyright infringement purposes at all. MLP and Power Rangers each belong to their own rightful creators and owners – MLP mainly belonging to HASBRO, and Power Rangers mainly belonging to Saban Entertainment. Finally, I suppose this COULD be a fan-made theme song that’s for both the Power Ponies in the official MLP: FiM franchise and the Mane Six/Seven itself. Thank you for your time in reading this, and please enjoy it.

(The song’s music starts out peacefully with Princess Celestia providing a voice-over narration)

In the faraway, magical land of Equestria exists a huge population of Ponies that tend exist with each other peacefully. Each of these Ponies live life in their own unique and amazing ways: from soaring across the amazing skies to studying the mystical arts of magic, from existing amongst the many different animals and creatures of our world’s nature to playing various forms of music, from throwing and having fun at parties to joining together in wonderful musical numbers, the land of Equestria has become a truly incredible and adventurous place to live in…

(The music’s tone starts to get a little more ominous)

But for every source and match of both harmony and light that exists, there always exists a formidably equal yet opposing match of both evil and darkness that wishes to fight against the good and destroy it all…

There are dark, chaotic, and tyrannical forces of evil that plot and act against the innocent Ponies of Equestria to conquer not only them and their homeland, but quite possibly their entire world as well.

(The music’s tone now becomes a little more heroic)

Luckily, however, there is a group of young yet powerful Ponies that live as not only friends to all of Equestria’s innocent civilians and creatures, but also act and serve as their great defenders when the time calls for their aid. They have shown and are always continuing to show that no matter how difficult the task or powerful the enemy, these little ponies are truly powerful enough to protect the innocent and deliver justice every, single time.

Together, these powerful Ponies prove that friendship is magic – a magic that can save and change lives forever, as well as save and change the world.

Together, they are simply yet famously known as… The Power Ponies.

(cue the awesome rock guitar opening that lasts for about 10 seconds, followed by the equally awesome rock music that lasts for about an additional 20 seconds until it’s finally time for the song lyrics)

They’ve got an incredible power that ya never, ever seen before

They’ve got the ability to unite and even up the score

Good and evil, get ready for a wild ride
For the ultimate power is on their si-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-iiide

Go, Go, Power Ponies

Go, Go, Power Ponies

Ponies Together
Best Friends Forever

They know that the fate of their world is lying in their hooves

They know when it comes to fighting evil, they’ve got the moves

This team will always deliver justice
You can count on that, 'cause it’s a Pinkie Pro-o-o-o-o-o-omiiiissse

Go, Go, Power Ponies

Go, Go, Power Ponies

Ponies Together
Best Friends Forever...!

(cue the epic guitar solo that lasts for about 30 seconds, then the song’s music starts to get more dramatic as the Mane Six, Spike, and even Sunset Shimmer herself start to sing)

Fluttershy: In this huge universe…
Applejack: Evil tries to do its worse…
Rarity: By dividing and conquering with strife!

Rainbow Dash: But if we unite and take a stance…
Pinkie Pie: Then we’ll always have a chance…
Twilight Sparkle: To defeat evil and keep good alive!

Spike: No matter the despair…
Sunset Shimmer: That exists anywhere…
Twilight Sparkle: We'll stand against every evil trick!

Sunset Shimmer: So, dark forces, beware…
Twilight Sparkle: 'Cause friendship’s power is everywhere…
Everyone: Because friendship is magic!

Go, Go, Power Ponies
No one can match up to their bond
Go, Go, Power Ponies
They’ll rise up to the top and beyond!
Ponies Together
Best Friends Forever

Go, Go, Power Ponies
Show them all what you’ve got!
Go, Go, Power Ponies
You just can never be stopped!
Ponies Together
Best Friends Forever

Ponies Together
Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Together!
Heroes Forever!!!

(theme song ends epically)
My Little Power Ponies Theme Song
Believe it or not, I've been having a bit of a "morphinomenal" feeling lately, and it's kinda been mixing well with how I've always really like the MLP: FiM franchise.
So, I figured, "What the heck? Writing up this kind of song here could be fun. :)"

And then BOOM, I finished writing up these theme song lyrics that I think are really cool, and I hope all of you MLP and Power Rangers fans out there do, too. :)

MLP: FiM rightfully and mainly belongs to HASBRO and :iconfyre-flye:
Power Rangers rightfully and mainly belongs to Saban Entertainment.

And I know this is VERY late to say to you guys, but happy 30th Anniversary, MLP!
And Happy 20th Anniversary, Power Rangers! :D

May you both continue to be awesome in your own unique ways, and may the power of friendship and harmony protect and live on within both of you AND all of us. Because we love you guys. :)

Am I right, people? :D
It IS entirely your choice if you want to check my MLP stories out or not, but if you really want a good, original MLP story to read that's at least somewhat canon to the current main TV show and EG movies, then you're more than welcome to giving my MLP stories a shot or two. Hope you'll enjoy them. :)

Plus, me and :iconsonic-fan17: are currently getting pretty close to finishing an EG story we've been working on since January 20th, 2015, so if you want to read that when we have it done, then be sure to add both of us to your dART Watch. ;)

In any case, whatever you decide, hope you'll give my stories and my dART friend's own artworks a chance or two.

Thanks for your time and consideration. :D
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