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First up in the archery tournament finals was Sour Sweet, as she smirked while taking her position on the field and readied her bow and arrows. Arrow Swift noticed that she was starting out with three arrows at once, right off the bat.
“Interesting :) ” Arrow Swift said.
“This is how she always starts,” said Sugar Sweet, getting a little excited.

Dean Cadance then spoke into the microphone, “Sour Sweet, you may begin when you feel completely ready. Remember, you only have 30 seconds to pull off your trick shots.”

“I’m ready!” said Sour Sweet.
“Very well then,” Luna replied, “Good luck to you.”
“Thanks, Miss Luna! ^3^ ”  Sour Sweet replied cheerfully, “Though I won’t need it at all… > : ) ”

Everyone was excited as Sour Sweet waited for the bell to signal her to start… and then… DING, DING!!

Sour Sweet started off by firing three arrows at once at each target she set her sights on, which supposedly was her signature technique. Sour Sweet was racking up points quite nicely already.

Everyone in the bleachers cheered and clapped, but Sugar Sweet was the loudest.
"WAY TO GO, SIS!!!!" yelled Sugar Sweet, very excited as she stood up in the bleachers.

Sour Sweet noticed this after she got the second set of targets, “~Thanks, Sugar-sis! ^3^ ...but I'm trying to concentrate here... XP ”

Arrow Swift said to himself, “Sour Sweet is pretty good. That three-arrows-fired-at-once technique IS a classic and clever choice. But while she’s getting points on the marksmanship part of this final challenge, she’s not exactly getting just as many points on style or creativity, which are just as important in this Trick Shot Contest.”

Sour Sweet was at least changing her archer position and posture every time she fired her arrows at each moving target she got her sights on, but that alone wouldn’t be enough. She learned that the hard way once her 30 seconds were up, and the final score given to her by the judges was an average of 7.1 out 10.

Sour Sweet was shocked by this, then threw her bow onto the ground and walked away in a huff.
“Oh, no, I hope she's okay...” Sugar Sweet said with a sincere frown, concerned for her twin sister.

Arrow Swift sighed as he went and picked up Sour Sweet’s bow up from the ground and then said to her while walking after her, “Sour Sweet, wait! You might not have gotten the score you wanted, but you still did a good and unique job out there. Plus, you made it to the final round of this big, week-long archery tournament. You should be proud of ALL of that!”

“I guess so... but Principal Cinch always told us to never accept anything less than perfect!” explained Sour Sweet, as she took back her bow from Arrow Swift.

“Perfect?? Pfft, please,” said Arrow Swift, “In my experience, there really is no such thing as ‘perfect’… not even for archers. If anything, instead of seeing this as a disappointment, you should be seeing it as an opportunity to motivate yourself into improving yourself. And improvement doesn’t stop at what you think is ‘perfect’ because improvement is constant. One example of that being technology. Tech of any kind is always improving, because it’s just like how all living beings are always improving and evolving themselves, believe it or not. To put it simple, and like I said earlier, there really is no such thing as ‘perfect,’ because ‘perfect’ is just a delusion used to make one think that you don’t need to improve or evolve yourself anymore, to become the truly best kind of person you can be. Improvement is necessary yet incredible. Perfection is quite frankly BOOORRRIIIINNNGGG…”

Sour Sweet just looked at Arrow Swift with a surprised look on her face, then Arrow Swift realized, “O.O …oh, sorry, I, uh… I was rambling and/or monologuing just now, wasn’t I? ^^;

“Yes, a little… but… I think I understand your point,” said Sour Sweet with a sincere – AN ACTUAL SINCERE – smile on her face, “Thank you, Arrow Swift. I appreciate it. :///) ”

“No problem :) ” said Arrow Swift, as he shook hands with Sour Sweet and then they both walked back over to the other archers.
Applejack had taken her position on the archery field and was ready to try her hands at the Trick Shot Contest.
All of Applejack’s friends clapped and cheered for her, including both Twilights.
Rainbow Dash then said, “C’mon, A.J., you got this girl!”

Applejack smiled at all of her best friends, as she then nodded at the judges, and her 30-second time limit began at the sound of the bell: DING, DING!!
Applejack started off by hitting the hardest targets to hit as quickly yet also steadily as she possibly could, getting bullseyes on most of her targets and racking up a good amount of points already.

“I hope she can do it,” said Princess Twilight.
Sci-Twi responded, "Don't worry, Twi- Uh, Princess, I know she can. I mean, just look at her: she’s doing a good job so far, just like during the Friendship Games. You know, even though she and I were on opposite teams at the time of the Games, she helped me out because she just couldn’t bare to see me struggling with archery, least of all when my own Crystal Prep teammates were being jerks to me.”

“Well, that’s ANY Applejack of ANY world for you,” said Princess Twilight, seeing the same fighting spirit of her Pony version of A.J. inside of this Human counterpart of her, “Regardless of whichever world’s Applejack one would come across, she’s always true to herself and to others, no matter what. :)

“Amen to that, darling,” Rarity added with a proud smile on her face as well.

When time was up, everyone could see that each of all of the targets Applejack had hit were either a bullseye or pretty dang close to one. However, the number of targets Applejack had hit were less than the amount that Sour Sweet had gotten before her. Not only that, but Applejack failed to keep in mind that this was supposed to be a Trick Shot Contest, and while Applejack’s focused arrow shots and skills in getting mostly bullseyes were indeed impressive, she failed to really deliver any real kind of trick shot. So, unfortunately, the best average the judges could give Applejack was a 6.7 out of 10.

“Aw, nuts…” said Applejack, slouching a little bit out of disappointment, “Well, I reckon y’all can’t win ‘em all after all, huh? ^^;
Well, regardless of this, everyone applauded A.J. for doing her absolute best. Applejack waved to everyone as she walked over to the other archers.

Sour Sweet then said to Applejack, “Don’t feel bad, Appy, you did your very best… < : )  …though you could’ve done a LOT better. XP ”
Applejack just looked at Sour Sweet with plain unamusement and said, “Uh, yeah… thanks.”
Flash then placed his hand on A.J.’s left should as he said, “Hey, don’t sweat about it, you did your best and you were great all this week. :) Your family definitely thinks so.”

Flash pointed out that Applebloom, Babs Seed, Granny Smith, and Big Macintosh were all in the stands cheering their Applejack on for a job well done: Applebloom and Babs Seed were holding up a big banner for A.J., Granny Smith was shaking her red, yellow, and green pom-poms for A.J., and Big Macintosh was basically shirtless and had a picture of his own sister painted on his front-side as he cheered loudly for her.

Applejack's face turned red as soon as she saw what Big Mac was doing, then she quickly used her dear cowgirl hat to hide her face.
“There, there, A.J.,” said Arrow Swift, patting Applejack’s back, “We ALL have weird family members that tend to embarrass us.”

Next up to the field was Flash Sentry, as he readied his bow and arrows and took to his spot on the archery range.
Princess Twilight suddenly waved to Flash and yelled, “You can do it, Flash! :D
Flash smiled and waved back to Princess Twilight.
Princess Twilight blushed as she sat in her seat and started twisting a lock of her hair again.
“Wow, you really DO like him, huh?” Sci-Twi asked the Princess of Friendship.
“What, Flash?? Oh, uh, pfft, he’s a’ight,” Princess Twilight replied in adorable denial, “Why do you ask? :?  Do… YOU like him, Sci-Twi?”

There was then the sound of a record-scratch playing in the background as Sci-Twi and their friends in the bleachers with them had surprised looks on their faces. They all then slowly turned their heads towards Sci-Twi with creaking noises, then Sci-Twi simply said plainly yet sincerely, “ME like Flash Sentry?? Pfft, he’s a’ight.”

Both Twilights then looked at each other, followed by Sci-Twi smiling at Princess Twilight, who smiled back at her true human counterpart. And then both Twilights giggled a little bit, followed by their friends sighed greatly out of relief, knowing that both Twilights were NOT going to fight over some boy right then and there.

After all… nobody likes a fight between two Twilight girls. ;P ***

*** I REALLY hope you can all see what I did there. :D

After the girls finished laughing, they heard the bell ring, signaling Flash Sentry to start.
Flash readied his bow and first arrow, pointed it high up in the air, and then launched the arrow up towards the sky, then it eventually fell down and hit one of the moving targets really close to its bullseye. Flash did this with every arrow and with each target that he thought would be best to hit.

“WOW,” said Sci-Twi, “I didn’t know Flash was so skilled in archery, least of all like THIS. :)
“I know!” said Princess Twilight, “Clearly, he’s actually able to visualize and predict each arrow’s trajectory before launching each arrow into the sky and then letting gravity do the rest to try and hit each target he sets his sights on. That’s really impressive!”
“It certainly is! ^^ ” said Sci-Twi, “It’s pretty much Physics 101, of course – or basic physics, to be more exact – but still. OH, and maybe he’s also factoring in air currents to make sure his arrows won’t be dragged off course when each of them is fired from his bow and high up into the air! If so, that really is smart! :D

Needless to say, both Twilights were being the adorkable little geniuses they really were, much to the Canterlot High and Crystal Prep girls’ surprise.
Rainbow Dash then quietly coughed for only Indigo Zap to hear her, “ * cough, cough * Eggheads. * cough * ”
Indigo Zap chuckled quietly at that one.

When Flash’s 30 seconds were up, the final judges gave him a final averaged score of 7.5 out of 10.
That surprised everyone, since they expected Flash to get a higher score than that. And by “everyone”, we really mean “just Princess Twilight Sparkle” as she stood up and said with her arms raised up in complete disbelief, “OH, COME ON!!! Flash deserves a better score than THAT!!!”

THAT actually caught literally EVERYONE’s attention as they all halted their cheering and applause for Flash and turned their heads towards Princess Twilight, much to her awkward and adorably embarrassed shock.
“Uh… just saying… * squee * <:///D ” Princess Twilight replied, as she sat her over-flustered self back down in her seat while Sunset, Applejack, and Rarity all tried to calm her down even more.

Flash simply looked just as embarrassed, while the lady judges all cleared their throats and then Principal Celestia, “Now then, everyone… we are down to our very last competitor of this great archery tournament… so please, give it up for the top contender himself… Arrow Swift!”

Arrow Swift smiled and waved to everyone as he took to the field while Flash passed him saying, “Good luck, Arrow, I honestly think that YOU have got this one in the bag.”

“Well,” said Arrow Swift, “No doubts THERE. ;P But hey, you and the others were great too, pal. :)
Princess Twilight quickly got out of her seat to go see Flash again, while everyone else cheered as Arrow Swift got into position on the archery range… and while Rarity quickly pushed through everyone else in the bleachers so that she could get a front row seat of the “action”.

Arrow Swift took in a deep breath, got in the zone, and then got thrown out of the zone when Rarity called out to him while waving a bit flirtingly, “~Oh, Swifty-darling! I'll be cheering for you!”
Sci-Twi’s pet dog Spike then chuckled as he said facetiously, “WOW… Arrow Swift REALLY is one lucky dog, isn’t he? ;P ***

***You guys can see ALL of the irony in THAT statement made by Earth’s own version of Spike out of all characters, right? ^^

Meanwhile, Princess Twilight slowly went to see Flash Sentry as he sat down on the bench that’s usually meant mainly for benchwarmers.
“Umm... hi, Flash...” said Princess Twilight, a little nervous to approach him right now… I mean, more so than usual. ;P

“Oh, hey, Twilight, what’s up? < : ) ” Flash asked the humanized Princess of Friendship.
"I'm sorry... for that outburst earlier... I really was hoping you'd win," said Princess Twilight, starting to blush once again.
“Heh, yeah, I’m sure you were,” Flash said with a small smile, as he tapped on the bench to invite Princess Twilight to sit right beside him, “Still… this entire archery tournament WAS pretty fun, even if it DOES feel like it went by pretty fast for some weird reason…”

“Yeah, hard to believe it started only a few days ago,” said Princess Twilight, as she sat next to Flash on the bench, “Still, I learned a lot from how differently yet similarly you humans do archery here in this world of yours compared to how the Equestrians of my home-world do archery.”

“Oh, really?? Cool :) ” said Flash, as he very gently jabbed Twilight’s right shoulder, “Guess you’re learning more about the human race everyday, huh Princess? ;)

“It seems that way. :///) But there's still some things I don't know yet,” said Princess Twilight.
“Like what exactly? :? ” Flash asked her.
“Well, I'd like to learn more on why your school seems to be the target of all these strange magic attacks,” answered Princess Twilight, “Uh, other than the fact that it’s mainly because Sunset Shimmer brought my old magic crown from Equestria here to Earth when she shouldn’t have, of course. Uh-hehheheheheheh… Heh… ^^;

“Uh… right,” said Flash, “I’ve been kinda wondering that myself… and also… WHY THE HECK HAVEN’T I BEEN ABLE TO PLAY OR BE GIVEN A TRULY VITAL ROLE IN THOSE KINDS OF THINGS YET?!?!” ***

*** You guys can see what I did there this time, right? ;P

Needless to say, Princess Twilight got a little freaked out by Flash’s own sudden outburst, as Flash quickly realized it and said, “OH, uh, sorry, didn’t mean to sound like it was personal or anything. ^///^; ”

“Uh… right… ^^;” Princess Twilight said, “Well, don’t take it too hard, Flash… or rather, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. I mean, remember when I first came to this world’s version of Canterlot High School AND you and I first met? Back then, Sunset Shimmer was the kind of mean girl that would frame anyone innocent for a crime or bad act they NEVER committed, and she did that sort of thing to me just before the Fall Formal, but YOU stepped in and found evidence that proved me innocent. You DO remember that, right? < : ) You really helped me out there and it led to me eventually getting my magic crown back… as well as eventually get a nice fun dance with me, right.? ;)

“Well, yeah, I guess I did help big time back then, more or less <:///) ” said Flash, scratching the back of his head while feeling flattered, but then his smile quickly faded away as he said, “But honestly, Twilight… and with all due respect… THAT time only happened just out of sheer luck for the most part. After THAT, I got myself hypnotized and brainwashed by one or more mean girls… practically TWICE IN A ROW, I might add and if you recall completely and correctly… so much so, that the second time it happened to me, I made YOU cry, Princess Twilight… and heck, until recently, I couldn’t even tell the real difference between YOU and the REAL human Twilight Sparkle that’s originally from THIS world of us human beings.”

“Flash, it's okay... I myself should've known way back then at the time that you weren't acting like the REAL you when you made me cry... but my friends and I were kinda more focused on the Battle Of the Bands AND stopping the Dazzlings before it was too late to do anything about it... Anyway, the important thing here is that I've gotten to see and know how YOU really are Flash and I’ve already forgiven you for back then, remember?” said Princes Twilight, putting her hand on his right shoulder.

“That’s very kind of you, Princess, and I really do appreciate it,” said Flash, “But even though what you say IS true… the REAL truth is… when it comes right down to it… you and I… we… * sigh * We barely know a single real thing or two about each other at all.”

Princess Twilight replied, “THAT might be true too, Flash, but we can change that, you know. I mean, every time I return here to the Human World, I learn at least a little bit more about it and its people, which includes YOU.”

“Yeah, I guess so…” said Flash, “I just wish the whole ‘inter-dimensionally different yet also similar’ stuff between your world and mine wasn’t so… complicated.”

Princess Twilight replied, “I wish so too, Flash... but even if it is complicated, it isn’t impossible to understand. I’ll tell you what: maybe after the tournament is over, we could go out to eat, just the two of us?”

Flash was REALLY surprised to hear that, as he turned to Princess Twilight and said, “Are you… are you really serious right now?? O///o”
“Of course I'm serious, Flash,” answered a very sincere Princess Twilight.

“Twilight…” said Flash, really surprised to hear this… though in his mind, he was thinking, “THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE!!! I’VE TOTALLY HIT THE JACKPOT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GREAT HONOR, PRINCESS TWILIGHT!!! T3T ”

As he thought this to himself in his mind, Flash’s face was basically like this as he sobbed quietly out of pure joy: T//3//T

Although, it kind of weirded Princess Twilight out a little bit.
“Uh Flash... are you okay?? O_o; ” asked Princess Twilight, starting to get a little worried now.
Flash realized how he was acting and then scratched the back of his head while saying, “OH, uh, yeah, I’m fine, Princess, sorry. ^///^; AHEM… Anyway… I would love to go out with you to dinner tonight, Princess Twilight. How does right after the tournament’s big after-party tonight sound to you?”

“I’d love that <:///) ” said Princess Twilight.
“Great... me too <:///) ” said Flash, as both potential lovebirds looked at each other a tiny bit lovingly and gently held each other’s hands.
Then Flash said, “Well, anyway… Arrow Swift’s turn to win the archery tournament is about to start. So, I think we should- O.o ”

What Flash and Princess Twilight were seeing at that very moment were ALL of the archery targets taken down with arrows hitting ALL of their bullseyes, along with Arrow Swift standing tall and proudly with the golden chalice as his reward while Mayor Mare said, “And with a perfect average score of 10 out of 10, Arrow Swift wins the tournament!”

Flash and Princess Twilight then said with hilariously anime-styled looks of shock on their faces, “OH, COME ON, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!”

Flash then said, “We were so caught up in our adorable conversation, that we completely tuned out what was happening practically right in front of us the whole time! We missed the whole tournament win!”


Both Flash and Princess Twilight then sighed and groaned a bit reluctantly, followed by looking at each other as Flash said, “Well, Princess… I guess we now know ONE thing we share in common, as well as know something more about each other…”

“What’s that?” Princess Twilight asked him.
Flash replied, “…we can both be real scatterbrains sometimes… maybe THAT’s a core reason why we get along with each other so well. ^^;
“You know, I think you might be right < : ) ” Princess Twilight said.

Both of them smiled at each other a little bit more, then they just went and laughed it off.

Later that evening, the big after-party was held in the park to celebrate a very successful archery tournament that was also a very successful charity event to raise funds for Canterlot Park.

Arrow Swift said to all of his Canterlot High and new Crystal Prep friends, “I’d say that Canterlot Park really is going to be sticking around for a very long time now. ;)

“It sure looks that way,” Applejack said with a happy smile, “All thanks to everyone that pitched in to make the tournament a complete, week-long success from start to finish.”
“Congratulations on winning the tournament, Arrow, you were simply fabulous! ^3^ ” Rarity said to him.
“Thanks :) ” said Arrow Swift, “But everyone in the tournament did a great job, too.”
“That's true,” said Princess Twilight, “And you yourself were great, Flash. Winning 2nd place in an important archery tournament meant to raise funds for an important cause is something to be proud of.”
“Yeah, I know it is, and thanks < : ) ” Flash said sincerely.
“You’re welcome, Flash ^^ ” said Princess Twilight.

“And me winning 3rd place…” said Sour Sweet, “I guess it’s not TOO bad… but next time there’s an archery competition, you KNOW I’ll win 1st place! Right, Sugar Sweet?!”
“Yeah, you'll be great sis!” said Sugar Sweet.

“Sorry you finished in only 4th place, A.J.,” Sci-Twi said to her cowgirl friend.
“Ah, don’t you worry nuthin’ ” Applejack replied, “I had fun nonetheless. Besides, I’m gonna suggest to the Canterlot Park staff that the next fundraising contest it should have is an Apple-Bucking one, then I’ll be sure to win 1st place in that one. ;)
“Not if I win it first!” Sour Sweet declared, “Wait, what’s Apple-Bucking?? Is that another term for ‘krumping’? :?

“Hey, uh… Rarity?” Arrow Swift asked the young fashionista girl.
“~Yes, Swifty-dear?” asked Rarity, blinking her lovely eyes twice at him.
“Do you think maybe I could talk to you in private? It’s about something important that I think I should ask a person privately,” said Arrow Swift, “And NO, I am not about to ask you out. It’s something more important than that. OH, uh, I mean, it’s something EQUALLY important as that. Sorry. ^^;

Flash simply pointed out, “Nice save on that last part, dude. ;P
THAT of course made everyone laugh, even Rarity did a little.
Then Rarity said to Arrow Swift, “It’s quite alright, Arrow, and certainly.”
“Great,” said Arrow Swift, as he led Rarity to a simple, private place in Canterlot Park; particularly, it’s famous Grand Cherry Blossom Tree, much to Rarity’s delight as its cherry blossoms fell down upon the two high school kids quite beautifully and gracefully.

“Are you sure you don't want to ask me out? This would be perfect for a first date, darling~ ;) ” Rarity said to Arrow Swift half-jokingly in a very flirty manner, as she looked at him and up at the cherry blossom tree.

Arrow Swift chuckled a tiny bit as he blushed a little and said, “Well, uh, maybe next time. Anyway… what I wanted ask you, Rarity… well… I know that what I’m about to ask would probably be the equivalent of stepping into a death-trap, but… how’s Adagio Dazzle been?”

THAT really took Rarity by surprise.
“ O.O …A-Adagio?.....You wanted to ask me about ADAGIO?!” asked Rarity, quickly getting super angry at that moment; NOT “flaming hair and red eyes” angry, mind you, but still.

Arrow Swift held up his hands in front of him saying, “I-I-I just wanted to know if she’s been doing alright since you and I and your friends last saw her at the Spring Fling. I mean, I don’t have any way to contact her at all and I certainly have no idea where she or even her sisters are right now, so I was hoping maybe you could tell me if you know where she is right now. I’m just wanting to make sure that Adagio and her sisters have been doing okay since I last saw them, that’s all!” ***

*** To see understand exactly what Arrow Swift is talking about, check out “The Spring Fling” in saber360’s gallery.

Rarity then calmed down a bit, but she looked at Arrow Swift suspiciously and a bit unamused. Still, she could tell that Arrow Swift was being 100% honest with her here.
Rarity then took in a deep breath, exhaled calmly, and then replied, “No, Arrow Swift, I have no idea where Adagio Dazzle or her sisters are these days OR if they’re doing okay. In fact, pretty much nobody else knows where they could be. I’m very sorry to disappoint you on that matter.”

“Oh,” said Arrow Swift, “Okay.”
Arrow Swift clearly was a little disappointed, but Rarity could also see that Arrow Swift was sincerely concerned, as he looked up at the cherry blossom tree with a tiny bit of a disappointed look on his face.

Rarity then asked Arrow Swift in a fairly concerned manner, “Are you alright, Arrow? :(
Arrow Swift replied, “I’m concerned about if Adagio and her sisters are doing alright. I know they were jerks, but last time I saw them, they really seemed like they wanted to try to be better people… even if it meant that they had to separate themselves from other people for a time… and wherever they are right now, I just hope they’re doing okay in this big world of ours that can be pretty scary and cruel half the time.”

Rarity felt Arrow’s pain as she said, “Honestly, dearie… I kind of feel the same way.”
Arrow Swift then looked at Rarity with a small yet somewhat sad smile, “I guess all we can do is just keep having our eyes and ears open for anything related to the Dazzlings and hope for the very best then, huh?”
“I suppose so < : ) ” Rarity replied, “You know, Arrow Swift… you really are just darling… in your own way… I guess that’s why people like you so easily. < : ) And trust me, I for one personally know EXACTLY what being easily likeable is like. ;)
“Of course you do,” Arrow Swift replied with a slightly more cheerful smile, as he rolled his eyes but then chuckled a little bit with Rarity.

“Anyway... sorry I got upset at first, Arrow. That was… unprofessional of me, now wasn’t it? ^^; ” said Rarity.
“Well, I told you that I knew I’d probably be stepping into trouble by asking you that, but I felt like I had to ask you about Adagio and her sisters,” said Arrow Swift.
Rarity replied, “But you could have asked anyone else about it, and it wouldn’t have been THAT awkward asking me in front of my friends about it… well, 50/50 it wouldn’t have been a public problem. Actually, you know what? Now that I think about it, I think I can see why you wanted to ask me privately about Adagio… especially since I, uh… ahem… temporarily lost my cool. ^///^;”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Arrow Swift, “But I guess the reason why I chose YOU to ask what I wanted to ask is because… well… uh… how do I put this…? <:///) ”
“Put what? :? ” asked Rarity, a little confused before quickly realizing how and why Arrow Swift was acting the way he was acting.
Rarity then smiled and approached Arrow Swift in a little more of a flirting manner again as she slowly stroked Arrow’s chest with her right finger, “If you want, I could help you find the right words~”

Arrow’s face then quickly changed from forest-green to brick-red, as he said, “Uh… AHEM. What I’m trying to say, Rarity, is that I chose to ask you about where the Dazzlings are because… I guess I find you not only as trusting as your friends are, but also… maybe… you’re someone I personally find to be… most likeable. <:///) And if I might add… well… Adagio is possibly a friend of mine that I care about and I do hope she’s okay, but you Rarity… your personality and attitude are so much more likeable than Adagio’s… at least, that’s how I honestly think and feel. Not to mention… you’re… probably more wonderful and adorable than Adagio is. <:///) ”

Rarity then said to Arrow Swift half-teasingly, half-seriously, “So, basically, you personally think I’m hotter than Adagio is then? ;)
“Uh… O///O  That’s ONE way to put it, I suppose ^///^; ” Arrow Swift replied, scratching the back of his head.

“~Oh, Swifty, that's so sweet!” said Rarity, as she pulled Arrow into an adorable hug.
Arrow Swift didn’t mind one bit of that, as he gently hugged Rarity back. Five seconds later, he was ready to let go of Rarity, but then he realized that Rarity had a fairly tightly hold on him.

“Uh, Rare?? O_o” Arrow Swift said to her, “Not that I’m despising this really nice moment we’re having together right now, but… you CAN let go of me now. Please? ^^;

Rarity simply replied, “…Just a little longer, darling~ ^//3//^ ”
Archived Chronicle #5: Arrow Heads

Monday after school, the Main Seven girls were together at the school statue, expecting Princess Twilight to arrive.
“Is she here yet? Is she here yet?” asked Pinkie Pie, already excited as she jumped up and down adorably.
Rainbow Dash pointed out a bit plainly, “If she WAS here, Pink, she would have already-”


“…done THAT,” Rainbow finished, as Princess Twilight arrived through the magic portal, stepping out of the stone statue and completely set in her human form and clothes, along with a backpack filled with notepads and pens… which would be a challenge for her since she still had little experience with fully and properly using her human form’s hands and fingers.

So, WHY did the Pony Princess even bring things that require using hands, you ask?
Simple. It was because she was excited about that afternoon’s planned activity… one activity that both Humans and Ponies had in common; a “common interest” if you will… ARCHERY (the kind that’s for pure sport, NOT for hunting nor combat, thank Heaven above. ;P ).

“Hi everyone, hope I'm not late,” Princess Twilight said to her Human World friends.

“Don't worry, Twilight, we still have an hour before the big event, ” Sunset Shimmer replied, “But what are the pens and notepads for? :?
“Uh, DUH, to document what I see today!” said Princess Twilight, “I mean, I really want to document the differences and similarities there are between Humans and Ponies when it comes to the sport of Archery.”

“Really??” asked Sci-Twi, “How do Ponies in YOUR world do it any differently than us Humans do, Princess Twilight? :?

“Well, you Humans hold the bows and arrows with these, right?” asked Princess Twilight, as she held up both of her hands and their fingers.
“Of course we do, darling,” answered Rarity.

Princess Twilight then said, “Well, we Ponies usually have the bow set up on a stand, and we set up and pull back and launch the arrows from the bow, ALL using our teeth instead of using our hooves. Oh, and also, our arrows are usually made out of elemental magic, particularly ice arrows.”

Rainbow Dash whistled out of impression as she said, “WOW, elemental arrows that are magical? Sounds pretty awesome to me. :)

“It sure does,” said Sci-Twi’s purple pet dog, Spike, as Princess Twilight then gently petted the furry little fella’s forehead and ears with a smile on her face.

Spike then said, “So… what exactly is this archery event again, Sunset Shimmer? :?
“It's a week-long charity event, Spike,” Sunset Shimmer started to explain, “People pay to come see us all do our best at archery and the money we make goes straight to charity.”
Sci-Twi then said, “And it’s a charity event being held at Canterlot Park BY the head officials of Canterlot Town, including the Mayor herself, all to help raise money for keeping Canterlot Park on the map AND to keep it from shutting down.”

“Shutting down?!” Spike asked completely shocked, “Town Hall is planning on shutting Canterlot Park down?! As in close it forever and replace with something else?!”
“Well…” Sunset Shimmer said, “They WERE thinking about it since the park hasn’t been getting enough publicity nor making enough money lately, BUT that’s where this charity event of an archery competition comes in. It should help Canterlot Park get a lot of publicity AND raise enough money to reach its goal and more.”

“Oh. Well, that sounds like a pretty good plan to me :) ” said Spike, “I mean, who DOESN’T love a good archery competition? ^^ ”
“Well…” said Sci-Twi, “A normal archery competition wouldn’t really be all that popular, BUT the kind of archery competition that Canterlot Park has planned is going to be the kind where only the most skilled of young archers in the entire tri-parish area could have a chance at winning it AND be entertaining for the potential audiences that would come to see it, so it should attract quite a crowd.”

Princess Twilight then said, “It sounds like it could be as great as my world’s Equestria Games or the Artemis Cup.” ***

*** To find out more about the Artemis Cup, check out saber360’s story, “Bullseye of the Tiger”.

Sci-Twi then said, “I take it that more of your world’s games are more magical than this world’s are?”
“More or less,” said Princess Twilight, “But even so, I think both worlds’ own types of games could be fun, including this archery charity event. :) Granted, the charity event itself might be a bit of a long shot – no archery pun intended, of course – but right now, it’s Canterlot Park’s only chance to be saved.”

“I heard that,” said Rainbow Dash, “Well, we should all get to Canterlot Park soon, or else Princess Twilight here is going to miss out on the REAL reason why she’s interested in the archery competition being held in THIS world. ;)

Princess Twilight replied, “Rainbow Dash, I really have NO idea what you are talking abo-”
“Yo, yo, yo, what up, my lil’ Equestria Girls? :D ” said a certain, young, blue-haired dude that Princess Twilight had a unique interest in.

“Howdy there, Flash,” Applejack greeted him with a neighborly smile, while Princess Twilight was both nervous AND excited to see Flash Sentry again, or “nervoucited” as some might call it… not in a weird way, of course, just for the record.

“Hi, Flash…” said Princess Twilight, greeting with an adorkably embarrassed smile as she started to blush and twirl a small strand of her hair.
“Hey there, Princess, good to see you again :///)” Flash replied, waving at her while the other Main Seven or Eight girls all simply smiled and waved back at the blue-haired guitar player; Princess Twilight of course doing so like she was possibly HIS biggest fan, more or less.

Flash of course smiled back at Twilight quite charmingly, thinking that she was cute as always, but then his charming grin was replaced with a look of purely hilarious shock as he said, “Wait a minute… Twili- Uh, PRINCESS Twilight, you’re not here because something magic-related is about to put the whole world in danger AGAIN, are you??”

“NO, Flash,” said Sci-Twi, “She’s here to observe the big archery competition happening at the town park.”
“OH, phew… Thank Heaven < : ) ” said Flash, “Oh, and sorry for asking. I guess it was, uh… reflex, maybe? ^^;

“It's okay, Flash,” Princess Twilight said as she and her fellow girls giggled a little bit, “After Sunset Shimmer wrote to me about the big charity event happening here  in this world, starting on this very day, I wanted to see how differently you humans do archery in this world. :)

“OH, cool :) ” said Flash, “Well, you’re in for a real treat then. ^^ I take it that Sunset Shimmer told you that I’m going to be in the archery competition all this week?”
Princess Twilight nodded, “Yeah, she did. That’s the main reason I’m here- ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS that I am here today, heheheheheheheh. ^///^; ”

Rainbow Dash quietly whispered to Sunset Shimmer, Pinkie Pie, and Sci-Twi quite smugly, “Called it… ;P
“Uh, so… <:///) ” said Flash, as he then cleared his throat, “Are you ladies planning on walking over to the park? It’s a pretty long walk, so... if you want… and at the risk of maybe being too forward here… I could give you all a lift in my car? Of course, it’s really all up to you girls, don’t want to push it on any of ya, so… yeah. ^^;

The girls all looked at each other, then Rainbow Dash said, “Dude, I think I can speak for everyone here when I say that you are awesome! ^^ ”
“I’m sorry?? :? ” Flashed asked, not exactly sure what R.D. meant by that precisely.
“She means ‘yes’ to your offer, darling,” said Rarity.
“OH, okay, great :) ” said Flash.
“Thanks for the offer, Flash,” said Sunset Shimmer, “But I’ve seen that Camaro car of yours plenty of times and while I admit that it IS pretty much one VERY sweet ride, are you sure it’s even close to being big enough for one teenage boy, eight young girls, and a purple puppy-dog to ALL fit in? :?

“Absolutely ^^ ” said Flash… until they all were scrunched up together hilariously inside of Flash’s car meant for only like 5 or 6 passengers, then Flash said while being squeezed against the walls of his car, “…okay, maybe not. >_<; ”

Everyone had to get out of the car, and by that I mean they all fell out of the car when they opened its doors. They all got up on their feet and dusted themselves off, then Rainbow Dash leaned back against the left side of Flash’s car, which was parked near the sidewalk outside of Canterlot High’s school grounds, and Rainbow said, “Guess we’re hoofing it after all.”

Rainbow Dash then noticed the sound of what sounded like a motorcycle’s engine running as she said, “Do you guys hear something? :?
“Look!” said Fluttershy, as she pointed to where the noise was coming from: a Four-Wheeler, which was an all-terrain vehicle that looked similar to a motorcycle, only broader and had – obviously – four powerful wheels instead of just two.

The one who was driving it was wearing a dark green helmet with a black visor. Everyone else saw that interesting vehicle head towards their way on the road, and then it stopped practically right next to the C.H.S. group of friends. The Four Wheeler’s driver then took off his helmet, revealing that it was a forest-green colored, young and fairly dashing, wild dark brown-haired young man that was about Flash’s age, if just a tiny bit older, and the green driver in question was actually a good friend of Flash’s named “Arrow Swift”. ***

*** For those of you who don’t know Arrow Swift, you can learn more about him from saber360’s gallery.

“~I think I'm starting to know how YOU feel about Flash, Princess Twilight…” said Rarity, blushing and had big, sparkly anime-styled eyes while staring at Arrow Swift, while Princess Twilight simply just rolled her eyes.

Princess Twilight then said to Rarity, “Yep… YOU definitely are the human equivalent of MY world’s Rarity alright.”

Flash then walked up to the green dude standing before all of them and said, “Arrow Swift! Hey there, bro, what’s up? :)
“Hey, Flash,” said Arrow Swift, as the two dudes shared a fist bump together, or a “human bro-hoof” as some might call it.

Arrow Swift then looked behind Flash to see the one and only Equestria Girls standing before them, and then he said, “OH, I remember THESE lovely ladies. Long time no see. ^^ ”
“Hey there, Arrow Swift :) ” said Sunset Shimmer, “It’s good to see you again.”
Applejack tipped her cowgirl hat up a bit as she added, “I reckon we haven’t seen YOU since the Spring Fling, partner.” ***

*** You can learn more about that in “EG: The Spring Fling” in saber360’s gallery.

“You’re right, it has been a while, hasn’t it? :) ” Arrow Swift replied to Applejack.

“How’ve you been, Swifty? :D ” Pinkie Pie asked him cheerfully.
“I’ve been well, thanks,” said Arrow Swift, “I’m on my way to the big archery competition at Canterlot Park.”
“Really?? So are we :) ” said Flash, “But uh, apparently, I can’t fit all of my friends into my car. ^^;

“Well, I could carry a couple of passengers for you, if that’s alright with you guys,” said Arrow Swift.
Needless to say, Rarity saw this as an opportunity to get REALLY close with a boy that she REALLY liked, as she quickly hopped onto Arrow Swift’s driver seat of his Four Wheeler and wrapped her arms around the young man from behind him as she said, “I call dibs on backseat! ^//3//^ ”

This was much to Arrow Swift’s surprise, of course… not that he minded it ENTIRELY. ;)

Anyway, with that, both Flash and Arrow Swift drove off in their vehicles with their lady friends with them, all of them heading straight for the big archery competition in Canterlot Park.

Arrow Swift was driving with both Rarity and Fluttershy riding with him on his Four Wheeler, while everyone else was riding with Flash in his black Camaro car.
Princess Twilight was sitting in the passenger’s seat of Flash’s car, right next to him, secretly having the same idea as Rarity with Arrow Swift. Sci-Twi, on the other hand, was sitting in the backseat right behind Princess Twilight. And NO, Sci-Twi wasn’t jealous of Princess Twilight or anything, she was simply observing why the princess liked the guitarist when he barely had any real personality of his own at all. I know that sounds a little mean and kinda anit-Flash, but hopefully you understand what I really mean here.

Anyway, Princess Twilight just blushed as she watched Flash drive, not sure if she should say something. Flash himself wasn’t really sure if he should speak, considering that he and Princess Twilight and a good number of the princess’s best friends were all riding in the same car together.

Then both Flash and Princess Twilight spoke saying, “So, how have- OH, sorry, you first. No, you fir- Okay, I’ll go firs- Wait, are you copying me? :?

That was a weird and awkward moment, but both Flash and Princess Twilight simply chuckled it off, and then Flash said, “You first, Princess. :)

“Thanks, Flash, and I just wanted to know how you’ve been,” explained Princess Twilight, still blushing as she smiled adorably.
“I’ve been good,” said Flash, “Just getting through my studies, still coming up with good music and songs – most of which are made with the help from my band bros – and… well, on my way to an archery challenge with my archer bro while both he and I are traveling to said archery challenge with a bunch of pretty girls. ;)  OH, and their cute little dog, too.”

Princess Twilight blushed a bit more as she giggled at Flash's joke, as did the other girls in the car, though Spike just raised a confused eyebrow at Flash.

Flash then asked Princess Twilight, “So, how have YOU been, Princess?”
“Well, I've been good, just really busy back home... again, sorry I wasn't able to make it for the Friendship Games. I really would have wanted to help C.H.S. or at least cheer for the team, including you Flash... but like I said before, I was stuck in a time-travel loop at the same time of the Friendship Games happening in this world, so… you know… go figure. * squee * ^^; ” answered Princess Twilight.

“It’s okay, Twilight,” Flash said to the Princess of Friendship, “Though, I’m guessing that you really are the kind of girl who experiences a LOT of weird yet interesting things during her adventures, huh?”
“You have no idea how right you are,” Princess Twilight replied a little sheepishly.

“Well, that explains how yer always able ta help us out,” said Applejack.
“I’m sorry?? :? ” Princess Twilight asked, not fully understanding what A.J. meant by that.
“No offense meant, sugarcube, Ah just meant that ya always know what we need ta do ta save our school, ya know, with havin’ plenty of experiences with weird, supernatural, magic stuff goin’ on,” explained A.J.

“Well,” said Princess Twilight, “Sunset Shimmer really figured out the magic stuff that happened at C.H.S. the last time it was in major danger, and practically the time before that.”
“Well, I kinda have YOU to thank for it, Twilight,” Sunset replied with a smile and blushing a little bit.
Sci-Twi then said, “I for one wish I could understand how all of this magic stuff happens and works… in a way that DOESN’T lead to world destruction, of course. ^^;

“Smart thinking ;P ” Flash replied, as everyone then laughed together.
Meanwhile, driving behind Flash’s car, Arrow Swift was of course still on his Four Wheeler with Rarity and Fluttershy sitting behind him on the driver’s seat.
“Are you sure this was a good idea, Rarity?” asked Fluttershy, holding onto Rarity while the wind blew through their hair.
“I certainly think so ^^ ” said Rarity, loving the fact that a dashing young man was giving her a lift to the park, “I mean, personally, I would have preferred traveling like this in a Convertible or at least on a real motorcycle, but a Four Wheeler is certainly a nice change of pace from that.”

“I heard that!” said Arrow Swift, even though he was wearing a helmet that covered his entire head and face, including his ears. Needless to say, Rarity felt embarrassed now.
“Can you at least slow down a little?” Fluttershy asked Arrow Swift, feeling a little uneasy.
“Oh, sure, sorry,” said Arrow Swift, as he went at half-throttle now, but still at the road’s speed limit.
“Better?” Arrow Swift asked Fluttershy.
“Yes, much better, thank you,” answered Fluttershy, feeling a little more relaxed now.

Arrow Swift then said, “So, you girls going to just watch the archery competition today, or you’re taking part in it?”
Rarity replied, “Well, honestly, I myself am not participating. Archery is quite fabulous, but it isn’t exactly my forte, darling. ^^; But Fluttershy here IS taking part in it, and so will our friends, Applejack and Sci-Twi. Oh, and Flash Sentry as well.”
“Oh, that’s cool,” said Arrow Swift, “Uh, Sci-Twi, though… is she by any chance that purple girl with glasses that actually kinda looks like that Twilight Sparkle friend of yours?”
“Yes, she is,” said Rarity nodded, “But the story behind THAT, it’s… uh… well, complicated. ^^;
“Say no more,” said Arrow Swift, wanting to respect their clearly wanted need for privacy on that matter for whatever reason it was, “Anyone else you know going to be at the archery matches?”

“Well,” said Rarity, “One of our newest friends, Sugar Sweet, told us that her twin sister, Sour Sweet, is going to compete in it. Sour herself is quite good with a bow and arrow, so you might want to look out for her. Oh, and Flash told us that his friend, Micro Chips, will be there as well. Apparently, Micro believes that he has the intellect and coordination to pull archery off… though, I do hope that one of the factors that the dear smart boy took into consideration on this matter was, well… arm strength. ^^;

“Let me guess: nerd alert? ;P ” Arrow Swift asked jokingly.
“I suppose that’s one way of putting it,” said Rarity, not very amused with the joke.

Pretty soon, they all made it to Canterlot Park. They had all registered for the event already by doing so online a few days earlier, so all that was left to do was for them to get equipped with the appropriate archery gear.

“All right, y'all, we'd bettah gear up fer tha big event!” said Applejack, getting pumped for the competition.
“Sounds good,” said Sci-Twi, “Rarity, do you have those archery clothes you said you’d make for us?”
“Of course I do, darling ^^ ” said Rarity, bringing out her big ol’ fashionista backpack that also served as a rollable suitcase, complete with tiny wheels and an extendable handlebar.

“Well, you girls have fun dressing up for the competition,” said Flash, as he and Arrow Swift headed for the men’s room to get changed into their own archery uniforms, “And best of luck in the competition. :)
“Yeah, ladies,” said Arrow Swift, “Because with all due respect, you’re probably gonna need it. ;P

“I guess I should go find a seat, so I can observe the event,” said Princess Twilight, who still had her backpack full of pens and notepads.
“I’ll come with you, Princess,” said Sunset Shimmer, “Mainly so I can be sure that you’ll be using those pens of yours the right way. ;P
“Thanks,” said Princess Twilight, “You know, the weird thing is that they were all writing quills and ink bottles, but then I saw that during the portal-warp from Equestria to here on Earth, the quills and ink all merged with each other and got turned into writing pens. That IS weird, right? :?

“Sure is,” said Sunset Shimmer, “Anyway, we’ll catch up with you all later, everyone. Good luck and have fun!”
After Rarity handed the archery uniforms to Sci-Twi, Applejack, and Fluttershy to change into and get ready, Rarity and also Princess Twilight, Sunset Shimmer, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Sci-Twi’s pet dog, Spike, all headed to bleachers of where the charity archery event was taking place. Oh, and sorry for not saying this earlier, but EVERYONE definitely paid for admission for this week-long event, whether each of them were taking part of the competition or just observing it from the stands.

The entire event looked festive enough in terms of decorations and refreshments; the kind of festive atmosphere you would expect from your friendly neighborhood’s archery event for charitable fund raising in order to save the town’s beloved park.

As Princess Twilight and her friends made their way to the bleachers, they saw their newest friend, Sugar Sweet, there. They actually managed to sit down with her and get ready for the big, exciting event with her.
“It’s really great that we get to watch this event with you, Sugar Sweet,” Sunset Shimmer said to her, “I hope your twin sister, Sour Sweet, does well in it… and will act with great sportsmanship… sincere sportsmanship… hopefully. ^^;

“Thanks, Sunset, and I'm sure she'll be alright,” said Sugar Sweet, “After our picnic earlier this week, Sour Sweet told me that she really wants to try to change for the better like you and Sci-Twi did with yourselves. :) …major emphasis on ‘try’. ^^;

“Well, THAT much is good to know, at least ^^; ” said Sci-Twi.

Speaking of Sour Sweet, she was in the ladies’ room changing into her archery look and uniform, they very same ones she had during the Friendship Games. She was also talking a little bit with the Canterlot High girls that would be competing in the archery competition.

Applejack asked Sour Sweet, “So, Sour… what exactly made you want to take part in this charity event anyhow?”
“Well, I thought it'd be fun, and archery has always been my best sport,” explained Sour Sweet, who surprisingly did so in a calm and emotionally stable manner. ;P

Fluttershy then said, “Well, best of luck to you today, Sour Sweet… and we hope that no matter what happens, that you’ll have fun… and… uh, well, you know… NOT get highly over-competitive… oh, uh, no offense, of course. * squee * ^^;

“Thanks! Best of luck to you too, girls~ ^3^ ” Sour Sweet cheerfully and holding up the peace sign in her right hand… before turning it into a thumbs-down as she said, “Because with all due respect, you’re gonna need it, rookies. > : ) ”

“…and there it is >_<; ” Sci-Twi said a bit dryly.

Meanwhile, in the men’s room, Flash Sentry and Arrow Swift were changing into their archery clothes with their friends, Micro Chips and the young 8th grader from Everfree Town Junior High named “Drumbeat” who once filled in as a substitute band mate with Arrow Swift for Flash’s band, The Flash Drive, back during the last Spring Fling at Canterlot High School. ***

*** To fully understand what we’re talking about here, check out the original EG story, “The Spring Fling” in saber360’s gallery.

“It really is great to see you guys again :) ” Drumbeat said to Arrow Swift and Flash, “OH, and nice to meet you, Micro Chips.”
“Likewise,” all three of the other boys said in unison.
“But why are you here at this archery event, let alone taking part in it? :? ” Flash asked Drumbeat.

Drumbeat replied sincerely, “Well, basically it’s ‘cause… my parents thought it would be really good for my self-esteem… especially my mom. >_<; ”
“Yikes, I am so sorry…” said Flash, understanding fully what Drumbeat meant.
“Have you even ever DONE archery before, D.B.?” Arrow Swift asked the 8th grader.
“Well, I’ve been doing archery as a hobby on the side ever since I was almost 12, so you know,” said Drumbeat.

“Well, best of luck to you, little bro :) ” said Drumbeat.
“Yeah, I’m sure you’ll do great,” said Micro Chips.
“Ditto,” said Arrow Swift.
“Thanks, guys!” said Drumbeat, “Best of luck to you all, too.”

Pretty soon, once ALL of the archers – both boys and girls – were geared up and ready for action, they all headed to the huge archery field where the competition was taking place.
Everyone in the bleachers clapped and cheered for all of the young archers that were taking part in the competition. There were actually about 50 archers, so this competition was certainly going to be a good one.

Principal Celestia, Vice Principal Luna, and Dean Cadance were the judges for the event.
Seeing that, Sunset Shimmer said to Princess Twilight, “I guess we now know where the idea of this archery-based charity event ORIGINALLY came from. ;) Bless their hearts for wanting to save Canterlot Park.”
“I hear you,” said Princess Twilight, as both girls waved to all three judges, who noticed both of them and they all waved back.
Dean Cadance then asked both Celestia and Luna, “When did Twilight change her look? :?
Celestia and Luna could both tell that even Cadance herself was mixing both Twilights up with each other now, as both Principals simply giggled a tiny bit, much to Cadance’s confusion.

Just then, Princess Twilight realized that one of the judges looked a lot like the Cadance that the Princess of Friendship knew very well back in Equestria, as Princess Twilight then said, “Wait a minute, is that pink woman judge there… is she who I think she is?! O.O ”

“Yep,” said Sunset Shimmer, “THAT is Dean Cadance of Crystal Prep Academy, the school that Sci-Twi used to go to before she moved to Canterlot High School. And of course, just as important, Dean Cadance is THE human version of Equestria’s own Princess Cadance, am I wrong?”

“No, you're right on track, Sunset,” answered Princess Twilight, still a little shocked.
Pinkie Pie stuck out her neck while pointing to the archery targets that were already set up on the competition field as she said to Princess Twilight, “Don’t you mean… RIGHT ON TARGET…??? :D

The girls couldn’t help but laugh and chuckle at what Pinkie Pie just did there, as Princess Twilight said, “Okay, okay, I’ll admit it: I walked myself right into that one, didn’t I? ;P
“Yes. Yes, you really did,” said Sunset Shimmer with a nice smirk on her face, as they all laughed again.

Suddenly, Principal Celestia stood up while holding up a microphone and spoke into it.
“Hello, everyo-” she said, before there was a loud feedback going off in the speakers, much to everyone’s displeasure as they covered their ears.
When it cleared up, Principal Celestia said, “Oh, whoops, sorry. ^///^; Ahem. Hello, everyone, and welcome to today’s charity event here at Canterlot Park… The Ultimate Archer Tournament!”

Princess Twilight whispered to Sunset Shimmer, “That title isn’t exactly as enticing as ‘The Artemis Cup’ but okay.”

Principal Celestia then said, “At this time, we judges here want to personally thank every single audience member, event employee, and competing archer here today for contributing in their own wonderful ways to help make this week-long charity event possible, all with the desired goal to help raise enough funds to keep our beloved Canterlot Park in our beloved Canterlot Town. And now, at this time, we would like this competition to be explained and then kicked off by our town’s very dear, official, political leader AND the one who helped make all of this possible at the very beginning of planning and development… please give it up for our mayor… Miss Mare Democra!”

Everyone applauded and cheered as the human version of Mayor Mare stepped up to the stage and was handed the microphone from Principal Celestia after the two women shook hands. Needless to say, the human version of Mayor Mare looked much like Equestria’s own Mayor Mare, except that this human version of her wore a dark green business suit with a long black tie and black dress shoes; she looked very political indeed.

Mayor Mare cleared her throat as she said, “Thank you, Miss Celestia for those kind words, and I myself want to thank you and your sister, Miss Luna, and your niece, Dean Cadance of Crystal Prep Academy, for introducing this archery competition idea to me and Canterlot Park. If it weren’t for you three ladies and helping us come up with this event, none of this fundraiser could have possibly even been put into planning and development, let alone become a reality at all. And of course, I myself would like to also thank each and every person here for making this charity event happen here this week as well. This archery competition here is a five-day event that is happening all week this week to help raise money to save our dear Canterlot Park from being shut down completely, and it looks like we’re already at a very good start. We have over 50 different archers competing here today, and each event being held each day will consist of different challenges for everyone here to do and try to win in. At the end of this tournament week, this Friday to be more precise, we’ll be down to our top two competitors to see who will bring home the gold… the Gold Chalice of Artemis, that is!”

Just then, Mayor Mare revealed from underneath a cloaking sheet beside her that there was indeed a golden chalice-like trophy for the champion of their tournament of archers.
“Ooooh, shiny O3O ” said Pinkie Pie.

“I am SO brining home THAT gold :D ” said Arrow Swift.
“Not if I bring it home first, bro!” said Flash Sentry.

“Sorry, boys, but the only one getting that trophy is me!” said Sour Sweet, being a little smug.
“Nuh-uh, it’s gonna be me!” Drumbeat replied.
“Well,” said Applejack, placing her hands on her hips, “May the best archer win!”
“I intend to,” said Sour Sweet.
“We’ll see,” said Sci-Twi.
“Uh… yeah…” Fluttershy said timidly.

“Dun worry ‘bout nuthin;, Fluttershy, just do yer best like at tha Friendship Games,” said Applejack, putting her left hand on Fluttershy's shoulder.
“Even though that time was just luck?” Fluttershy asked.
A.J. simply replied, “Details, details. I know, I know, that’s somethin’ expected from Rainbow Dash, but I’m not her, am I?” ***

*** I REALLY hope you all can see what I did there. :D

What Applejack just said made Fluttershy giggle a tiny bit and calm down a little.
“Archers!” said Mayor Mare, “Are you ready?!”
“READY!” yelled every one of the archers, while holding their bows up in the air with great, strong pride.

Micro Chips then said to himself quietly, “Well, technically, I myself am about 76.4523% ready, but kind of close enough. ^_^; ”

Mayor Mare then said, “Then let the first ever Ultimate Archer Tournament… BEGIN!!”

Now, considering that this archery tournament was a five-day, fund-raising charity event, as well as taking into account the interest of time for this “short story” here… we’ll just give you the gist of what happened, while YOU fine viewers can imagine it all happening in a fun, hilarious fast-forward motion, ‘kay? :D

Every single day of the archery tournament was intense, with many different challenges involving targets, and it lead up to the final day of the eventful tournament and its final four contenders: Arrow Swift, Sour Sweet, Applejack, and – surprisingly enough – Flash Sentry.

As for what happened to the other competitors we listed earlier… well, ALL of the listed 8 young, potential archers DID make it through the first round and the second one, but unfortunately, both Drumbeat and Fluttershy tanked in the third round, and both Microchips and even Sci-Twi lost in the fourth round. Still, they all did have fun together, and all of their friends were still cheering them on. And even though the four young archers lost, they too still cheered for their friends that were on the road to winning the Gold Chalice of Artemis.

Before the final rounds of the event’s last day got started, Princess Twilight said to Sci-Twi as they sat in the stands together with their other friends, “I still can’t believe that YOUR human world actually had an Artemis just like MY pony world did.”

“Wait, you have ancient mythology in your world, too?” asked an amazed Sci-Twi.
“But of course :)” said Princess Twilight.
Pinkie Pie then added, “Well, DUH...! I mean, HELLOOOOO, Princess Twilight here comes from a world filled with magic AND ponies that can use magic and/or have wings and/or be in touch with their world’s life itself. You’d think it would have something mythological about it, am I right? ;P

Sci-Twi just looked at Pinkie Pie and blinked twice while as the young human girl’s face clearly said, “What the whaaaa…?? O_o ”
"Let me guess: Pinkie's right again?" Sunset asked Princess Twilight with a small smirk.
“Of course she is,” answered Princess Twilight, as the three of them giggled while Sci-Twi simply just smiled and rolled her eyes.

Meanwhile, sitting in the stands right now were the Main Canterlot High girls AND the Crystal Prep girls, getting to know each other better, particularly Sugar Sweet getting to know Sour Sweet’s friends from Crystal Prep Academy.

“It's been really nice to see you Crystal Prep girls again, and you must all be so happy and proud of Sour Sweet right now,” said Sugar Sweet.
“Totally! :D” said Lemon Zest, “But not as mundo proud as YOU are of your own twin sis, am I right? ;)
Indigo Zap cheered out to their friend, “Go Sour, Go Sour, Go! Go Sour, Go Sour, Go!”

“Awww, thanks girls, you’re all so sweet~ ^3^ ” Sour Sweet replied sweetly, as her attitude quickly changed, “But you better not be getting too close or friendly with my sister… > : ( ”

“So, Sugar Sweet…” said Sunny Flare, “Who’s that green archery guy with the dark brown hair again? :?
“His name is Arrow Swift, I think… but the C.H.S girls probably know him better than I do, trust me,” said Sugar Sweet.

“What can you tell me about him, Rarity?” Sunny Flare asked her.
“Where do I start? He's so handsome and daring!” said Rarity, starting to blush while batting her eyelids and having her hands up to her face like the giddy school girl she really was.

“O-kay… anything else?” Sunny Flare asked.
“Yes, he's MINE!!” Rarity replied in her “obsessed fan girl” voice, much to Sunny Flare’s discomfort as she looked to her fellow Crystal Prep girls, who all just simply looked creeped out just as much and shrugged their shoulders.
Sunny Flare then thought to herself in her mind, “Well, I guess Arrow Swift is off the table for me then… mostly because Rarity is scaring me right now.”

Sunset Shimmer then said to the over-giddy, porcelain-white skinned fashionista, “Rarity-sweetie? I think you should calm down. Please? ^^;

That was in vain as Rarity called out to Arrow Swift and waved to him, both in a pretty flirty manner, “~Oh, Swifty, yoo-hoo! I'll be cheering for you, darling!”
“Uh, great, thanks, Rarity ^^; ” Arrow Swift replied while waving back to her and blushing a tiny bit out of embarrassment.

Micro Chips and Drumbeat both got to the part of the front row of the bleachers that was closest to both Arrow Swift and Flash Sentry.
Flash chuckled at the thing going on between Rarity and Arrow Swift right now as Flash then said, “Looks like you’ve got a bit of a #1 fan, huh Mr. Swifty? ;P

Micro Chips and Drumbeats both chuckled at that as Arrow Swift replied, “Oh, yeah, ha ha ha, it is to laugh. Anyway, what about YOU, Flash?”
“What about me? :? ” Flash asked.
“Well,” said Arrow Swift, “You and those Twilight Sparkle twins…?”

Flash sighed and said, “It’s a long story… and it just recently got more complicated with me and TwiiiIII mean, it’s none of your business, pal, back off!”
Flash then walked away looking pretty ticked, as Arrow Swift then said to him sincerely, “Whoa, dude, chill. Don’t take it the wrong way, I was just-”

Flash just stopped the discussion there by saying in a hilariously angry manner, “DON’T JUDGE ME!!!”
That of course made all three of his bros jump back, as Flash then said, “Sorry… excuse me, I’m going to go get some water to cool off… after I bang my face against a wall.”

Flash left the scene, and then Micro Chips said, “WOW…… This Twilight Sparkle twin stuff has got him all twisted up, huh? I wonder when THAT happened? :?
“I hear ya,” said Drumbeat.
Arrow Swift added, “I just hope that for his sake, and for the sake of my good conscience, Flash doesn’t fall out of the mentally prepared state of mind that he needs for today’s final round in the archery tournament. Otherwise, he’s gonna leave this round in regrettable defeat.”

Princess Twilight saw that Flash was angry, so she decided to leave the stands and try to follow him.
Flash got a bottled water from one of the complimentary outdoor coolers there were for the archers competing in the tournament. Flash then took that water bottled and chugged it all down, like he REALLY needed a good drink after a somewhat stressful moment just now.

When Princess Twilight approached Flash from behind and tapped the back of his shoulder, she said, “Uh, Flash?”
She actually ended up making Flash jump up so badly that he ended up spitting out his water like a fountain, in a hilarious manner I might add.

“I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, Flash!” said Princess Twilight.
“Oh, uh, don’t worry about it,” said Flash, “What are you doing here, Princess?”
“I saw how angry you were back there and thought I could try to cheer you up,” explained Princess Twilight.
“And what makes you think I’m angry?” Flash asked, as he continued to drink from his bottled water.
“Well… I saw you yelling at Arrow Swift...” answered Princess Twilight, still worried.

Flash froze for a little bit and then he said, “What did… What did you hear us talk about?”
“Not much,” said Princess Twilight, “But if you want… or need a friend to talk about it, I’m right here for you.”

Flash then sighed a bit reluctantly, but did so to try to calm himself down.
“It’s…” Flash started out, looking at Princess Twilight, not sure what to say, “It’s nothing important… just… just something about me not being able to… * sigh * Look, Twilight… honestly… I can’t honestly tell you everything, but… the truth is… it has to do with the fact that there really are TWO Twilight Sparkles – one from YOUR world and one from THIS world. And well… It’s all kinds of complicated, which I’m sure you yourself could agree upon THAT much since all of this Human and Pony and magic stuff is still a LOT of new ground to understand and cover. But still… I’m just being stupid over stu- Uh, RIDICULOUS things, so… Right now, I just need to get my head in the game for the final round today. But thanks anyway for your concern, Princess, I really do appreciate it. :)

Princess Twilight smiled as she held both of Flash’s hand, "It's okay Flash, and I think I understand. But I just want you to know that I'm here for you anytime you need me. Good luck with the tournament’s final round. You’ll do great, I know it.”

Princess Twilight blushed deeply as she gently kissed Flash's right face cheek, then she went back to the bleachers with a cutely flustered smile on her face… while Flash had a hilariously flustered look on his face.
Ten seconds later, Flash quickly fainted backwards.

Little did either of them know that Sci-Twi and Sunset Shimmer had been secretly watching them from nearby.
Both girls then simply looked at each other, and then Sci-Twi asked Sunset Shimmer, “Are things between those two ALWAYS this complicated? :?
“Pretty much, yeah,” Sunset Shimmer nodded, “Honestly, Sci-Twi, while I mean no offense towards Flash himself… YOU pretty much are dodging a bullet here, as you can probably see. ;P I mean, the bond we all share with Flash IS unique in its own way, but as you saw just now, it can be pretty complicated. ^^;
“…Noted,” Sci-Twi replied simply as she adjusted her glasses.

With that done, followed by Sunset Shimmer splashing ice cold water on Flash’s face to wake him up, it was just about time for the final round of the archery tournament to begin.
Princess Twilight got back to her seat and started reviewing ALL of the notes she took over the course of the tournament during that entire week… though half of it started out as bad scribbling until both Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi pitched in to help her out with that. ;P

Flash talked to Arrow Swift, Micro Chips, and Drumbeat about earlier and they apologized to each other for it, so they were all cool now.
Now it was time for the final round… The Trick Shot Contest.

Once again, Principal Celestia stood up while holding a microphone and speaking into it, “I'd like to congratulate all of the archers that have made it this far into the competition. You all have proven that you're very skilled at archery, but while all archers in this tournament ARE winners in this charity fund-raising event, there can only be ONE champion in the tournament itself.”

“She’s right, you know…” Pinkie Pie said to her friends, as she made a hilarious yet epic pose for dramatic effect as she said, “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.” ***

*** You’re welcome for that reference, people. ;)

Princess Twilight and Sci-Twi were both a little creeped out by Pinkie Pie just now, while everyone else all just cheered and clapped for the start of the Trick Shot Conest. The final round was now finally underway for Arrow Swift, Applejack, Sour Sweet, and Flash Sentry.

What they had to do was shoot arrows at many moving targets on three of the craziest mechanical contraptions you would’ve ever seen, and they had to shoot arrows at those targets in the most creative ways they could think of. And the one that scored the most points at the very end of the round would be the big winner and champion of the tournament.
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If you can't afford to help out with either one of these petitions at all, then at least spread the word about them online as much as possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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It is inspirational, like nothing else nor nobody else ever was: 
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I just realized that when it comes to R2-D2, probably nobody has given any of us a story behind who made R2-D2 and why. It's not just me, right? If you ask me, someone should write up an officially published story that'll give us R2-D2's origin story. Am I right?
Please comment here to share your thoughts on this matter AND spread this Journal Entry around as much as possible.
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