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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament - Chapter 17
Chapter 17: The Tale of the Elements of Peace
With the very first ever Talent Tournament now officially over, and with Starlight Glimmer as its Talent Champion, all of the Ponies in Rainbow Falls were either heading back to their homes or wanting to get to meet and congratulate Starlight and the rest of the Ponies that competed so well in the tournament – especially Starlight and her Mane Seven friends.
The Ponies that were originally from Canterlot did the exact same thing, only each of them were either doing that or getting themselves on the next train ride back to their home of Canterlot.
At the time… Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash were all getting to know Crafty Arts and Gabby Griffon, the Griffon girl who was friends with their little sisters, the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
Applejack said, “It was certainly great to see both of y’all, and thanks again fer standin’ by us as we told everypony in Rainbow Falls the truth about Dark Mind bein’ in the
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament - Chapter 16
Chapter 16: The Final Round – Talent Royale!
“A Talent Royale??” Rainbow Dash asked, “Just what the heck is THAT supposed to be?”
Starlight Glimmer then started to explain, “The way the Talent Royale would work is like this… All of our finalists will discuss together on figuring out what the one, single competition that all of them are most definitely equally matched in is. After that, they’ll compete with each other in that competition at the exact same time. The one Pony who comes out on top of the Talent Royale will have won the final match of the Talent Torunament AND be declared our big winner! Our Talent Champion!”
Everypony cheered loudly and proudly together in excitement for the final round.
“Sounds like a plan to me :) ” said Flash.
Applejack exclaimed excitedly, “Yeehaw! Let’s do this, y’all! ^^ ”
Shadow Shinobi looked at the red-and-purple scarf around his neck and said to it, “L
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament - Chapter 15
Chapter 15: The Truth Hurts
After Princess Twilight and all of her friends finished with both dinner and their conversation, they went to go check on how Prince Blueblood was feeling as he rested in bed while Nurse Redheart was looking after him and medically treating the poor Prince with the assistance of Moon Dancer, Crafty Arts, and Gabby Griffon.
“Hi everypony, how's Prince Blueblood?” Twilight asked gently.
“So far, he's alright, but he still hasn't woke up,” answered Crafty Arts, worried for the Prince’s sake.
Nurse Redheart added, “Well, all that matters now is that he gets as much rest as he possibly can. Physically, he should be alright. However, if what Trixie told me is indeed true… that Prince Blueblood was actually possessed by an evil monster from Tartarus itself… then the REAL damage done to him is both mental and emotional.”
“We know, and I for one would be more than happy to help out too, if you’d like,&
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament, Chapter 14
Chapter 14: The Ninja Prince
Shadow Shinobi said to Princess Twilight and all of her friends, as they all ate at their Rainbow Falls inn’s dinning hall, “My full name and title is Shadow Shinobi, the Ninja Prince of the Royal Shadow Clan, the very imperial family that rules and leads all of my homeland of Uma.”
Needless to say, THAT made everypony stare at Shadow with their mouths hanging open, completely shocked… not to mention that a donkey’s “Haw-Hee!” went off in the background.
Pinkie Pie then asked, “…Is this by any chance the part where we’re all so overwhelmed with shock, that one of us at complete random faints over?”
“Ah guess ya can say that,” answered Applejack, as SHE then straight up faint backwards.
“Ditto,” said Flash, as HE then fainted backwards.
“Really?? >_
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament - Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Confrontation and Criticism
Stuck in the distorted pocket dimension that Discord had created for his Pony friends to use to their advantage, Dark Mind - who was of course taking control of Prince Blueblood's mind and body - yelled out angrily, “It doesn’t matter what this place is called, and it doesn’t matter what powers or weapons you all have, and it doesn’t even matter what the odds are! Because this little so-called ‘Casa of Distortion’… is also going to be known as… YOUR TOMB OF DOOM!!!”
“That's what YOU think!” said Princess Twilight, as she and Luna combined their Alicorn Magic into a giant ball of pure, magenta-blue colored energy and fired it right at Dark Mind.
The magic blast hit Dark Mind hard, but both Alicorn Princesses made sure that they weren't throwing any attacks at Blueblood's body that would be TOO harmful.
The combined magic attack actually sent Blueblood spiraling backwards, making him
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament - Chapter 12
Chapter 12: Catching The Second Round Wind, Part 3
Everypony in the stands cheered for both Fluttershy and Shadow Sword, as their animal companions – Momo and Mordejay – ran through the Animal Obstacle Course with both Ponies guiding them through it.
Momo was currently jumping over and off of all kinds of blockades and pillars, while Mordejayson was flying through and around them with great reflexes and agility.
They then came across a part of the obstacle course where there was a fairly big pool with ring posts sticking out of it.
Shadow said to Momo, “Momo-chan! Time to glide!”
Momo jumped up into the air and brought out her hidden wing-flaps, allowing her to glide through the rings while Mordejayson flew through them as well.
Seeing Momo glide like the flying squirrel she was was surprising everyone, even Fluttershy.
Of course, seeing Little Momo glide so amazingly made Fluttershy coo as she said, “~Oh, so adorable! ^3^ ”
Everypony was still cheer
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament - Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Catching The Second Round Wind, Part 2
In the newest match of the Talent Tournament’s second round, it was going to be Pinkie Pie V.S. Applejack… and there was no going back from it.
Pinkie Pie and Applejack both got onstage to decide what they were going to do as their match.
Pinkie Pie then said to Applejack, “Listen, A.J., I just want you to know… no matter who wins this match… you and I will still be best friends who are, well… practically like family… Right, Couz?
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament - Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Catching The Second Round Wind, Part 1
Arrow Swift and Cloudchaser stepped up to their light blue bow-stands, ready to begin the long-distance archery contest.
Cloudchaser was up first, as she used her teeth to set an ice arrow upon the bow stand’s string and then pull back on it, taking aim and getting ready to fire.
Discord quickly made himself look like the kind of sports announcer that had to speak fairly quiet, as he said into a microphone very softly, though he clearly was being quite hilarious as always, “…And now, fillies and gentlecolts… the crowd has fallen incredibly silent as Cloudchaser of Ponyville… lines up her shot.”
The entire area did become silent as Cloudchaser took her time to take aim her ice arrow.
After a few more seconds, Cloudchaser pulled back a bit more on her readied bowstring and ice arrow. Once the icy bolt was pulled back upon with all of her might, Cloudchaser let it go.
The ice arrow landed all the way on
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament, Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Flash V.S. Dash (…for real this time.)
That’s right: the two performers that would be competing against each other in the first match-up of the second round were none other than Flash Sentry and Rainbow Dash.
Everypony in the crowd cheered at the big reveal, while Twilight and the rest of her friends were all surprised by this, especially Rainbow Dash and Flash themselves.
However, believe it or not, Rainbow and Flash were really looking forward to competing against each other. The last time they did something like that was with a race during their trip to Neighagra Falls about a couple of years back, but they kind of called it off in the middle of it because they realized that it was the kind of race that was basically immature and somewhat pointless. ***
*** To see that, check out “MLP: FiM – The Memory Thief” in my gallery. It is a story that I do not think you’ll be disappointed in. ;)

Princess Twilight recomposed herself and s
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament, Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Get Your Talent On
Princesses Luna and Twilight took the stage as they ecstatically said together to everypony in Rainbow Falls, “Who’s ready to get their talent on?! :D
Everypony answered loudly and just as excitedly, by clapping and stomping their hooves and cheering as loud as they could, with one certain buffed and bulky white stallion yelling out, “YEAAAAHHHH!!!!!”
Princess Twilight opened her mouth to say something, but she was completely cut off by Pinkie Pie saying over her big megaphone, “WE CAN’T HEAR YOU…!!”
That made everypony cheer even louder.
Princess Twilight opened up her mouth again, but Pinkie Pie cut her off again by saying in her megaphone, “WE STILL CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!”
Everypony cheered even louder that before!
Princess Twilight opened her mouth once more, but this time Princess Luna said in her trademarked Royal Canterlot Voice, “COME ON, EVERYPONY, YOU CAN DO BETTER T
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament, Chapter 7, Part3
On the train ride to Rainbow Falls, Prince Blueblood and Discord, along with Arrow Swift and Moon Dancer, were all almost at their planned destination of Rainbow Falls.
The conductor pony aboard the train stated that they would all be arriving in Rainbow Falls within 10 minutes, and it was also almost time for the sun to start setting.
“I'm actually excited about this,” said Moon Dancer, looking out her window, “I've never been to the Rainbow Falls before.”
Discord replied, “OH, you will simply LOVE IT, my dear. Just try not to drink the rainbow-colored water, no matter how tasty it looks. Pinkie Pie would tell you that she basically learned THAT one the hard way, TRUST ME. ;P***
*** I hope you all got the reference I just made here. :D

Arrow Swift said to Discord, “Well, my family and I went to Rainbow Falls once for a vacation, back when I was just a little colt. My brother, Trapper, would agree with both you and Pinkie Pie on that
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament, Chapter 7, Part2
Prince Blueblood and Discord were getting ready to go to Rainbow Falls together with both Moon Dancer and Arrow Swift as their guests, all to explain to everypony there what was going on and why it was happening. Hopefully, they could get the Talent Tournament’s real preparations started.
Meanwhile, Princess Twilight and Spike, along with Flash Sentry, Shadow Shinobi, Trixie, and the other members of the Mane Seven group were to all stay in Canterlot to be on full patrol for any signs of Dark Mind still being in the royal capitol city.
Both Canterlot and Rainbow Falls teams had the support of Royal Guard soldiers doing everything they could to help keep the peace in check in both towns – even though only one of those towns had anypony and everypony in it.
Anyway, with breakfast already over, Starlight Glimmer was walking down a hallway in Canterlot Castle, trying to remember which room was hers so she could take a quick rest before going out on patrol with everypo
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament, Chapter 7, Part1
Chapter 7: The Tournament FINALLY Begins!
The very next morning at dawn, Applejack was the first to wake up. Normally, it would take a rooster or chicken saying "Cock-a-doodle-do!" to wake her up, due to her being a real country cowgirl down to the core and all. However, she WAS sleeping in Canterlot, so no roosters or chickens to wake her up.
A certain, randomly hyperactive, pink Pony on the other hand… ;P
“COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!!!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed loudly, as she suddenly appeared next to Applejack's bed and was wearing her old chicken costume of all things.
Applejack yelped and jumped right out of bed, falling flat on her face.
“What in tarnation are y’all doin', Pinkie Pie?!” Applejack asked her angrily.
Pinkie Pie apologized as she helped Applejack get up, “Sorry, A.J., didn't mean to scare you. Just makin’ sure y’all are bright-eyed an’ up ‘n’ at ‘em for today’s big day! Ba-GAWK!! :D
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament - Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Three Heroic Stallions and a Bad Guy
Dark Mind took a good look at all 3 of the stallions that were standing both before and against the monster in question...
Those 3 stallions were of course Flash Sentry, Arrow Swift, and Shadow Shinobi.
Dark Mind also looked at the magic weapon-like items that the dudes were wielding, and then Dark Mind said, “OH, yes, I’ve been watching you Ponies quite closely from the shadows… I could sense the good magic in those pitiful excuses for weapons you wield even now… Granted, they do seem to be quite powerful, but even 3 almighty, magic tools wielded by 3 so-called ‘heroically skilled stallions’ won’t be enough to stop a living entity of corruption like myself. And the reason why I haven’t triggered any dark force attacks upon Canterlot yet, let alone all of Equestria, is because I find three little warrior boys with magic items that can be used to fight ancient spirits of evil… to be SO
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament - Chapter 5
Chapter 5: The One with the Reunions and Planning
“Good evening, Princess Twilight. Private Soldier: Flash Sentry, at your service and reporting for duty,” he said to the Princess of Friendship with a neighborly smile and salute at her.
“Flash Sentry?! Oh my gosh, it's so good to see you again!” Twilight said excitedly, as she suddenly gave her supposed favorite soldier stallion a big hug, much to the rookie soldier’s surprise.
Flash was a little flustered as he said, “Uh… Nice to see you again too, Princess Twilight.
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MLP: FiM - The Talent Tournament - Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Dark Mind
Once Discord had appeared in Canterlot Castle, Twilight and her friends all knew that things were most definitely about to get a lot more chaotic.
Arrow Swift took a good look at the Draconequus in question and said, “So… THIS is the guy I’ve been hearing rumors about for a while now… Discord, the Master of Chaos… and most recently, the FORMER Master of Disharmony, thanks to Princess Twilight and her friends convincing him to get himself completely reformed… TWICE…. Am I wrong?”
“OH… have you Ponies been gossiping about me?" Discord asked the Mane Seven.
“Ah guess y’all can say that…” Applejack answered with a plainly unamused look on her face, and we ALL know what she really meant by THAT, don’t we? ;P
Shadow himself took a good look at Discord, and then the ninja pony said, “A real live Draconequus… I only thought these creatures were old mythical legends, but to
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I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but if Batgirl/Oracle were to be paired up with someone who ISN'T Nightwing (Richard Dick Grayson), Red Robin (Tim Drake), Blue Beetle, or - God forbid - Batman... who do YOU think it would be?

And PLEASE take this seriously, because I've bee working on a DC Comics story for more than 4 months now for a good dART friend of mine and I REALLY don't want to leave Batgirl single and hanging in said story.
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We ALL know Lauren Faust, right?

Wife and animation partner of Craig McCracken, who have created together The (Original) Powerpuff Girls, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Wander Over Yonder.
Not to mention that Lauren has helped in creating The Iron Giant, as well as created her own animated series such as SBFFs: Super Best Friends Forever starring Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl... and of course, who could forget My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? :D

Plus, she's helped create the upcoming video game, "Them's Fightin' Herds".

But NOW... she and Craig have a cute newborn daughter together who's like 1 year old now. ^3^

Oh, and also, Lauren is developing a TV Series for the (surprisingly) successful franchise known as "DC Super Hero Girls" and it's intended to be finished and air on Cartoon Network in 2018.

So, I'm definitely looking forward to THAT, and I'm sure all of her other fans who are also DC Comic fans should look forward to that as well. :)
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From the looks of things, I'm afraid that it appears so. After about 24 long years, the Sonic comic series by Archie Comics AND already given the title of "The World's Longest Comic Book Series Based Off of a Video-Game Series" has been cancelled, quite possibly due to the actual Archie Comics and the debut of its live-action spin-off series called "Riverdale". Who can really say? :(

HOWEVER, based on my research, it's possible that Sonic Universe #95 might still happen, along with the other Sonic Universe comic issues after that. Although admittedly, all things considered, the chances of that happening are approximately 50/50 AT BEST.

All we can do now is wait and see, and if there are no new Sonic Comics or even any news regarding them by the beginning of 2018... well then... I guess we'll have our official answer by then. < : (
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It says so here in this IGN article:…

He was a good man, one of THE best in the world... one who truly did inspirationally represent everything good about both Batman and acting in general... and now he's gone after his battle with leukemia...

Honestly, though, it's too bad: I can't help but wonder what will happen to the character known as Mayor Adam West on "Family Guy" now that the REAL Adam West has died. Not to mention that I would've loved to see Adam make like a supporting character role on either "Gotham" or the potential sequel to the video game called "Batman: the Telltale Series".

And it would've been epic to have him make some kind of cameo appearance in future DCEU movies or "Justice League Action".

But I guess none of that was meant to be.

Well, anyway, the most important thing here is that Adam West is now gone, but he did leave one heck of an incredible legacy behind.

I'll miss him...

We all will.

May the one and only great Adam West rest in true peace. :pray:

He's earned it.
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IGN just stated that a Cowboy Bebop live-action TV series is in the work, and it all sounds quite promising in this article of theirs right here:…
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United States
My name is Victor, a young writer who's dabbled with art and animation. I have many ideas that I hope will become quite well-known here on dART.

Oh, and for those of you who have YouTube accounts, my YouTube username is wolfguy23.

MP3 player of choice: iPod/iPhone

Favorite fictional character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Personal Quote:
-A mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially if one has lost it. NEVER let that happen.


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